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Small Businesses Realize Increased Profits and Productivity with Asset Tracking

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If you think asset tags and asset tracking are only for large corporations and major industry players, you’re not alone. Many small business owners don’t consider asset tags as a viable solution, thinking that the upfront investment is too significant for a small entity. But what many don’t realize is that asset tags are an investment that pays off handsomely in terms of both productivity and profits.

Asset Tags are a Scalable Solution for Small Business

Asset tags are a scalable solution. While your company may be still in its early stages, you may not have the same volume of physical assets as a major enterprise. But implementing an asset tagging and tracking system now means you don’t have to re-evaluate your tracking methods as your company grows. You can simply scale up your investment to accommodate increased physical assets.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Even within a small organization, it can be difficult to physically track down the location of an important asset you need for a sales presentation, such as a PowerPoint projector. But if you’re using asset tags, the task becomes simple and you save time – leaving you more time to prepare and plan to make a big impression on your potential client.

Evaluating Your Current Assets: Simplified

Say one of your company laptops has been infected with malware. Suddenly, you need to evaluate what assets your organization has and which ones have been connected to the company mainframe to adequately address the problem. This is a task that could take your IT department several days – in the meantime, allowing hackers the opportunity to continue to infiltrate your network and access important data.
With asset tracking, you can instantly pull up a list of company assets as well as the location of each. Your IT manager can then more readily take action to remove threats from each device, protecting your company’s valuable proprietary data.

Protect Against Theft and Loss

Lost and stolen equipment isn’t just an issue facing large entities. Small businesses, which often don’t have the vast resources large corporations do, can be impacted more significantly by a small loss or accidental damage to an asset.
Asset tags deter theft and make it simpler to locate physical assets. If you work across geographically diverse areas or have multiple office locations, asset tags reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to replace an asset simply because you can’t track down its location when you need it.

Optimize Your Processes in the Early Stages

When your business is still small, many tasks are more easily manageable. As your company grows, you’ll obtain more assets and have more resources. Because people are naturally resistant to change, the re-training process can take longer and may even create strife among team members.  Introducing a scalable asset tag solution in the early stages of your business reduces these growing pains and provides the foundation for easy expansion without a complete process overhaul.
Asset tags are a valuable solution for large entities which have amassed large quantities of physical assets. But the same benefits apply to small business, offering a scalable solution which can grow with your company – and the productivity you need today to take your business to the next level tomorrow.

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