Two-Sided Retro-Reflective Bar Code Labels

Need Suspended Markers that are Two-Sided?

Two Sided Retroreflective Labels

Camcode's Two-Sided Retro-Reflective System provides the proper scanning angle from two polar directions at distances greater than 50 feet with long-range scanners. Designed to hang from a chain or attach to a suspended wire, the Two-Sided Retro-Reflective Label is constructed of two polyester retro-reflective bar code labels, adhered to a dual-sided rigid PVC backer. Expected exterior life is two years.

Camcode's long-range retro-reflective bar code labels work with any extended long-range scanner (typical scanning specifications range from 30 to 50 feet).

Need help installing your Two-Sided Retro-Reflective Warehouse Labels? Camcode now provides Warehouse Installation Services.

Product Features

  • Easy to Scan: Proper scanning angles from two opposite directions at distances greater than 50 feet.
  • Cost Effective: Lower system cost and easy installation saves on material and labor costs.
  • Saves Time: Quick attachment method keeps projects on deadline.

Product Specifications

Material:  4.5 mil white polyester with reflective-film coating, 1.0 mil permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Backer:  Rigid PVC.
Attachment:  Hang from chain or suspend from wire (not included).
Label Copy:  Several font types are available, as well as logos or other design elements.
Symbologies:  All common symbologies available, including code 128, 3 of 9, I2 of 5, Data matrix and QR codes.
Colors:  Black graphics on white background, with or without color elements.
Standard Sizes:  Several standard and custom sizes available.
Packaging:  Shipped in sequential order, in boxes. 100% no missing numbers.
Shipment:  15 working days from receipt of order and approval of artwork. Expedited shipment is available for an additional charge.