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UID Label Sourcing – Should I Make or Buy UID Labels?

In the early stages of the first UID project, it can be difficult to choose how to mark your items. Do you want to make UID labels on-site, buy a label, or mark directly on the item? There are a few simple facts to consider in this decision process.

Buy Labels
The most appropriate starting point for IUID requirements is almost always preprint labels.
Transfers responsibility to vendorOnly variable costsNo future upgrade costs on equipment or softwareFree knowledgeable partner in complianceKnown costs, lower costsDependent on supplier delivery schedule
Make Labels On-Site
Systems for on-site marking vary by the material to be marked. Choosing and implementing an on-site system is often an involved process.
Ready access to needsEquipment investmentLabor and facility commitmentNeed to know much moreResponsible for correct resultsMore costly overallSoftware necessary
Direct Part Marketing
Estimates are that 90% of all UID applications will be satisfied by labels, however, some dynamic parts and other parts may need direct part marking.
Will not come off (although may become unreadable)No consumable costMay be only method available for certain applicationsEquipment investmentLabor and facility commitmentNeed to know much moreResponsible for correct resultsMore costly overallSoftware necessaryEngineering study necessary to evaluate marking effect on item

Camcode can quickly walk through the logic of your particular situation and provide sound advice about which option is best for you. There are many misconceptions that lead companies to the wrong conclusion. We can help you see through these and get you to the most viable short and long-term UID solution.

Buying labels: Camcode has made every kind of durable label. We provide fast quotes and proofs for every order. Even if you think you might eventually what to produce your own labels it may be reasonable to have Camcode make your initial quantities. In this way you can begin to understand UID requirements and will have no fixed investment. Contact us now to get started!

Making labels on-site: Camcode is the leading provider of pre-cut label blanks for on-site laser marking on labels. In addition, Camcode is part of the Horizons Incorporated business group and our Imaging System Division offers a photographic aluminum printing process that leads the industry in performance and throughput.

Direct part marking: Camcode is not directly involved with direct part marking but we can discuss the issues of this process. Many companies that use DPM for UID requirements also mark on our label blanks for other applications they have.

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