/ Durable Barcode Labels for Manufacturing

Durable Labels for Tracking Manufacturing Assets:

Labeling in manufacturing environments can be a challenge and labels often need to withstand harsh manufacturing processes, yet continue to read for the life of the product. Manufacturers discovered long ago that Camcode asset tags and nameplates offer extremely durable asset identification and can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively.

Material matters. Stainless steel corrodes, polyester labels are easily damaged, and laser-engraved or screen-printed plates are susceptible to abrasion, chemicals, and UV deterioration. But Camcode bar code labels are different. Made from quality anodized aluminum, Camcode labels outlast conventional bar code labels. Images are crisp and clear, sealed beneath a sapphire-hard anodic surface. And that means exceptional durability under the most stressful conditions.

We can custom-design a bar code label for a variety of applications by adding custom colors, your corporate logo or other human-readable information. With pressure-sensitive adhesives, you can affix Camcode labels to virtually any surface. We can also provide mounting holes for mechanical attachments. Camcode labels have been in service in harsh environments for more than twenty years and remain functional and attractive.

Camcode has the label solution for you. Please contact us today for more information.