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ScanSKU Android Barcode Scanner- Rugged M Series (1D & 2D) Review

ScanSKU’s Android Barcode Scanner – Rugged M Series (1D & 2D) is the company’s flagship barcode scanner, offering rugged durability for holding up to the tough environments found in warehousing, retail floors, and even on-the-road use. It comes with an unlocked Android 5.1, meaning you can use it with nearly all Android-compatible apps and platforms. Because it runs on the widely-used Android operating system, it provides near-seamless adoption for users familiar with Android mobile devices.
ScanSKU also offers other barcode scanning options including the Android Barcode Scanner – Rugged M Series (1D) and the Wearable Ring Android Barcode Scanner- R Series. In this review, we’ll focus primarily on the Android Barcode Scanner – Rugged M Series (1D & 2D).

Applications and Typical Uses

The ScanSKU Android Barcode Scanner – Rugged M Series (1D & 2D) is designed for use in warehouse and retail environments, but it’s rugged and durable enough to be put to use on the road, as well. It’s used for standard functions such as pick/packing, POS, and invoicing and can also be used on the shop floor and off-site, providing the functionality and accessibility your team needs to provide accurate, real-time information across departments and to customers.

Scanning Capabilities

The ScanSKU Android Barcode Scanner – Rugged M Series (1D & 2D) is compatible with all 1D and 2D barcode technologies. It’s Wi-Fi-enabled so you can transmit data in an instant, and for extra storage needs, you can make use of the MicroSD card slot. It offers multiple scan settings, such as the ability to add prefixes and suffixes or to perform a particular keystroke after scanning (e.g. TAB or Enter).

Operating Systems and Software

The ScanSKU Android Barcode Scanner – Rugged M Series (1D & 2D) runs on the popular Android operating system, making onboarding users a breeze and offering a variety of integrations and compatibility with a variety of eCommerce, WMS and Asset Management software solutions, such as:

  • WooCommerce
  • Bigcommerce
  • SKU Vault
  • Invoice2go
  • Top Shelf Scout
  • And many others

All scanners come with the ScanSKU app, designed for stocktaking, already installed. Because this scanner operates on an open, unlocked Android, it works with virtually any Android-compatible app or service, and it comes equipped with popular Android apps including Google Play, Gmail, Facebook, and more, providing seamless access and easy integration with the tools and apps you already use and love. Click here for a full list of integrations.


ScanSKU scanners have a tough and rugged exterior to protect against damage from typical wear-and-tear as well as the common environmental conditions found in warehouses and on retail floors. It’s built tough to handle being knocked about on the shop floor or on the road, and it also comes equipped with an adjustable strap to attach the unit to the user’s hand, making users less likely to drop the device. A four-inch backlit screen is also built to last.
Android Barcode Scanner- Rugged M Series (1D & 2D)

Additional Features and Functionality

The ScanSKU Android Barcode Scanner – Rugged M Series (1D & 2D) is the ideal size, offering the perfect balance of usability, functionality, and portability with dimensions of 52mm long, 77mm high and 29mm wide (20 x 15 x 10 cm; 7.9 x 5.9 x 3.9 in), and it weighs just 1.5 pounds (1.7 kg). In addition to its 1D and 2D scanning capabilities, the ScanSKU offers a number of other features and functions that make the device useful for much more than barcode scanning.
Key Features:

  • Backlit LED touchscreen
  • Ergonomic, hard-key keyboard, plus soft keys on the touchscreen
  • Multiple scan buttons to suit individual user preferences
  • Rear-facing, auto-focusing 5-megapixel camera to photograph damaged stock
  • Removable battery
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • Sim and MicroSD slot for extra storage
  • ARM Cortex-A53 64bit Quad-Core 1.3G. 2G RAM
  • Storage temperature: —25C to 70C

Scanning Capabilities:
1D Supported Symbologies: All standard 1D barcodes.
2D Supported Symbologies: All standard 2D barcodes.
Built-In Software: The ScanSKU Android Barcode Scanner – Rugged M Series (1D & 2D) comes equipped with several standard Android apps plus the ScanSKU app already installed. It runs on the Android OS.
Software Compatibility: This barcode scanner is compatible with nearly any app or service compatible with the Android operating system, with integrations with many popular e-commerce and inventory apps.
Optional Accessories: Dock/Cradle for M Series Android Barcode Scanner (*Est. $60)
Cost: *Est. $605 (1D-only model: *Est. $555)
See more here: https://www.scansku.com/product/android-barcode-scanner-m-series-1d-2d/
Additional options from ScanSKU: https://www.scansku.com/product-category/android-mobile-computer-barcode-scanner/

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