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Durable Aluminum Asset Tags and Aluminum Bar Code Labels

Durable Aluminum Asset Tags and Aluminum Bar Code Labels

Camcode’s Rigid Metalphoto® Aluminum Asset Tags are designed with extreme durability to withstand the harshest environments for indoor AND outdoor tracking applications. You determine label content of company name, asset number, and/or bar code information. These aluminum bar code labels are constructed of .020″ anodized aluminum face stock (optional thicknesses from .008″ to .063″), with a high-performance permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or holes for mechanical attachment. The adhesive is designed to permanently bond to high surface energy metals and plastics, and textured and contoured surfaces. These aluminum asset tags have excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, solvents; and will withstand exterior exposure in the harshest environments, including extreme cold, heat and UV. When treated with our image intensification process, Metalphoto’s expected exterior life exceeds 20 years.

Product Features

  • Designed for exceptional durability; image is sealed beneath an anodic layer of the aluminum.
  • Superior resistance to chemicals, abrasion, solvents, extreme temperatures and UV.
  • Highly readable crisp graphics on black or silver background.
  • High-performance adhesives and/or holes for mechanical attachment.

Product Specifications

.020″ anodized aluminum face stock (optional thicknesses from .008″ to .063″).

Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or holes for mechanical attachment (also available with low surface energy adhesive).

Label Copy
Several font types are available, as well as logos or other design elements.

All common symbologies available, including code 3 of 9, I2 of 5, 128, Data matrix and QR codes.

Black graphics on silver background; color options available.

Standard Sizes
Standard and custom sizes available.

Shipped in sequential order, in boxes. 100% no missing numbers.

10-15 working days from receipt of order and approval of artwork. Expedited shipment is available for an additional charge.

Uses for Metal Asset Tags

Camcode’s Rigid Metalphoto® Aluminum Asset Tags are our most durable product, designed for use in harsh environments. Camcode’s rigid metal asset tags withstand harsh conditions in both indoor and outdoor applications, offering resistance to solvents, chemicals, and abrasion, as well as extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and UV.

Aluminum asset tags are used in applications such as manufacturing, telecom and cable, healthcare, chemical processing, industrial, and virtually any application requiring superior resistance to harsh elements, solvents, chemicals, and the like.

Durability of Metal Asset Labels

Thanks to the exceptional durability of aluminum asset labels, these label solutions offer an expected exterior lifespan of 20-plus years when treated with Camcode’s image intensification process. Images are sealed below an anodic layer of aluminum, ensuring added protection from the elements that allows our metal asset tags to remain readable for two decades or more. When you’re working in outdoor environments or harsh indoor environments, maintaining the readability of metal asset tags over the life of an asset is key.

Without metal asset tags for equipment that can last the full expected life of your assets, you’re faced with making multiple replacements throughout the lifespan of your equipment. This can get costly, and it’s an unnecessary expense. Camcode’s metal asset labels offer a logical and cost-effective alternative capable of withstanding the elements and maintaining readability, eliminating the need to replace labels for assets with just a few years of life remaining.

Customization Options for Metal Asset Labels

When you choose Camcode’s aluminum asset labels, you can choose from high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive or holes for mechanical attachment. Several font styles are available, as well as logos and other design options. Our metal asset tags come standard with crisp graphics on a black or silver background.

All common symbologies are available, including data matrix and QR code, making these aluminum asset tags a highly versatile option for tracking high-value assets, even those operating in harsh environments.

Why Do You Need Aluminum Asset Tags?

Modern companies are handling, managing, and monitoring more assets than ever before. Making sense of the vast array of assets your company manages begins with a solid framework for tracking those assets. Metal asset tags provide identification for every high-value asset you need to track, facilitating the process of ensuring that regular maintenance and upkeep are being handled, which in turn lengthens the lifespan of your assets.

Whether you need to pinpoint the precise location of an asset that is malfunctioning and creating service delivery delays or you need a solid system for tracking maintenance and repair to extend the useable life of your company’s most valuable assets, metal asset tags for equipment will reduce the time workers spend on manual tracking methods and eliminate errors commonly occurring as a result of manual documentation. For companies that wish to monitor performance, streamline service delivery, and cut operating costs, aluminum asset labels provide the framework you need to streamline operations.