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LDAR Tags & Steam Trap Tags for Leak Detection and Repair Programs

Managing your Fugitive Emissions Program is easier with Camcode’s Metalphoto® with Teflon Anodized Aluminum LDAR Tags & Steam Trap Tags. Camcode Bar Code Tags are an integral part of automating the LDAR technician work process, proven to work with leading mobile software solutions and field data acquisition devices. Perform field data acquisition more quickly and with greater accuracy resulting in increased productivity and reduced labor costs.

Your product choices include:

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Metalphoto with Teflon LDAR Tags

Camcode’s Metalphoto with Teflon LDAR Tags withstand intense weather conditions, shed paint and resist exposure to UV, chemicals and solvents. Bar codes and graphics remain readable for 20 years with no need to ever re-label. Read more about our Metalphoto with Teflon LDAR Tags & Steam Trap Tags.

What do LDAR Tags cost?

Our minimum order is $399. Higher-volume orders reduce the per-unit cost – to as low as $0.50 to $0.75 each for an order of several thousand – and exact prices depend on the material construction, size and quantity. Getting an exact quotation is easy – just request a quote.

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