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Asset Tags & Security Labels Materials & Uses

The many types of labels are outlined below with descriptions and typical uses.

Asset Tags for Fixed Assets and Security Labels for Movable Assets – Camcode’s durable barcode labels will help identify, control and track your precious assets from cradle to grave. Your product choices include:

Aluminum Metalphoto® Tags – Durable aluminum metal asset tags with a highly readable, photographic image below the surface, creating an impenetrable barrier to chemicals, solvents and salts, and can survive temperatures up to 650° F. This metal label will last the life of the part, and is resistance to heat, light (fading), caustic chemicals and abrasion.

Foil Asset Tags – Made of .003″ or .005″ anodized aluminum for durability and longevity. The labels are thin and flexible enough to conform to most surfaces. Your logo can be photographically imaged below the surface of the material for maximum durability and chemical resistance. 3M pressure sensitive adhesive is used on these metal barcode labels.

Fugitive Emission Tags – Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program tags available with Teflon® treatment so dirt and paint will not adhere, withstand temperatures up to 650° F or 343° C. The barcode and numbers are photographically imaged below the anodic layer of the aluminum creating a barrier to sunlight, chemicals, saltwater and abrasion. Tags are used for monitoring highly-reactive volatile organic compounds (HRVOCs)

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Fused Teflon Asset Tags – Resist high temperatures, pickling, painting, e-coat and powder coating. These labels also resist contact with caustics and strong acids. The laminated product resists temperatures up to 300° F. Fused teflon asset tags resists temperatures up to 500° F for work-in-process (WIP) applications.

GASB 34 & 35 Tags – Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) labeling tags. These asset tags will last the lifetime of your infrastructure assets. Barcodes and serial numbers are photographically sealed in anodized layers of aluminum, with a Teflon protection layer to shed dirt, grease, chemicals and salt. Labels will remain clear and sharp even after 20 years of sunlight, heat and physical abuse. For labeling road signs, water and sewer systems and lighting systems and more.

GIS Asset Tags – Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping in jurisdiction tracking. Data collection from utilities using bar coding is less expensive and more accurate than manual data transcription. Equipment tags used in power generation plant computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). These durable anodized aluminum bar code tag resist sunlight, water, salt, dirt, chemicals, solvents and temperatures up to 650 F. Teflon treatments are added for applications that require resistance to paint. Labels have a 30 year life span outdoors!

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High Temperature – Metal barcode tags for high temperature applications, including work-in-process (WIP) and applications with temperatures up to 1200° F.

Meter Labels – Asset tags to track history, add tractability and reduce ERT calibration time for Utility applications. Meter badges are used for refurbishment scheduling and eliminate transposition errors caused by manual processes. Meter tags stand up to constant outdoor exposure and remain readable for the life of the part, resist scuffing and abrasion, and shed paint.

Military Barcode Tags – Labels meet MIL-STD-130. Also known as UID tags, they have both a linear and a data matrix bar code.

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Polyester Labels – Polyester asset tags have a protective overlaminate to shield against chemicals and abrasion. Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive provides lifetime adherence of asset tags which are economical and durable.

Security Labels – Protect against theft with security tags and asset seals. Tamper-evident or destructible labels can include custom text, barcodes or serialized numbers for easy identification and tracking of valuable assets.

Substation Labels – Component asset tags for utilities. These labels last 30 years outdoors and withstand temperatures to 650° F.

Teflon-on-Aluminum – These Metal Barcode Label Asset Tags feature fused Teflon that resists temperatures up to 500° F, pickling, painting, e-coat, powder coat processes and contact with caustics and strong acids. The laminated Teflon label resists temperatures up to 300° F. Teflon is ideal for work-in-process applications.

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Transformer Labels – Transformer markers are made with a photographic process, which allows incorporation of highly readable logos and bar codes which help track transformer repairs. Highly readable logos or accident prevention symbols can be easily incorporated into any marker.

Warehouse LabelsFloor labels – a Metalphoto aluminum bar code label with 3M semi-permanent adhesive with a frame that protects the label from pallets and vehicular traffic. Warehouse Rack Labels are available in polyester and magnetic styles. Long-Range Retro-Reflective barcode labels are designed to reach scanning distances up to 30 feet with long-range scanners. Container, Tote & Tray Labels resist cleaning processes, abrasion, chemicals or even outdoor exposure. Pallet Tags feature Metalphoto aluminum with a specifically engineered 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive for permanent attachment. Custom Warehouse Signs from hanging signs, to aisle signs, to dock door signs that need to last outdoors.

Work-In-Process – Asset tags that withstand harsh chemicals and temperatures up to 1200° F. Includes Metal / Aluminum Barcode Asset Tags and Extra High Temperature (XHT) Bar Code tags..

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