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Fixed Asset Identification Tags – Positioning Barcode Sticker Labels

Placement and positioning of fixed asset identification tags barcode stickers is important to effective inventory programs. A major consideration is consistency of placement of those tags. Ease of access for routine followup inspections is a good guide. Defacing an asset when applying tags is always a concern, but they should not be remotely positioned either, so that it creates difficulty affixing them or creating difficulty in finding asset tags during scanning verification.

Here is a guideline of recommended locations for fixed asset identification tags:

  • Computers and related peripheral equipment can be tagged with barcode stickers on the right side near the back of each piece of equipment.
  • Office equipment such as fax machines, photocopiers and typewriters should also have security labels on the right side near the back.
  • Furniture: Bookcases, storage cabinets, and file cabinets can have asset tags on the upper right hand corner. Chairs are often tagged on an upright near the middle support of the chair. Desks and credenzas are usually tagged on the right support, toward the top inside area under the foot well. Tables and workbenches can be tagged at the top of a front right side leg or base.
  • Appliances: Kitchen appliances can have barcode stickers on the top right corner on either the front or side depending on reach of scanning equipment.
  • Shop machinery & tools: Heavy machinery asset identification tags can be placed in positions not threatened by grease, oil or heat. Asset tags last the useful life of most machinery, so take care when choosing placement areas. Identification tags can be placed near manufacturer ID plates.
  • Engineering and scientific equipment asset identification tags or security labels can be placed near the manufacturer identification plate. Large equipment can be tagged in the upper right hand corner of immobile assets.
  • Grounds & Maintenance Equipment: Asset identification tags should be placed where a minimum of grease, oil, vibration or heat affect them, preferably near the manufacturer ID plate.
  • Audiovisual Equipment can be tagged with barcode stickers on the right side near the back of AV equipment.

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