/ UID Label Installation Service

UID Label Installation Service

Mobile Asset Tagging Solution

UID Label Installation

The Mobile Asset Tagging Solution focuses specifically on the tagging process for assets dispersed in multiple locations that require a specific and unique label. The solution provides organization for teams to allow simultaneous marking of assets in different locations. The simplicity of the system minimizes training requirements and can be made applicable to any asset type from guns, to ships, to vehicles. The completed process results in a database of marked items ready for the UID registry.


  • Asset tagging software
  • Hand held PDA devices, data loaded
  • Tagging Kits with organized preprinted durable metal labels
  • Base PC
  • Reports
  • Team Leadership


  • Provides organization for a planned tagging effort
  • Fully scalable for both large and small projects – expandable for few or many teams
  • Functions for dispersed assets in distant and/or multiple locations (Works even if exact asset locations are not known in advance)
  • Organizes pre-printed labels for quick access
  • Provides concise reports of tagged items
  • Registration of items optional

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