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Camcode UID LabelsYou’ve come to trust Camcode to offer more permanent and durable label solutions for UID applications than anyone. Our UID label materials are the most widely specified in the defense industry, and are continually trusted to provide permanent and durable unique identification that lasts a lifetime. 
Today, Camcode is the most experienced full-service UID provider in the defense industry. Our staff understands the rules of Mil-Std-130 and how to select a marking method, manage data, install labels and marks, and register items.
In addition to compliance with UID standards, Camcode’s UID products and services also help you gain valuable benefits through the use of automatic identification and data capture. These benefits include:

  • Property Accountability
  • Preventive Maintenance Management
  • Operational Cost Reduction
  • Warranty Information Management
  • Logistics Support
  • Accurate Reporting, and More

UID Label Military ApplicationWe’ve implemented and managed thousands of asset tracking projects in a variety of industries across the globe. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified processes have been trusted by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) and the NATO Support Agency (NSPA) to administer large asset management projects in multiple geographic locations.
Using processes developed with the UK MoD, Camcode’s project managers go beyond UID requirements to improve data quality and identify potential issues within your system. With Camcode’s UID management services, we’ll help you gain total control of your assets and increase accountability within your system.
Overall, Camcode’s UID project management services and process driven methods are customized to help you gain confidence in your asset data. From high-level policy development down through engineering, label installation and database registration, Camcode project managers control the process throughout each phase to ensure data integrity, and consistent and measurable results. Our UID project management processes include some of the following customized services and added benefits:
Policy Development

  • Create consistency across all divisions and branches
  • Get assurance that your program will meet relevant standards
  • Receive customized best practice expertise and guidance every step of the way

Engineering & Marking Specifications

  • Consistent marking allows for easier audits
  • Provide straightforward flow-down to suppliers
  • Easy implementation of Automatic  Identification Technology (AIT) best practices

Data Reconciliation 

  • Inventory reduction and control
  • Improved accuracy and confidence in data records
  • Achieve audit compliance faster and easier

Data Management

  • No need to monitor for duplicate numbers
  • Guaranteed validation that labels and marks are properly formatted
  • Discrepancies are highlighted and corrected prior to label/mark production and database entry

Installation Labor 

  • Instead of utilizing internal or temporary resources, we install the UID labels and marks for you.
  • Highly skilled and trained marking teams perform consistent marking across all assets
  • Documented processes ensure the right labels are installed on the right assets

Item Registration

  • Registration can be complex and time-consuming. Camcode saves you time and hassle by performing registration for you.
  • Detailed reports gives you confidence that registration was done right
  • Properly registered items also allow for a clean and consistent database

Project Reporting

  • Get Access to Historical Data
  • Tie your items to a specific contract
  • Easily view the chain of custody for any items

UID Label InstallationContact us today and discover how Camcode can utilize UID to help enhance business processes and bring value to your organization beyond compliance.

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Unique Identification (UID) Services for MIL-STD-130

UID Services
Camcode is the most experienced UID provider in the defense industry. With more than 60 years of experience in defense labeling and automatic identification technology, our staff can guide you through your UID project to ensure accurate and unique identification for every item.

From on-site consultations and assessments to data management, UID label installation and IUID item registration, Camcode’s customized UID services not only help you achieve compliance, but can also create value in your everyday business processes.  Track property, manage preventive maintenance, reduce operational costs, and more with Camcode’s experience and best practices using automatic identification and data capture technology.

We offer the following customized UID services:

Policy Development

Using extensive experience and proven methodologies, Camcode offers high-level UID policy development and guidance. Our goal is to support you through every step of the UID policy development process to ensure your program flows from top to bottom and across all divisions and branches. We take into account your organization’s unique rules surrounding physical marking and data requirements.

On-Site Consultation

Our services begin with a thorough consultation at your facility. We work with you to understand your goals for UID adoption. Camcode then assists with implementation strategies and project planning to ensure successful execution of your UID program.

Engineering and Marking Specifications

Camcode also performs on-site surveys of each item to be marked, its application surface, the anticipated operating conditions, and available marking area. We then provide you with a UID marking specification for each item to be marked. This assures items are marked properly and consistently across the NATO Stock Number (NSN). Our marking specifications also serve as a blueprint for the UID label production and installation.

Data Reconciliation

The objective of the data reconciliation process is to provide you with an efficient and accurate solution to capture and verify serial numbers from your asset inventory. We help you make sense of your legacy asset data. We’ll even assist you with matching your data to inventory items.

UII Data Management

Camcode’s data management systems monitor serial numbers, part numbers and CAGE codes from project to project, providing accurate marks and UID labels for every item. This includes validation that your UID labels do not contain duplicate Unique Item Identifiers (UIIs) and that the labels comply with military standards such as MIL-STD 130 and STANAG 2290.

UID Label Installation

Camcode has installed UID labels and marks on hundreds of thousands of assets, from dismounted close combat and communication assets for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, to shipboard equipment for the U.S. Navy and optics equipment for the U.S. Army. Through an exclusive system and proven processes, our installation teams can locate and mark thousands of assets on-site at military bases or defense contractor locations.

Our installation process begins with kitted UID labels, which are catalogued by asset type and installation location. The installation team can quickly and accurately locate the proper item and correct mark for efficient installation. Each label is scanned and validated during this process, and the Unique Item Identifier (UII) data is then transmitted to a UID specialist for item registration.

IUID Registration

With experience and knowledge of registration requirements and data management best practices, Camcode has registered thousands of assets over hundreds of projects into the DoD IUID registry. Using the most advanced software tools in the industry, we’ll register both your legacy and “children” IUIDs quickly, easily and efficiently. Our years of expertise in IUID labeling ensure that your registration will also be error-free. You’ll get a complete IUID registration report by email confirming your items have been properly registered. For new and “parent” data items, we will help you format your data into an XML file so you can upload it to Invoicing, Receipt, Acceptance and Property Transfer (iRAPT), formerly known as Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF).

Project Reporting/Statistics

Camcode also offers thorough reports on your overall UID project, complete with project statistics. Upon completion, the reports examine the marking effort at specific marking locations and note any issues that may have occurred. This close cooperation gives you excellent visibility of your legacy data, and provides detailed work instructions on common errors and data best practices.


We can also help you with your UID label needs. From durable Metalphoto anodized aluminum UID labels and Foil UID labels to CARC paint UID labels and SandShield protective covers, Camcode is your one source for all your UID, Mil-Std-130 and asset traceability solutions.