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Camcode Services

Camcode’s extensive collection of tailored services delivers a completely personalized asset tracking solution. Our experienced team is committed to helping you improve your business processes through asset tracking and asset management. Using durable bar code labels and proven automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) processes, we can help you gain total control of your assets and enhance your business processes.

Camcode offers the following Customized Asset Management Services:

On-Site Consultation and Project Management

Camcode’s project managers begin with a thorough on-site consultation to examine every part of your asset management program. We work with you to determine your goals for asset management, a timeframe, potential risks involved and any policy requirements you may have. Camcode then assists with implementation and project planning to ensure a successful asset management program.

Engineering and Marking Specifications

Camcode also examines each asset to be labeled and tracked. We review the asset’s application surface, available marking area, and its expected operating environment. We then provide you with a marking specification for each asset. This assures assets are accurately and consistently marked.

Data Reconciliation and Asset Inventory

The goal of the data reconciliation process is to help you make sense of your current asset data. We’ll even help you match your data to your inventory items. Camcode’s data reconciliation processes can also be used to cleanse your existing databases and inventory records of any inaccuracies or discrepancies.

Data Management

Camcode’s data management systems monitor your data from project to project, providing exact information for every asset. Through proven ISO 9001 certified processes, Camcode manages and tracks your data, and even assigns data elements such as serial numbers for you. In addition to helping you format your data for new assets, we can also assist with the verification and validation of existing data.

Label Installation

Camcode installs our durable asset labels on a wide variety of assets, from hospital and school equipment to industrial machinery and military equipment. Through an exclusive system and established processes, our installation teams can quickly and accurately locate and label thousands of assets on-site. Each asset label is scanned and validated during installation, and the data recorded for transfer to your database.

Database Registration

With experience and knowledge of data management best practices, Camcode can help you establish and control your asset database. Utilizing AIDC, we’ll collect accurate and consistent data and upload or register it to your database.

Project Reporting

Camcode also offers comprehensive reports on your overall asset management project. The reports examine the overall asset tracking effort and note any issues that may have occurred. This close collaboration gives you excellent traceability of your assets, and provides detailed work instructions on how to prevent common errors and implement data management best practices.

Camcode’s exclusive combination of technical services and experienced personnel creates proven and unrivaled asset management processes that are backed by ISO 9001 certification. Through these processes and our customized asset management services, Camcode can help you better track and manage your assets. Contact us today for more information on our asset management services.

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