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Asset Tags – Costs Of Asset Security Label & Barcode Tags Application

The cost of labor involved in attaching assets tags barcode stickers and security labels to company equipment is far higher than the cost of purchasing the asset tags, necessary software and barcode scanning equipment. We outline here a scenario and estimated costs for asset tagging as well as recommendations for staff training for asset label application.

The staff involved in affixing those labels to physical assets needn’t be highly skilled, but they must be well trained in surface preparation and tag placement across all asset types. Below is a simple example with estimated costs for both materials and labor to affix asset labels to 10,000 pieces of property in a typical scenario. We hope this helps to prepare your organization for the asset barcode sticker tagging expenses involved.

Itemized potential costs in typical scenario:

  1. 2 Laser Scanners with PDA’s at $1500 each = $3000
  2. Application Software for PDA’s plus fixed asset software upgrade and report generation software along with training costs for personnel = $3000
  3. Asset Tags done on MetalPhoto barcode nameplates $3000


Asset Labeling Hardware, Software and Asset Tags Cost Subtotal $9,000

  1. Application of new bar code with cross reference to old tag numbers, application cost $1.50 per asset X 10,000 assets = $15,000


Total Cost to Label 10,000 Pieces of physical property $24,000

The above illustration can serve as a guideline to help you understand the actual total costs involved when tagging 10,000 items with property ID asset tags. The cost of application helps to emphasize the importance of purchasing quality labels that are long lasting and durable. Consider environmental conditions your barcode stickers  will encounter in typical uses and purchase the best quality to stand up to wear, dirt, cleaning, abrasion, solvents, heat and sun exposure.

Training Staff on Application of Property ID Asset Tags

Once you’ve determined the expenses of hardware, software, labor and training, you’ll need to assemble all portable items to be tagged and either collect them in a warehouse space or within departments throughout your enterprise. Bring together the staff who will tag the items with barcode stickers and set up a training class to illustrate proper application preparation techniques and show them the best property ID asset tags placement and positioning.

Surface cleaners and tools, such as rags, solvents, or cleaners can be distributed among the application crew depending on what types of assets they’ll be tagging and which departments they will be working in. Emphasize to staff the importance of surface preparation and be certain they understand that fingerprints on label adhesive surfaces can reduce adhesion by up to 50%. Provide them with label application rollers to remove air bubbles under flexible vinyl, polyester and foil asset labels and demonstrate proper rolling technique.

Preparation and planning for Property ID Asset Labeling will save money and speed the completion of the project.

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