Unique Device Identification (UDI) Asset Labels for Medical Devices

The FDA's UDI Rule was finalized in 2013 and established a system to effectively identify medical devices through distribution and use. All manufacturers, distributors and providers of medical devices are required to comply with the UDI methodology. Not only is it important to properly format your UDI labels to comply with the UDI rule, but to also create a clear, consistent, and standardized method of device identification.

Camcode's preprinted UDI Asset Labels and UDI nameplates are an excellent choice for medical devices which require durable long-lasting identification. UDI identification can be a simple supplemental UDI label or designed into existing product identification nameplates. Let our experts help you create the right UDI label solution for your medical device.

Your product choices include:

  • Metal Barcode Labels
    Our rigid Metalphoto UDI Label is constructed of an anodized photosensitized aluminum face stock (thicknesses from .008" to .032"). Attachment options include high-performance adhesives or holes for mechanical fasteners. Read more about our Metalphoto UDI Nameplates.
  • Foil UDI Labels
    Our flexible Metalphoto Foil UDI Label has the added benefit of working well on curved or uneven mating surfaces. This label is constructed of a .003" (or optional .005") thick anodized photosensitized aluminum face stock with a high-performance adhesive. Read more about our Metalphoto Foil UDI Labels.
  • Polyester UDI Labels
    Our Premium Polyester Plus UDI Labels work well in less demanding applications, applications that have curved mating surfaces, or applications that are exposed to highly caustic or acid environments that would damage anodized aluminum labels. Read more about our Premium Polyester Plus UDI Labels.
  • other-udistainless-thumb
    Our Stainless Steel UDI Labels remain durable in medical or laboratory environments, including those where solvents, caustics, chemicals, and heat are frequently used. Read more about our Stainless Steel UDI Labels.

What do UDI Labels cost?

Our minimum order is $300 to $399. Higher-volume orders reduce the per-unit cost and exact prices depend on the material construction, size and quantity. For help specifying the right label and to get an exact quotation, just request a quote.

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