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On-Demand UID Label System Delivers Real-Time Label Options for Aerospace Company

Military Asset Tracking / UID

An aerospace manufacturing company was met with a challenge delivering UID labels to their customer. They needed more control over the real–time production of durable UID labels in order to meet the customer’s delivery demands.
Camcode understood the aerospace manufacturing company’s dilemma. When lead times are short or you need access to real-time production of labels, on-site printing can be the solution. And when permanent, durable labels are required, laser marking on metal is the best choice. That’s why Camcode developed an On-Demand Label Solution with partner, ID Integration. This system includes laser equipment, label design software, UID verification equipment, and laser-markable material.
To ensure your labels are easy to create and meet the requirements of MIL-STD-130, Camcode’s On-Demand Label System also provides valuable on-site installation, training and assistance with laser equipment, software programming, label design and printing, bar code reading and verification, and UID compliance and verification.

After researching other options, the aerospace manufacturer selected Camcode’s On-Demand Label System to help them produce on-site UID labels whenever, wherever they need them. To meet their customer’s UID requirements, they selected Camcode’s DuraBlack® laser-markable material in order to produce the three different sizes of UID labels that the customer needed.
“We were looking at a competitor’s product until very late in the decision process,” said this customer’s commercial buyer. “I actually found Camcode when we were almost ready to order an alternate unit. Camcode’s customer service follow-up is great. The sales contact was very professional and not pushy.”
The On-Demand Label System is working well for the aerospace manufacturer, who is now able to quickly and effectively deliver the required UID labels to their customer. The manufacturer knows they made the right choice with Camode’s products and services.
“Camcode really understood our needs, and they know their products and market well,” said the buyer. “That was really important since I’m not buying this sort of item on a regular basis. I rely on a supplier for expertise, and trust their input. I found that with Camcode.”
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