Durable Bar Code and Labeling Solutions for Government

Camcode asset tags have been designed for government asset-tracking environments from normal fixed-asset inventory items like office equipment to outdoor street signs. Whether you're a city employee working to comply with FHWA requirements, or a property manager within a federal government agency responsible for property control and accountability, it comes down to having assets that need to be tracked.

The starting point for any asset management system is reliable asset identification. Camcode's asset tag products have the durability to last the life of your assets. Our bar code labels integrate seamlessly into the industry's leading asset management solutions (please ask for our advice if you're selecting a software solutions provider) and virtually eliminate errors caused by manual data collection, ensuring accurate information. The results are optimized asset tracking, increased utilization and reduced cost.

Camcode Bar Code Label Solutions for Government include the following products:

Whether you're managing office equipment or traffic signs, Camcode has the label solution for you. Please contact us today for more information.