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Asset Tags – Determining Security Label & Barcode Sticker Sizes

Camcode offers three Asset Security Label Standard Sizes.1.5″wide x 0.75″ high2.0″ wide x 0.75″ high up to 2″ wide x 1″ high. The one and one-half inch by three quarter inch size asset tag is used most frequently on movable assets. The two inch wide by three quarter inch barcode stickers work better when adding logos to the tags or when more than 24 characters are needed for the asset captions or headlines. The two inch wide by one inch high asset tag is meant for fixed assets or immobile equipment. Larger tags are easier to read from a slightly greater distance and allow immediate identification of logos and easier scanning when barcode readers are used.

Smaller 1.5″wide x 0.75″ high asset tags are preferable for movable assets such as cell phones, PDA’s, laptop computers, tools and other high value portable and removable items – not only due to the smaller spaces available for label placement, but because the smaller tags are less prominent overall. Tags can be placed on the reverse side or bottom of small portable equipment, often beside manufacturer identification tags. The type of label often used are small security labels which are “Destructible” or “Tamper Evident” labels which “Void” upon removal or break up if picked off.

Medium sized 2.0″ wide x 0.75 asset labels are used when a logo is added on the edge of barcode stickers beside the barcode on the property ID tags or if you need a few characters more in the captions. Logos added to your property ID asset tags eliminate confusion by making assets instantly recognizable as company property, reduces theft and increases security. Submit your artwork with your order to have a logo included in your asset label.

Large size 2″ wide x 1″ high labels are most often used on large equipment which is not movable, known as “Fixed Assets”. This type of asset tag is usually of durable materials for long lasting use in harsh environments with high temperatures or use in outdoor areas exposed to sunlight and temperature extremes. Metalphoto® aluminum asset tags metal barcode labels withstand all of these extremes and last for years.

Custom asset tags sizes are available on request. Create, view and print your own standard sized asset tag online from our special asset label preview page.

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