/ White Papers & Label Buying Guides

White Papers

Several external agencies have tested Camcode’s labels in a variety of applications. Our white papers summarize the findings in each application.

Metalphoto vs. Etched Stainless Steel White Paper

Etched and filled stainless steel underperforms Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum in select applications.

Metalphoto NADCAP Exemption White Paper

Metalphoto has been exempted from NADCAP AC7108 by several aerospace Primes and Suppliers. This explains why Metalphoto has been exempted & why it is important for others to exempt Metalphoto from NADCAP.

Metalphoto IUID Environmental Survivability Test White Paper

This US Navy study shows Metalphoto labels to have outstanding durability and versatility for permanent asset identification & tracking.

Metalphoto Medical White Paper

Metalphoto is proven to withstand multiple sterilization cycles & not fade or harbor bacteria as per ANSI/AAMI ST79 steam sterilization & sterility assurance.

Buying Guides

Buying Guides are free to download. They include help you determine how to select the right label material for your application(s). After you read the buying guide, you may order a sample, request a quotation or simply buy online.

Asset Label Buying Guide

In this guide you will learn the types of assets you need to track, considerations for selecting asset labels and the best-suited asset labels for your application.

Warehouse Label Buying Guide

In this guide you will learn specific use cases for floor labels, applications for warehouse rack labels, how to label movable containers and how to choose the best-suited warehouse labels for your application.

Computerized Maintenance Management System Buying Guide

In this guide you will learn about pricing models for CMMS systems, the benefits of each CMMS system and features to look for.