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Captions On Security Labels – Tamper-Evident, Destructible Seals

Camcode Security Labels can be custom printed with company names, logos, captions, barcodes and sequential or serialized numbering. Three sizes are available, but most security labels are ordered in the medium or small standard sizes or in specialized custom sizes.

Camcode Security Label Standard Sizes.

  1. 1.5″wide x 0.75″ high
  2. 2.0″ wide x 0.75″ high
  3. 2″ wide x 1″ high

• Medium sized 2.0″ wide x 0.75 high security labels can accommodate most logos, added on the edge of labels beside the serial numbers or barcodes. Logos immediately confirm company property, allowing quick visual identification. Provide your corporate artwork with your security label order to have a company logo printed on your destructible security seals.

• Small 1.5″wide x 0.75″ high labels are used on small movable assets like cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, tools and portable items of high value. Placement of security tags is usually on the back, sides or on the bottom of valuable portable equipment, often near manufacturers ID or UPC barcode tags. Security labels have “Tamper Evident” features which show visible signs of tampering, and eliminate the likelihood of those labels being transferred to other property.

Create, view and print your own standard sized security tags online from the Security label preview page. Custom security label sizes are available by request.

Security Label Captions

property of caption on security labelproperty-of security label
 Registration # Do Not Remove Return To Reward $ if Found If Found Call Warranty Label Void if RemovedLimited space on Security labels requires short headlines.Security seals normally display company or institution name, along with phone numbers and web address on portable assets such as laptops, PDA’s, and cell phones. When valuable pieces of company equipment are lost or misplaced, contact information is available to facilitate return.

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