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Security Lablels – Color Codes On Barcode Stickers & Asset Labels

Color Coding of Security Labels

Color Coding of Tamper Evident Labels is sometimes done to distinguish assets visually in situations requiring quick inspection where it is difficult to scan Security Labels.

  • Reading security tags very quickly by color could represent significant time savings for security personnel in public environments. Interdepartmental transfer of equipment is reduced by allowing immediate visual identification of assigned department color codes.
  • Inventory barcode scanned items can be sorted by color, allowing clear separation into grouped categories and specific classifications.

Some color coding examples: Color code assets for accounting department green, facilities maintenance department purple, while sales department assets may be color coded red. Choice of colors may also represent the year of asset acquisition and rotate through colors representing new assets acquired each year. Types of assets might be distinguished by color with computer equipment carrying blue security labels, furniture with orange labels and fixtures, black labels.

Black Security Labels are most resistant to fading outdoors. Red asset labels are seen quickly against most machinery and silver tamper-evident labels are least noticeable on most types of publicly accessible assets.

Color coded security labels can be used in conjunction with barcodes, using colors to distinguish scheduled scanning of barcoded items. Individual groups of color coded items may be sorted by department, year of acquisition or type of asset as in the examples above.

Benefits of Color Coded Security Labels? Cost savings for Institutions:

  •  Speeds security review of assets in busy, uncontrolled environments.
  •  Reduces facility exit inspection time by busy internal security staff.
  •  Reduces losses caused by theft or improper transfer between departments.
  •  Manage inventory efficiently and quickly – visual inspection saves money.

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