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2020 Defense Manufacturing Conferences: The 50 Best Industry Events to Learn the Latest Best Practices in Defense Manufacturing

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Defense manufacturing involves creating and manufacturing defense systems. Often, government, industrial, and academic organizations collaborate to ensure that best practices are implemented in developing and delivering advanced technologies, methodologies, and defense systems to equip the world’s fighting men and women with the most innovative and effective defense materials and technologies available.

Developers, suppliers, manufacturers, and researchers involved in advanced defense manufacturing technology work toward manufacturing innovations and advancements in defense. Defense manufacturing conferences serve as the platforms for bringing together experts, thought leaders, and innovative companies to achieve that goal of equipping fighters with advanced defense materials and technologies. We have searched for defense manufacturing conferences that lead the pack in innovation and expertise, and we have rounded up our top 50 picks based on their themes, keynote speakers, educational opportunities, expositions of advanced defense technologies, and networking opportunities.

Please note, our top defense manufacturing conferences for 2020 are listed here, in chronological order, to make it easier for you to find those that best fit your calendar.

1. The Principles of Aircraft Valuations and Appraisals
January 10, 2020
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The Principles of Aircraft Valuations and Appraisals

The Principles of Aircraft Valuations and Appraisals is a one-day seminar that is being conducted by aviation industry event organizer Aeropodium. The event will feature a series of interactive sessions with expert speakers on topics such as How Avionics Affect Value, The Accreditation Process & USPAP, and Legal Issues Surrounding Aircraft Appraisals. All attendees of the seminar will receive a Certificate of Completion for their time spent in the session.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird: $550
  • Regular Fee: $950

2. Canadian Aviation Symposium
January 16, 2020
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Aviation Symposium

The Canadian Aviation Symposium provides a deep dive into the latest news and insights for the aviation industry within Canada. It is a great opportunity for participants from around the world to discuss some of the greatest issues, opportunities, and best practices for operations in the commercial and business aviation sectors. The event receives a diverse group of attendees including airline operators, health and safety personnel, aircraft manufacturers, and software companies.

 Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird: $250 (CAD)
  • Regular Fee: $600 (CAD)

3. International Armoured Vehicles 2020
January 20-23
London, United Kingdom

International Armoured Vehicles 2020

Billed as “the world’s premier armoured vehicles forum,” the International Armoured Vehicles conference focuses on the fact that the changing landscape of combat requires innovation in modernizing medium-weight wheeled vehicles that ensure operational readiness and swift strike capabilities with minimal logistical burden. Attendees share their experiences and network with global colleagues at this event, which also features more than 70 speakers, 50 sponsors, 200 senior military decision-makers, and representatives from more than 50 nations.

Cost to Attend: 

  • International Military/Government/Public Sector Pricing
    • Platinum Package: £799 + 20% UK VAT
    • Gold Package: £699 + 20% UK VAT
    • Silver Package: £650 + 20% UK VAT
    • Bronze Package: £599 + 20% UK VAT
  • Industry Pricing
    • Platinum Package: £2,599 + 20% UK VAT
    • Gold Package: £2,499 + 20% UK VAT
    • Silver Package: £2,099 + 20% UK VAT
    • Bronze Package: £1,999 + 20% UK VAT

4. Combat Logistics
January 28-30
Warsaw, Poland

Combat Logistics

A premier international gathering for armed forces and industry, Combat Logistics 2020 calls upon both civilian and military experts to collaborate and shape the future of military logistics. This defense manufacturing conference will explore performance-based logistics and begin with a Pre-Conference Mobile Forces Focus Day. The two-day conference will center on reducing future demand to optimize logistics footprints, reduce logistic drag, and enhance fighting the power and give military forces, OEMs, and support contractors the opportunity to collaborate to modernize military supply chains.

Cost to Attend:

  • Serving Military & Public Sector Personnel: FREE
  • Full Conference + Focus Day: £2800.00 + VAT

5. Joint Tactical Networks Summit
January 29-30
San Diego, CA

Joint Tactical Networks Summit

Defense Strategies Institute presents the Joint Tactical Networks Summit in January 2020 at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center at San Diego State University. Join C2 and network community members, military leaders, and critical organizations in working to enhance tactical data linkage tools and networks to support the advanced communication capabilities that are critical to the joint force’s success at the Summit. 2020 topics include improving networks and services for fixed and enterprise-level systems, delivering IW readiness to the PACOM AOR, and protecting information in transit through wireless networks and devices, among others. The Summit features senior-level discussions on updates and developments in wireless communications for military advantage and strategies for enhancing tactical data links.

Cost to Attend: Registration fee includes breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments, access to networking receptions, WiFi, and access to the business center

  • Industry/Contractor Early Registration: $890-$1090
  • Non-Profit & Academia Standard Registration: $690
  • Active Military & Government: Complimentary

6. Mobile Deployable Communications
January 30-31
Warsaw, Poland

Mobile Deployable Communications

A professional, independent, and global event production company specializing in B2B conferences, workshops, and masterclasses, SMi Group presents the 13th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference. This defense manufacturing conference considers the growing demand for flexible, protected, and interoperable CIS capabilities. The conference features expert-led presentations from leading authorities from around the globe and addresses topics including mobile SatCom, cyber electronic warfare interference, the need to procure new systems that will collaborate with existing systems, and allied collaboration.

Cost to Attend:

  • Deployable Communications 2020 Registration: £1499
  • Government Personnel Rate: £899
  • Acting Military Personnel Rate: £799

7. SPIE Photonics West
February 1-6
San Francisco, CA

SPIE Photonics West

SPIE Photonics West consists of three conferences and two exhibitions, making it the world’s largest photonics technologies event. Not to be missed by manufacturers dealing in infrared sensors, laser radar, light direction and ranging, digital signal processing, or rugged mobile computers, SPIE Photonics West welcomes more than 20,000 attendees looking to hear about the latest research, devices, and systems using technologies that enable advancements in new lasers for manufacturing and applications of 3D technologies.

Cost to Attend:

  • SPIE Member Conference Registration Fees
    • Full-Time Student: $400-$575
    • Non-Author Attendee: $805-$920
    • Program Committee: $730-$845
    • Session Chair: $730-$845
    • Speaker/Author: $730-$845
  • Non-Member Conference Registration Fees
    • Full-Time Student: $420-$595
    • Non-Author Attendee: $955-$1070
    • Program Committee: $880-$995
    • Session Chair: $880-$995
    • Speaker/Author: $880-$995

8. Network Centric Warfare (NCW) Conference
February 3-4, 2020
Rome, Italy
Network Centric Warfare (NCW) Conference

The NCW Conference is a premier event for reviewing the latest network technology that is being deployed for battlefield operations. Maintaining an information advantage is a modern-day necessity for military forces and can provide operational benefits and improve mission effectiveness. Technology continues to develop at a rapid pace and this event will give attendees a current overview of active international programs to develop and utilize network infrastructure and its integrated components.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird (by 11/29): $1,299 (£)
  • Second Early Bird (by 12/13): £1,399
  • Regular Fee: £1,499
  • Government Personnel Rate: Early Bird £699, Second Early Bird £799,  Regular £899
  • Acting Military Personnel Rate: Early Bird £699, Second Early Bird £799,  Regular £899

9. Military Additive Manufacturing Summit
February 5-6
Tampa FL

Military Additive Manufacturing Summit

Defense Strategies Institute presents the 4th Annual Military Additive Manufacturing Summit. Held at the Chester H. Ferguson Law Center, this defense manufacturing event joins The Department of Defense, federal government agencies, academia, and solution provides for a collaborative discussion centering on the role that additive manufacturing plays in the US defense industry.

Cost to Attend: 

  • Industry/Contractor: $895-$1,095
  • Non-Profit/Academia: $595-$695
  • Active Military & Government: Complimentary

10. UAS West Symposium
February 13-14
San Diego, CA

UAS West Symposium

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) West Symposium is a defense manufacturing conference that includes special presentations from top military officials and covers themes such as DoD and government needs and requirements, cutting-edge mission opportunities, and emerging platforms needs. Attendees will have the opportunity to closely examine current programs and gain the first-hand experience with UAS at the symposium. UAS West Symposium also offers a UAS networking reception so that attendees may join guest speakers and fellow attendees to continue their discussions about the emerging opportunities in the military, commercial, and civil markets for UAS.

Cost to Attend: 

  • Standard Fee: $1,290
  • Military (Non-Contractors): Complimentary
  • Teams of 3 or More: $990/per registrant
  • University: $495
  • US Government Personnel (Non-Contractors): Complimentary

11. Urban Safety & Security Europe
February 18-19, 2020
Manchester, United Kingdom
Urban Safety & Security Europe

The Urban Safety & Security Europe Conference features two days of sessions and an exhibition that will mark the first gathering of this important event. Maintaining a safe and secure environment within urban areas is becoming an increasingly challenging task for government and public service organizations worldwide. This conference will focus on important protocols that local hospitals, city centers, transportation hubs, and other vital urban areas can utilize in response to catastrophic events. It is a great opportunity to discuss not only the threats but also practical solutions that can make a difference for civilians.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

12. ShipTech Forum 2020
February 25
Ottawa, Canada

ShipTech Forum 2020

The Shipbuilding Technology Forum is a one-day conference that focuses on finding solutions to common marine and shipbuilding issues. It is presented by Canada’s oldest trade journal, the security and defense publication Vanguard. The event is held to bring together professionals from government, military, and civilian organizations to share their experiences and discuss the latest technologies that can have a positive impact on the global shipbuilding industry.

Cost to Attend: 

  • Early-Bird: $389.85 (CAD)
  • Regular Rateshow: $502.85 (CAD)
  • Group Rate (group of 4+): $355.95 (CAD)

13. Combat Support Week
February 25-27
London, United Kingdom

Combat Support Week

Defence Supply Chain and Logistics is a Defence IQ defense manufacturing event. Co-located with Defence IQ’s Military Engineering Summit, Defence Supply Chain and Logistics is part of the inaugural Combat Support Week. Attendees will get an opportunity to revolutionize the supply chain and take advantage of the joint networking space, cross-service audience, and senior joint-plenary sessions that highlight opportunities for logisticians and engineers to collaborate and support missions.

Cost to Attend: 

  • Silver Package
    • Industry: £1,749 + 20% UK VAT
    • Military/Government: £399 + 20% UK VAT
  • Gold Package
    • Industry: £2,049 + 20% UK VAT
    • Military/Government: £599 + 20% UK VAT

14. Air Warfare Symposium
February 26-28
Orlando, FL

Air Warfare Symposium

The Air Force Association (AFA) is a non-profit, independent, professional military and aerospace education association that promotes public understanding of aerospace power the critical role it plays in the nation’s security. AFA’s Air Warfare Symposium 2020 is a professional development event with the theme Innovation: The Warfighter’s Edge. In its 34th year, this defense manufacturing symposium will include two days of discussions, sessions full of industry insight and forward-thinking outlooks, influential keynotes, networking opportunities, and dozens of exhibitors showcasing their new technologies and solutions.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

15. WEST 2020
March 2-3
San Diego, CA

WEST 2020

In its 30th year, WEST is the premier naval conference and exposition on the West Coast that brings military and industry leaders together and features a town hall discussion among the Chief of Naval Operations, the Marine Corps Commandant, and the Coast Guard Commandant. Join equipment, weapons, communications, and technical systems designers and manufacturers at WEST, which is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute. 2020 WEST features two Engagement Theaters or intimate venues that provide a venue for military, government, and industry professionals to take a deep dive into various topics and issues.

Cost to Attend:

  • Full Conference
    • Active Military/Government: FREE – Includes all three days except luncheons; meals are available for separate purchase
    • AFCEA or USNI Small Business Members (Must be employed by a company with 49 or fewer employees): $445 – Includes all three days, luncheons, and reception
    • AFCEA or USNI Industry/Contractor/Academia/Other Member: $525 – Includes all three days, luncheons, and reception
    • Non-Member, Industry/Contractor/Academia/Other: $695 – Includes all three days, luncheons, and reception
  • Exhibit Hall Only
  • Active Military/Government: FREE
  • AFCEA or USNI Small Business Members: FREE
  • AFCEA or USNI Industry/Contractor/Academia/Other Member: FREE
  • Non-Member, Industry/Contractor/Academia/Other: $225

16. NDIA Human Systems Conference
March 3-4
Arlington, VA

NDIA Human Systems Conference

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is America’s leading defense industry association promoting national security. Their Human Systems Conference will be held in March and engages government, academic, and industry leaders in exploring how the Human Systems community “can quantify the effect of HSI throughout the personnel and system development lifecycles.” This conference fosters collaboration between technology and the government to help service members and military leaders outthink adversaries and more efficiently understand and act on information through the use of advanced technology.

Cost to Attend:

  • Academia/Industry Member: $665-$805
  • Government Full Conference: $200
  • Government One-Day: $100
  • Industry Non-Member: $740-$1,065
  • Small Business: $500-$605
  • Student: $75

17. AeroDef
March 16-19
Fort Worth, TX


An annual event and conference offering manufacturing solutions for aerospace and defense manufacturers’ unique needs, AeroDef Manufacturing takes place in March. AeroDef features an exposition, main conference, workshop, tour, and networking receptions. This defense manufacturing conference is produced by the SME in partnership with industry OEMs and exists to “foster innovation across the extended enterprise to reduce costs, expedite production times and maintain manufacturing competitiveness in the global economy.” Attendees of AeroDef get an up-close look at advanced technologies in an environment that fosters interaction and business relationships between exhibitors and buyers seeking integrated solutions.

Cost to Attend:

  • Full Conference Pass Early Bird: $950 through January 31
  • Full Conference Pass Plus 1 Workshop: $1,050 through January 31
  • 1-Day Conference Pass: $600 through January 31
  • 1-Day Conference Pass Plus 1 Workshop: $750 through January 31
  • Workshops, if purchased separately: $250 through January 31
  • Exhibit Floor: FREE through January 31

18. AUSA Global Force 2020
March 17-19
Huntsville, AL

AUSA Global Force 2020

AUSA Global Force 2020 is a professional development forum presented by the Association of the United States Army, a professional association for soldiers, family members, and concerned civilians. Specifically, the Association of the United States Army Institute of Land Warfare (AUSA ILW) produces this defense manufacturing event as an unclassified symposium for members of industry and the military community. This three-day event features presentations from the United States Army Materiel Command, the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology).

Cost to Attend: 

  • National Partner Members: $575-$725
  • Community Partner Members: $625-$775
  • Individual AUSA Members: $625-$775
  • Active Military/Government (Non-Contractor): FREE
  • Non-Members: $1,000-$1,100
  • Exhibit Hall Only: FREE

19. IWCE 2020
March 30-April 3
Las Vegas, NV

IWCE 2020

The International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) is a leading event for communications tech professionals. Featuring more than 370 exhibitors and the latest products and trends in the industry, IWCE 2020 offers a week’s worth of educational opportunities and is co-located with two other conferences. IWCE includes keynote addresses, the general session, town hall meetings, and a networking reception in addition to an exhibit hall featuring more than 400 exhibitors showcasing leading-edge products and trends in the industry. Individuals in government and the defense manufacturing industry attend IWCE 2020 to connect with peers and see the latest products and services that support the industry and military missions.

Cost to Attend:

  • Exhibit Hall: FREE w/code
  • One-Day Package: $649
  • Short Course Package: $949
  • Premium Package: $1,549
  • Super Pass: $1,899

20. Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness
April 1-2
London, United Kingdom

Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness

Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness is a defense manufacturing conference that invites program managers, operational flag officers, senior engineers, and technical directors, and others who are responsible for increasing platform capability in armored vehicles. Attendees of Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness will gain valuable insight through operational case studies, key programs, and vetronics architectures and advanced sensor development, optronics, and communication equipment presentations and discussions. Extensive networking opportunities also are a highlight of this defense manufacturing event. Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness is designed for armored vehicle experts focused on C2, C4i, sensors, and optronics.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird Conference Rate: £1099 by December 13
  • Early Bird Government Personnel Rate: £499 by December 13
  • Early Bird Acting Military Personnel Rate: £499 by December 13

21. SeaAirSpace 2020
April 6-8
National Harbor, MD

SeaAirSpace 2020

SeaAirSpace: The Navy League’s Global Maritime Exposition is the world’s largest maritime exposition. This defense manufacturing conference brings together the U.S. defense industrial base, private-sector U.S. companies, and key military decision-makers for an annual innovative, educational, professional, and maritime-based event. SeaAirSpace delivers cutting-edge technology and the latest information relevant to maritime policy. As they put it, “if the product is intended to enhance and advance the quality of America’s Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or U.S.-flag Merchant Marine, then it is on display at the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition!”

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

22. Intelligence Analytics Summit
April 7-9
Washington, D.C.
Intelligence Analytics Summit

The Intelligence Analytics Summit will bring together experts from major intelligence, government, and military organizations to discuss the challenges of extracting actionable intelligence from large scale data sets. Representatives are expected from the CIA, FBI, DARPA, DoD, and other important organizations. The sessions planned for the conference will focus on important topics including large scale data collection and validation, creating a cross-services and cross-allies unified language, and the use of AI and Deep Learning technology.

Cost to Attend:

  • U.S. Military, Government & Law Enforcement Employees: Free
  • Academia, Non-Profit and Foreign Military:
    • Two-Day Conference: Early Bird $995, Regular $1,395
    • Conference + Focus Day:  Early Bird $1,495, Regular $1,895
    • Focus Day: $595
  • Vendors, Consultants, and Solution Providers:
    • Two-Day Conference: Early Bird $1,115, Regular $1,515
    • Conference + Focus Day: Early Bird $1,865,  Regular $2,265
    • Focus Day: $595
  • Group Discounts: 3-4 Attendees save 10%, 5+ Attendees save 15%

23. Precision Strike Annual Review 
April 14-15
Arlington, VA

Precision Strike Annual Review 

The Precision Strike Association, a world-class organization dedicated to advancing the art and science of precision engagement concepts and technologies, presents the Precision Strike Annual Review. Previous PSAR events have encouraged government and industry to collaborate. This defense manufacturing conference features distinguished leaders, acquisition experts, and rocket scientists addressing critical topics and challenges, such as precision strike challenges, intelligence threat, rapid acquisition to support the warfighter, precision engagement strategies, and much more.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

24. The Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference
April 20-23
Denver, CO

The Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference

The Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference (AA&S 2020) will take place in Jacksonville, Florida, at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront. This defense manufacturing conference addresses the “sustainment and airworthiness concerns that have dramatically escalated in the military and aviation community during the past decade.” AA&S 2020 includes training courses, keynotes, concurrent technical sessions, poster sessions, a distinguished lecture and keystone panel on additive manufacturing, a keystone panel on sustainment technology, group luncheon with a featured speaker, and much more.

Cost to Attend: $895

25. SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
April 26-30
Anaheim, CA

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing is a leading global sensing, imaging, and photonics technologies event. This defense manufacturing conference features two collocated technical programs covering a variety of photonics technologies for defense and commercial applications. Previous speakers include Dr. Morley O. Stone, chief technology officer of the Air Force Research Lab, and Dr. Ray O. Johnson, executive in residence at Bessemer Venture Partners.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

26. ITEC
April 28-30
London, United Kingdom


Europe’s largest military defense, training, simulation, and education event, ITEC presents a world-class exhibition that is free to attend, plus a defense manufacturing conference that showcases the latest products and services from leading organizations. ITEC is an annual forum for military, industry, and academic representatives to meet and share their knowledge and experience with the international training, education, and simulation sectors. ITEC provides attendees with a platform for discussing developments in the evolving market and for exchanging ideas about future requirements for military training and simulation.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

May 4-7
Boston, MA


XPONENTIAL is the largest gathering of global leaders in intelligent robotics, drones, and unmanned systems. The educational program runs from April 30-May 3, and the exhibits are open May 4-7. More than 8,500 industry leaders and thought leaders from the defense and commercial sectors attend AUVSI XPONENTIAL, and more than 725 manufacturers showcase the latest technology in the exhibit space. Hear daily keynotes from tech visionaries and business experts and choose from more than 200 world-class sessions in three tracks at XPONENTIAL 2020.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

May 5-7
Laurel, MD


Held at the Kossiakoff Center at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, the AIAA Defense Forum is a SECRET/NoFORN forum for classified discussion of technical programmatic and policy issues relating to aerospace in national security. Government, military, industry, and academic leaders attend AIAA DEFENSE Forum to explore innovative technological breakthroughs to integrate with current and next-generation defense systems. Topics include advanced prototypes, hypersonic systems and technologies, missile defense, robotic and unmanned weapon systems, and more.

Cost to Attend:

  • Full Conference
    • Conference Rate: $1,149
    • Early Member Rate: $649
    • Standard Member Rate: $999
  • Government Employee (AIAA Membership not required)
    • Conference Rate: $1,149
    • Early Member Rate: $649
    • Standard Member Rate: $999
  • One Day Rate: $395

29. 2020 SOFIC
May 11-14
Tampa, FL

2020 SOFIC

NDIA presents the 2020 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference & Exhibition (2020 SOFIC) in Tampa in May 2020. Providing a forum for military, including partner nations, government, academia, and industry stakeholders, this defense manufacturing conference enables attendees to network and discuss the best practices for supporting SOF and adapting the SOF network to address present and future threats. Attendees also will have the opportunity to witness a live tactical capabilities exercise jointly conducted by U.S. and international SOF that highlights SOF sea, land, and air capabilities, during the International SOF Capabilities Demonstration.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

30. MegaRust 2020
May 19-21
San Diego, CA

MegaRust 2020

MegaRust is an annual conference centering on Navy corrosion issues and the ways in which to control it. The conference provides a forum for government representatives, commercial organizations, and providers of coatings and corrosion control products, processes, technologies, and solutions to meet and discuss the programs, policies, standards, and Fleet experience related to corrosion. It also covers all segments of the naval services including sea, air, Marine Corps, vehicles, and facilities.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

31. Security & Counter Terror Expo
May 19-21
London, United Kingdom

Security & Counter Terror Expo

The Security & Counter Terror Expo (SCTX 2020) provides counterterrorism and security solutions and joins together the entire security supply chain. Formerly known as Counter Terror Expo, SCTX 2020 is an event for anyone responsible for protecting assets, business, people, and nations from terrorism. Approximate 10,000 people from around the world attend SCTX to view the latest technology, learn about the latest developments, and share best practices to help ensure the effectiveness of their threat mitigation strategies. SCTX 2020 is the UK’s leading event for national security professionals and showcases the capabilities, strategies, and intelligence that keeps nations, infrastructure, business, and people safe.

Cost to Attend: FREE

32. Undersea Defence Technology
May 26-28
Rotterdam Ahoy, NL

Undersea Defence Technology
Undersea Defence Technology is a dedicated exhibition and conference that joins professionals from the military, industry, and academia. This global event for undersea defense and security centers on cutting-edge technologies and developments in the harsh undersea environment. This defense manufacturing conference hosts 1,100 industry-specific attendees and more than 100 international VIPs.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

33. Canada’s Global Defence & Security Trade Show 
May 27-28
Ottawa, Canada

Canada's Global Defence & Security Trade Show 

Canada’s Global Defence & Security Trade Show, CANSEC 2020 is the place for leading-edge technology, products and services for land-based, naval, aerospace, and joint forces military units. Be one of more than 11,000 attendees and visit defense and security exhibits, scheduled B2B/B2G meetings, and more at CANSEC 2020.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

34. 2020 Eurosatory
June 8-12
Paris, France

2020 Eurosatory

Eurosatory is the world’s largest international land and airline defense and security exhibition. This defense manufacturing conference addresses all aspects of land and airline defense, with a strong civil and homeland security focus. Eurosatory also addresses the entire supply chain, including operational systems, raw materials, and prime contractors’ finished products, in all defense and security areas. Attendees will enjoy life-size presentations of equipment and weapons systems during live demonstrations and engage in meetings, talks, and purchasing between major industrial prime contractors and subcontractors, as well as those between buyers and suppliers.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

35. 2020 IEEE Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects Conference
July 20-24
Santa Fe, NM


2020 IEEE Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects Conference

The 2020 IEE Nuclear & Space Radiation effects Conference will take place at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in July 2020. Attendees attend a one-day short course, Variability in Environments, Devices, and Radiation Effects – From Average to Extreme, and 3.5 days of technical sessions including 8-10 sessions of contributed papers, a poster session, and a data workshop. Technical sessions include but are not limited to Basic Mechanisms of Radiation Effects, Radiation Effects in Devices and Integrated Circuits, Single Event Effects: Devices and Integrated Circuits, Space and Terrestrial Environments, and Photonic Devices and Integrated Circuits.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

36. International Microwave Symposium
June 21-26
Los Angeles, CA


International Microwave Symposium

The International Microwave Symposium (IMS2020) is a premier gathering of RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave researchers, technologists, and practitioners from academia and industry. The flagship conference of the Microwave Theory & Techniques Society (MTT-S) of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the IMS2018 includes the 2020 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium and the 2020 Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group Conference. The conference themes are microwaves, medicine, and mobility, and it is an ideal forum for discussing the challenges of mitigating interference on military platforms.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

37. Embedded Systems Conference
August 11-13
Santa Clara, CA

Embedded Systems Conference

The Embedded Systems Conference Santa Clara will take place in August 2020. The conference joins embedded engineers and purchase leaders with active next-generation projects and gives you the opportunity to put your cutting-edge products and services in front of leading embedded systems professionals.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

38. Department of the Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event
August 31-September 2
San Diego, CA

Department of the Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event

Presented by the San Diego Chapter of NDIA, the Department of the Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event provides a forum for educating, guiding, and assisting businesses in working with the government. Hear from informative, motivating speakers on topics regarding working with the government, with a focus on the Department of the Navy. Attend general/plenary and break-out sessions and vision more than 250 industry and government exhibitors and dozens of posters sharing company information and opportunities.

Cost to Attend:

  • Industry – Conference Attendee/Booth Staff: $199 by December 31
  • Industry – Exhibit Space: $499 by December 31
  • Government Attendee w/ Exhibit Space: FREE

39. Air, Space & Cyber Conference
September 14-16
National Harbor, MD

Air, Space & Cyber Conference

The Air, Space & Cyber Conference hosts more than 9,000 attendees over three days. Hear from expert speakers, visit exhibitor booths, and explore 100,000 square feet of space at the technology exposition. Previous conference topics have included acquisition affordability challenges, strategic modernization, the logistics barrier, and cybersecurity.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

40. IMTS2020
September 14-19
Chicago, IL


The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS2020) is America’s largest manufacturing show, as well as one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world. This defense manufacturing show boasts more than 2,400 exhibiting companies and 115,000 registrants. Attendees will see a broad range of manufacturing technology solutions in 10 pavilions and enjoy attending four co-located shows: Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives (IAMD) USA; Surface Technology USA; ComVac USA; and Industrial Supply USA.

Cost to Attend:

  • Visitor (Individual): $50
  • Visitor (Group of 5 or more): $35
  • AMT Member: Complimentary
  • International Visitors: Complimentary

41. AerospaceDefenseChain Conference
October 20-21
McLean, VA

AerospaceDefenseChain Conference

The Annual AerospaceDefenseChain Conference (ADC 2020) centers on the content requirements and future programs needed “to balance changing customer demands, global markets, macroeconomic challenges and A&D industry consolidation.” Thus, the conference emphasizes the pursuit of sustainable growth opportunities and new initiatives. Join aerospace and defense leaders from key industry segments at the AerospaceDefenseChain Conference in 2020.

Cost to Attend: $1,747

42. CyberCon 2020
October 20-22
Austin, TX

CyberCon 2020

CyberCon is presented by Fifth Domain, Defense News, Federal Times, and C4ISRNET. This conference focuses on defending cyberspace with a holistic approach, technology, policy, and people. Join military, intelligence community, and homeland security leaders to discuss the hottest topics in cyber defense and offense, including how to pursue the cyberwar.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

43. Precision Strike Technology Symposium 
October 20-22
Laurel, MD

Precision Strike Technology Symposium 

The Precision Strike Technology Symposium is held in October. Attendees experience a forum joining government, industry, and academia interests and classified interactions regarding precision strike weapons. Speakers include military leaders and civilian leaders from OSD, defense agencies, and industry and academia. Previous topics include global intelligence assessments, support for future warfare engagement, strategic capability development, next-generation strike capability and the Navy’s future anti-ship capability, and the geo-strategic security environment, among others.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

44. ICDMT 2020
October 29-30
Paris, France

ICDMT 2020

From the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET), the 22nd International Conference on Defence Manufacturing and Technology (ICDMT 2020) will be held in Paris in October 2020. The ICDMT joins academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to share their insights, experiences, and research results on defense manufacturing and technology. This conference also provides a platform for delving into leading-edge innovations and trends in addition to challenges and solutions for defense manufacturing.

Cost to Attend:

  • Non-Student Oral/Poster Presenter Early Registration:  €450
  • Student Oral/Poster Presenter Early Registration:  €350
  • Listener Early Registration:  €250

45. American Aerospace & Defense Summit

American Aerospace & Defense Summit

The American Aerospace & Defense Summit explores news and developments in aerospace and defense, covering everything from supply chain to manufacturing, innovation, cost optimization, and workforce management. Join more than 150 industry peers for discussion on strategies for optimizing manufacturing and R&D in American aerospace and defense, hear first-hand case studies, and gain strategic insights into aerospace and defense manufacturing.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

46. Best Defence Conference
Best Defence Conference
Best Defence Conference is a must-attend defense and advanced manufacturing event held annually in Canada. Join Canadian and international companies to learn more about Canadian defense procurement and supply chain opportunities in addition to networking and attending B2B/B2G sessions. Event organizers strive to create a forum that fosters strategic partnerships and market entry into Canada.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

47. Cyber Security for Defense 2020
Cyber Security for Defense 2018
Cyber Security for Defense is in its fourth year. This conference presents the hottest, most critical topics within cyber defense. Become part of the conversation on cybersecurity solutions to protect the country and support the military in defending the U.S. from cyber attacks. Topics include collaboration between the military and private sector, future investments in cybersecurity, implementing robust cyber defense capabilities, and more.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

48. Defense Maintenance and Logistics Exhibition
Defense Maintenance and Logistics Exhibition
SAE International is a global association committed to being a knowledge source for mobility engineers. They present the Defense Maintenance and Logistics Exhibition, co-located with the DoD Maintenance Symposium. The event is designed for companies involved in military and commercial maintenance technology, information systems, and management processes.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

49. DMC 2020

DMC 2020

The Defense Manufacturing Conference features concurrent sessions, receptions, exhibits, keynotes, poster sessions, and other sessions with thought leaders and industry experts. The DMC Conference also is conducted simultaneously with the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Conference, so attendees can experience both conferences at no additional charge. Enjoy the expanded Exhibit Hall and networking opportunities at next year’s DMC Conference.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

50. Serious Play Conference
Serious Play Conference
The Serious Play Conference is designed “for those who create, teach or train using serious games and SIMS.” Held at George Mason University Science & Technology Campus in the Hylton Performing Arts Center, the Serious Play Conference is hosted by the Virginia Serious Game Institute. The conference provides a forum for educators, chief learning officers, and heads of training in health care, government, and military to improve the effectiveness of their program and use data to maximize effectiveness.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

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