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    Field Service Management (FSM) is a dynamic discipline that requires careful coordination between technicians, customers, and company assets. For many small businesses that provide services, such as plumbing and HVAC contracting, it is vitally important to control costs and maintain an efficient operation. If done effectively, many of these companies can actually differentiate their offerings from competitors by leveraging advanced technology tools that are effective.

    In this post, we present 25 of the best software platforms available for field service management. There are options suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises, including software platforms that integrate seamlessly with equipment tags and asset tags for facilities management to streamline field service documentation. We’ve also included a few tools that offer specialized capabilities for unique situations. The list is presented in alphabetical order and is not ranked in any way.

    For even more, check out our Expert Guide to Field Service Management for insights into the challenges, best practices and benefits of field service management.

    1. AT&T Workforce Manager


    AT&T Workforce Manager

    With AT&T Workforce Management customers will receive an all-in-one package for managing their field service activities and customer information. This software provides tools for monitoring your workforce, fleet, and assets through an intuitive cloud-based interface. The AT&T registration wizard helps guide users through the setup process and this solution can be implemented rapidly and at a very reasonable cost.

    Key Features:

    • Asset, workforce, and fleet management tools
    • Rapid setup with a registration wizard
    • An AT&T Workforce Manager Android and iOS App

    Cost: $10/month (standard) or $15/month (enhanced)

    2. Bella FSM


    Bella FSM

    Bella FSM is an easy-to-use online field service management platform that can be used in any industry. Users can access the software using a computer or mobile device and view real-time updates for all service activities tracked in the system. It is also possible to customize many aspects of Bella FSM to match your existing workflows and service practices.

    Key Features:

    • Customized forms and data fields
    • eSignature capture
    • Complete work order management

    Cost: $59/month per user

    3. Dispatch



    Dispatch takes a unique approach to service management with a platform that connects businesses to service providers. With access to an extensive network of providers across the U.S., this software not only centralizes your service activities but also expands your capabilities. The built-in data analysis tools make it easy to track important metrics and service performance.

    Key Features:

    • Integrations and an API are available
    • Real-time service visibility
    • Advanced data visualization tools

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    4. EyeOnTask


    EyeOnTask is a comprehensive field service management platform that offers real-time data and a fully functional mobile app. The home dashboard of the program features quick action buttons for common tasks such as adding jobs, users, and invoices. There is also an offline mode that helps service technicians engage with the system remotely even without a stable connection.

    Key Features:

    • A drag-and-drop service scheduler
    • Geolocation data for job orders
    • Multi-level custom forms

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    5. Field Force Tracker


    Field Force Tracker

    Field Force Tracker is an enterprise-grade field service software platform with the ability to manage clients, schedule service jobs, and monitor assets and employees. The intuitive scheduler makes it easy to view and modify schedules with only a couple of clicks. This software is also highly scalable with a modular design that can be adapted to support a single facility or multiple locations.

    Key Features:

    • Assign branches, roles, and skills to technicians
    • Advanced inventory management
    • Maintain a detailed client history

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    6. High5 SME


    High5 SME

    Service Management Enterprise (SME), from High 5 Software, is a complete service management solution that can be used to increase staff productivity and streamline operations. The latest version of this platform (8.0) features several modules including CRM, contract management, and project management. In addition to these core capabilities, SME can also track sales opportunities and customer leads.

    Key Features:

    • Automate repetitive workflows
    • Easily track returns (RMA) for multiple locations
    • Support for complex invoicing

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    7. Housecall Pro


    Housecall Pro

    Housecall Pro is a comprehensive platform that can support sales, field service management, and corporate work functions needed to operate a service business. The scheduling and dispatching interface features a drag-and-drop calendar along with the ability to edit and view jobs. Technicians can utilize the mobile app to accept and process payments with the ability to generate automated receipts.

    Key Features:

    • A secure payment processing system
    • Easily communicate arrival windows with customers
    • Automated notifications

    Cost: $49 – $229/month

    8. Kickserv



    The Kickserv field service management program has a simple design and excellent tools for operating a service-based company. Within the left panel of the primary user interface, employees can access all the important functions including invoicing, reporting, and scheduling. The invoice generator and job estimation features make it easy to communicate important information directly with customers.

    Key Features:

    • Process live signatures in the field
    • Xero and QuickBooks integration
    • A fully functional mobile app

    Cost: Free – $239/month

    9. IFS Field Service Management


    IFS Field Service Management

    IFS Cloud integrates FSM, EAM, and ERP capabilities into a single platform. Key functions of the service management module include mobile field service support, remote assistance, and workforce planning. IFS Cloud can also handle all aspects of contract lifecycle management from quotes to structured service agreements with individual customers.

    Key Features:

    • Project management tools
    • Support for reverse logistics
    • Warranty and claims management

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    10. Jobber



    Jobber is a streamlined field service management platform that enables effective job scheduling. The developers have designed this software to support service businesses of all types including landscaping, HVAC, and cleaning. There are also some excellent features that can add value to customer engagements through the use of online booking and a self-service client hub.

    Key Features:

    • Powerful scheduling and dispatching tools
    • An integrated CRM
    • A dedicated client hub

    Cost: $29 – $279/month

    11. MarginPoint FieldPlus


    MarginPoint FieldPlus

    The MarginPoint FieldPlus service management program has a number of core features including a complete inventory management module. This allows companies to not only monitor field service activities but also better manage their overall costs of doing business. FieldPlus provides a complete set of tools for managing service, customer, and inventory data.

    Key Features:

    • Price book management
    • Secure payment processing
    • Inventory and material management

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    12. MSI ServicePro


    MSI ServicePro

    MSI Service Pro is designed for medium and large size businesses that require a robust solution for managing field service technicians. As an end-to-end product, Service Pro includes tools that can be used to manage all aspects of a company’s service activities. This software also comes with several automation capabilities for streamlining work schedules and customer communications.

    Key Features:

    • Real-time inventory reports
    • Automated service scheduling
    • Integrations with Viewpoint, NetSuite, and QuickBooks

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    13. Oracle Field Service


    Oracle Field Service

    Oracle Field Service is a comprehensive field service management platform that is part of the larger Oracle Customer Experience (CX) ecosystem that also includes B2B and B2C service offerings. The field service scheduler and dashboard are part of this completely cloud-based solution. One of the major strengths of Oracle Field Service is the dedication to customer experience, with many AI-enabled automation tools for improving engagements.

    Key Features:

    • Integrated AI-technology
    • Self-service options for customers
    • IoT monitoring for connected assets

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    14. Protean ServiceSight


    Protean ServiceSight

    The ServiceSight platform, developed by Protean Software, is a complete workforce management solution for small businesses. This software can help centralize all service-related work into a single location that all employees can access. Protean offers a generous free plan that can support up to 5 unique users with additional plans available for larger teams.

    Key Features:

    • A completely cloud-based solution
    • An online portal for customers
    • Easy connection to Quickbooks


    • Free (up to 5 users)
    • $15/month per user (over 5 users)
    • $55/month per user (ServiceSight Pro)

    15. RazorSync



    RazorSync is a bookkeeping and field service management solution that can be easily integrated with QuickBooks. There are also powerful tools for technician scheduling including real-time maps, time tracking, and GSP visibility. The software supports automated billing and an enterprise plan is available for large-scale deployments.

    Key Features:

    • End-to-end customer management
    • 1-click customer payments
    • Quickbooks integration

    Cost: $40 – $240+/month

    16. Salesforce Field Service


    Salesforce Field Service

    The popular CRM provider Salesforce also offers a comprehensive Field Service module that can be added to the overall platform. This cloud-based program is very responsive and can be connected to IoT-enabled devices for real-time equipment monitoring. Users can also access Service Analytics for advanced metrics and reporting needs.

    Key Features:

    • Support for IoT data
    • AI and image recognition with Einstein Vision
    • Multiple Salesforce apps and integrations available

    Cost: $50 – $150+/month per  user

    17. ServiceBox



    ServiceBox is an easy-to-use field service management software with multiple tools for manage an entire deployed workforce. It is easy to schedule and dispatch technicians through the centralized calendar and users can generate and send invoices with only a few clicks. This platform is a very practical choice for local businesses such as mechanics, plumbers, and HVAC contractors.

    Key Features:

    • Drag-and-drop service scheduling
    • Sync data with QuickBooks and Sage 50
    • A simple and flat pricing structure

    Cost: $20/month per user

    18. Service Fusion


    Service Fusion

    Service Fusion is a complete FSM platform with integrated AI for advanced customization and workflow automation. This software also includes ServiceCall.ai capabilities that allow users and field technicians to make VoIP phone calls using a data connection. Additional core features are GPS access for fleet monitoring and integrated payment processing.

    Key Features:

    • Unlimited users with all plans
    • Integrated VoIP, AI, and GPS
    • A contract-free pricing structure

    Cost: $149 – $399/month

    19. ServiceMax Asset 360


    ServiceMax Asset 360

    ServiceMax Asset 360 is an asset-centric field service software that operates alongside the Salesforce Field Service platform. By connecting Asset 360 with Salesforce, users will have complete end-to-end visibility into their assets, employees, and field service work orders. It is also possible to manage 3rd-party technicians using this software for complete control of outsourcing.

    Key Features:

    • Maintenance management tools
    • Enterprise-grade security
    • Automated return management

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    20. ServiceTitan



    ServiceTitan is a field service management platform that is optimized for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service businesses. This all-in-one system includes capabilities for all major service-related functions such as scheduling, dispatching, and accounting. With this software, it is easy to view customer information and real-time updates from a desktop system or mobile device.

    Key Features:

    • Real-time updates and notifications
    • View customer information from any mobile device
    • Powerful metrics and data management

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    21. Service Works


    Service Works

    Service Works is a field service management software for small businesses that includes a number of tools for optimizing your operations. This platform works especially well for retail, service, and delivery-based businesses that have a need for coordinating many customer orders. The software is easy to set up and comes with detailed metrics and reporting for tracking important metrics.

    Key Features:

    • Excellent onboarding tools and training
    • Scheduling and routing automation
    • 100% in-house US-based support team

    Cost: $29 – $395+/month

    22. SkyBoss



    The SkyBoss platform is a comprehensive solution for home service businesses that specialize in technical trades such as plumbing and HVAC. After logging in to the systems, the main homepage is customizable and additional tabs are available for tracking information such as schedules, accounting, and inventory. The subscription service is priced on a per technician basis, giving your business the flexibility to easily scale the platform to meet increasing demand.

    Key Features:

    • Complete tracking and routing for each job
    • Real-time updates and sync with Quickbooks
    • Integrated customer management features

    Cost: $149/month per technician (unlimited office users)

    23. SimPRO



    The SimPRO field service management software includes capabilities for streamlining project work and organizing service orders and schedules. In addition to basic service work, the platform also supports tracking for preventive maintenance activities and service-level agreements. This completely cloud-based solution is easy to scale and personalize to meet unique business needs.

    Key Features:

    • Import vendor catalogs
    • Easily create estimates and quotes
    • Drag-and-drop scheduling

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    24. Synchroteam



    Synchroteam field service management is a cloud-based system for managing all aspects of a mobile workforce. Key features of the platform include GSP tracking, online booking, and contract management. The job management capabilities are especially powerful with the ability to customize work orders and track schedules for all technicians.

    Key Features:

    • An integrated field service CRM
    • Customized job forms
    • Customer portals

    Cost: $22 – $28/month per user

    25. Xplor FieldEdge


    Xplor FieldEdge

    FieldEdge, from Xplor, is a complete field service management platform that offers a totally paperless work environment. The company describes its offering as an end-to-end solution that eliminates the need for manual processes and the use of multiple systems. This software can be accessed through the FieldEdge Desktop software or the FieldEdge Mobile application.

    Key Features:

    • Quickbooks sync
    • Advanced sales enablement tools
    • Track technicians using GPS technology

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    Table of Contents

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