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Fixed Asset Tags must often face harsh environments with extremes of temperature, weather, abrasion, sunlight, water, salt, dirt, chemicals and solvents. Camcode offers durable asset tags and barcode stickers which resist all of the above, from polyester asset tags with protective overlaminate, which resist abrasion, cleaning and chemicals to extra high temperature (XHT) tags which can withstand temperatures to 1200° F.

Camcode also makes available the extremely durable Metalphoto® aluminum asset tag which photographically images barcode and identifying information below the surface of a metal barcode label for long life and durability which can last the life of the assets it identifies. These metal barcode labels are commonly used for long life and resistance to temperatures up to 650°.

Teflon coated Aluminum asset tags offer resistance to cleaning, pickling, painting, e-coat and powder coating operations, and these asset labels also resist caustics and strong acids. This laminated product resists temperatures up to 300° F and the fused label resists temperatures up to 500° F. – which makes it perfect for work-in-process applications.

Foil labels are very durable but very thin and flexible, to easily conform to most surfaces. Anodized aluminum asset tags with your bar code, identifying information and logo photographically imaged below the surface of the material offer maximum durability and chemical resistance. Thin .003 anodized aluminum with effective 3M pressure sensitive adhesive.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program asset tags available with Teflon treatment so dirt and paint will not adhere. These asset labels withstand temperatures up to 650° F 343° C. Identifying information is photographically imaged below the anodic layer of the aluminum creating a barrier to sunlight, chemicals, saltwater and abrasion for monitoring highly-reactive volatile organic compounds (HRVOCs).

Equipment tags used in power generation plant computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Utilities use durable anodized aluminum asset tags metal barcode labels. Resistant to sunlight, water, salt, dirt, chemicals, solvents and temperatures up to 650° F. Teflonreg; treatments are added for applications that require resistance to paint. 30 year lifespan outdoors!

Camcode also makes available a specialty “Security Labels” which are tamper-evident to prevent removal. These labels have a low to moderate resistance to heat, scuffing and chemicals. Storage stability is up to two years stored at +70°F. The void pattern feature of tamper evident asset tags becomes permanently nonfunctional after exposure to +104°F.

Benefits of Metal Property Tags and Stickers

Metal property tags have a number of performance characteristics that can make them a better choice than vinyl or polyester tags for many applications. In cases where the property tags and stickers may be exposed to extreme conditions, metal is often the only substrate durable enough to withstand these environments. When considering a metal property tag for your application, these are a few of the most recognized benefits.

  • Durability. Metal property tags are generally among the strongest and most durable asset tagging solutions you can buy. They’re a great choice for marking moveable assets or those that need to be transferred in outdoor environments. Metal property tags can be installed using a mechanical attachment method or a high-strength adhesive for permanent placement. Many businesses choose metal asset tags for their long lifetime and dependability.
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance. One of the strongest metals available is Metalphoto® anodized aluminum, which can withstand temperatures up to 650°F. This excellent resistance to extreme temperatures is better than most other label substrate types, but when you need durable metal labels with the ability to withstand even more extreme heat, Extreme High Temperature (XHT) Labels can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F. With XHT property labels, the image is sealed beneath an anodic layer, providing excellent protection to ensure readability throughout the usable lifespan of your assets.
  • Chemical Resistance. Being such a dense material, metal generally has excellent chemical resistance. For example, stainless steel is the gold standard material used in the food industry due to both its chemical and microbial resistance. Metalphoto labels are also being used in food processing environments as an alternative to stainless steel, offering the extreme durability required to withstand the harsh conditions in food processing plants and restaurants. Property labels can also be created with Teflon-coated aluminum, which helps protect the label surface from chemicals, solvents, caustics, and strong acids. This type of property tag is especially desirable in manufacturing environments where chemicals are commonly used.
  • Flexibility. As the thickness of a metal property tag increases, so does the rigidity and firmness of the label. Foil labels are an excellent choice for applications requiring the benefits of metal labels in a more flexible solution. These property labels are constructed using Metalphoto® anodized aluminum face stock with a thickness of .003 to .005”. With a high-performance, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive, these property tags can be permanently attached to textured or contoured surfaces for a seamless appearance.

Common Use Cases for Metal Property Tags and Stickers

Metal property tags and stickers are used in many industries to track equipment and manage assets. They are often found in demanding warehouse environments and factories where harsh environmental and operating conditions require a highly durable solution. Metal property tags are also frequently used to permanently mark storage racks and other stationary fixtures and areas in buildings. Here’s a look at a few additional use cases for metal property tags and stickers.

  • Asset Tracking. Metal property tags are used extensively in the aerospace, defense, and energy industries to track assets. Assets such as boats, airplanes, and heavy equipment are used in outdoor environments and may encounter some especially challenging conditions. Companies in these industries rely on metal property tags for robust asset management and to remain compliant with regulatory guidelines.
  • Streamlining Documentation. In most business or government offices, there are many pieces of equipment, furniture, and other property that must be tracked. Metal property tags are often used to track and monitor assets that are shared among offices or departments. With better visibility into the asset location and usage, companies can avoid unnecessary duplication of assets while also reducing the likelihood of theft and unauthorized transfer.
  • Efficient Maintenance Management. By streamlining documentation of maintenance activities and repairs, metal property tags eliminate manual documentation and reduce human error, ensuring more accurate and up-to-date records for accounting and other reporting. Through more efficient maintenance management, companies can reduce unexpected downtime for equipment breakdowns and make smarter investment decisions to reduce overhead.

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