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Utility Asset Tags: Do They Matter?


Think asset tags and asset labels can’t benefit the utility industry? Think again. Utility meter tags, utility pole tags and bar code labels can provide the foundation for improved efficiency.

Reduce the need for manual processes
Metal Utility Bar Code LabelsIt’s long been known that manual processes take longer and are less accurate than processes which use a digital component. Utility meter badges practically eliminate human error, streamlining monitoring processes for the utility meters which are vital to the functioning of this industry.
Utility meter tags and badges can improve processes in the following ways:

  • Track work and maintenance history, reducing human error in the upkeep of regular maintenance and speeding up tracking times for new work orders.
  • Reduce transposition errors. Before utility meter tags and utility meter badges, the process of documenting usage and other metrics from utility meters was a human-driven process. That process is null and void with the use of utility meter tags which can simply be scanned to input data.
  • Reduce meter to ERT calibration time. Calibration was at one time a complex and time-consuming manual process. Utility meter tags speed up calibration times, improving accuracy.
  • Improve meter ERT control and traceability. Locate specific meters effortlessly for tracking.

Utility Pole Tags and Markers Increase Revenues for Joint Use Relationships
Bar Code Tags for Utility PolesUtility poles are often shared among industries, such as telecom and cable. But the utility industry frequently loses mass amounts of revenue due to the poor efficiency of monitoring usage and not accurately tracking which companies have placed equipment on a specific pole.
Thanks to utility pole tags, this process is streamlined. Camcode’s Metalphoto Bar Code Utility Tags ensure prompt and accurate pole identification, providing an easy means to track a pole’s owner and monitor revenues from rentals. They’re also guaranteed to last the life of the asset, meaning there are no costly utility tag replacements to account for down the line.
To learn more about how Camcode’s Metalphoto Bar Code Utility Tags helped one company increase revenues, check out our case study, Telco Giant Turns to Camcode Tags for Joint Use Poles.

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