/ Shipboard and Marine Equipment Marking

Shipboard and Marine Equipment Marking:

Shipboard label plates and signage are the most prevalent and conspicuous items on a ship. The crew and passengers would be lost without them. And besides indicating where you are, signs and label plates provide safety notices, warnings, equipment instructions, procedures, and many other mandated and crucial information. 

New construction ship builds can have from 26,000 to 400,000 identification products aboard depending on the size and function of the vessel. And that is in addition to those already mounted on equipment by equipment providers. Ships under repair and refurbishment usually require hundreds to thousands of identification products.

Most identification products are highly customized by material, size, color, graphics, and attachment method. Other than some safety and directional signage, you won’t be getting them from a catalog. Organization of all the parameters for each specific product and making sure they meet the technical specifications for the vessel is a considerable logistics effort. Not to mention getting the correct products on location as needed to keep to production schedules.

Camcode’s broad experience in the identification products market and with ship marking are unique in the industry. Camcode produces millions of custom identification products every year and has traveled to over 250 sites worldwide to assess and mark equipment items. Our work with major shipbuilders, governments and specification authorities as well as direct testing of products and reconciliation of related equipment data is the foundation of our knowledge and ability to complete complex jobs.

Below is a list of our many products and services. We offer pricing for bid proposals, labels and signs, and support services as well as consulting to identify the scope of your project. Please contact us for a discussion specific to your project.