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Asset Tag – Surface Preparation Affixing Asset Labels

The durability of your asset tag depends upon the type of surface it’s applied to and the adhesive used on the asset labels. Standard adhesives work well for most barcode sticker uses, but there are special adhesives available for special uses. Some equipment has difficult placement issues or low surface energy mating surfaces. Special adhesives are available which are suitable for very smooth surfaces as well as for very cold applications or very hot environments.

Fingerprints or other contaminants on the barcode sticker adhesive surface can reduce the adhesion of the asset label by as much as half, so take care to protect the surface immediately after removal of backing and prior to final application. A clean environment during application is almost as important as the surface the asset labels are applied to. Be sure not to apply asset tags in high traffic or dusty areas.  

Preparation is critical when applying your security labels and property ID tags. Slapping an asset tag onto a poorly prepared surface is wasted time because those asset labels will peel right off of a grimy, dirty or dusty surface. Use alcohol, cleaning solutions or solvents to remove oil, grease or film. Standard household cleaning and scouring pads work well to thoroughly clean most surfaces. Prepared surfaces may take a bit more time, but will hold the barcode sticker tags securely over the lifetime of the assets. Use of a small roller to firmly attach the asset tag is a good idea to remove air bubbles.

Don’t hesitate to explain your specific asset label challenges when ordering. We’ll make certain you get the proper adhesive and that your order will serve your specific needs. Pressing labels firmly into place and using a roller will make certain that the label adhesive bonds fully with the application surface. It’s best to apply at temperatures above 50°. Be sure that the adhesive has time to cure before testing or subjecting asset tags to use and on the job wear. The adhesive qualities increase greatly after the first 72 hours following application.

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