Security Labels & Tamper-Evident Bar Code Labels

Protect against theft with Camcode Security Labels. These tamper-evident labels can include custom text, and a bar code or serialized number to allow easy identification and tracking of your valuable assets.

Your product choices include:

  • Foil Asset Labels
    Foil Security Labels:  Our most durable security label product. The silver-colored face stock is highly visible and makes graphics easy to read; and the material fractures if removed from its mating surface, which provides tamper-evident features similar to destructible vinyl. The label has excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, solvents; and will withstand exterior exposure in the harshest environments, including extreme cold, heat and UV. Expected exterior life is 20+ years. Face stock is a 3.0 mil anodized aluminum (5.0 mil optional) with a 5.0 mil high performance permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Read more about our Foil Security Labels.
  • Destructible Security Labels
    Destructible Vinyl Security Labels:  This security label is virtually impossible to remove in one piece. The destructible label breaks into tiny pieces if anyone tries to remove it, discouraging unauthorized asset transfers. Choose this product for indoor assets only, when a high level of security is needed. The label is made to fracture if tampered with. This product has a low to moderate resistant to heat, scuffing and chemicals. Service range is -40°F to +176°F. Minimum application temperature is +50°F. Storage stability is up to two years stored at +70°F. Face stock is a 2.0 mil vinyl laminated to a 1.0 mil pressure sensitive adhesive. Read more about Destructible Vinyl Security Seals.
  • Tamper Evident Barcode Labels
    Polyester Tamper-Evident Labels:  If someone tries to remove this security label, the word "VOID" is left behind on the surface of your assets and the back of the label to prevent tampering and protect against unauthorized transfer. This product works well on indoor and outdoor assets when it's necessary to identify when the label has been tampered with. If removed from its mating surface, a permanent void pattern is left in the label. The over laminate protects the image from scuffing and mild chemicals. Service range is -40°F to +302°F (but, the void pattern feature becomes permanently nonfunctional after exposure to +104°F). Minimum application temperature is +50°F. Storage stability is up to two years stored at +70°F. Face stock is 1.4 mil void polyester, overlaminated with a 1.0 polyester film, and a 1.0 mil pressure sensitive adhesive. Read more about Polyester Tamper-Evident Labels.

What do Tamper-Evident Labels cost?

Our minimum order is $300 to $399. Higher-volume orders reduce the per-unit cost - to as low as $0.25 to $0.50 each for an order of several thousand - and exact prices depend on the material construction, size and quantity. Getting a price list and samples is easy; just ask us to send you samples and a price list.