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Asset Tags Permanence Of Barcode Sticker Asset Security Labels

Wear and permanence in asset tags are affected by the environment they are exposed to once affixed to company assets. Printing and surface protection layers and adhesion permanence of Barcode Stickers also affect how long lasting those property ID tags can be. Asset Security Labels are made to meet differing environmental criteria, including resistance to solvents, abrasion, acids, temperature extremes, dirt, oil, paint and cleaning.

Whether all of your asset tags will be used indoors in an office environment, or in high temperature manufacturing environments, or even outside with exposure to weather and sunshine on utility poles and electrical substation equipment – Camcode offers the best asset labels for any environment.

Special laminated teflon asset label surfaces for resistance to paint and coatings are available as well as fused teflon asset tag to resist temperatures up to 500° F for work-in-process (WIP) applications. Foil of Barcode Sticker asset tags have excellent resistance to wear and scuffing, cleaning solvents, most chemicals, and heat and temperature range of -40°F to +400°F. Outdoor exposure is good for up to 20 years.

The method used to attach Property ID tags to assets is an important factor in label permanence. Pressure sensitive adhesive is a commonly used attachment method for movable assets, while mechanical fasteners such as rivets, screws and nails are used with many industrial asset tag applications on fixed assets. Keep in mind that damage to property is possible with mechanical fasteners and take precautions to avoid it.

Quality printing and surface protection are critical to label permanence as well. Camcode Barcode Sticker labels use high quality printing methods and a variety of surface laminates on all asset tags to avoid wear from cleaning, polishing and resistance to frequent handling. Care should be taken to affix property ID tags away from handles, switches, latches, knobs and areas of property which are often handled. In some cases our durable asset tags will resist even frequent handling.

Camcode also makes available tamper-evident labels, which break into small pieces in the case of “Destructible Security Labels“, or leave a “Void” pattern in the adhesive surface with Tamper Evident Security Labels. These labels have a low to moderate resistance to heat, scuffing and chemicals. Storage stability is up to two years stored at +70°F. The void pattern feature of tamper evident asset tags becomes permanently nonfunctional after exposure to +104°F.

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