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Camcode’s UID Registration Services

Registering IUID’s (or formatting data for a flow-down requirement) can be complex and time-consuming. Why not rely on the industry’s most experienced UID label provider – Camcode – to ensure that your new, legacy and GFP items are properly entered into the DoD’s IUID Registry?

Why use Camcode’s IUID Registration Service?

You’ll save time and hassle. Camcode understands the complex requirements for IUID registration. Using the most advanced software tools in the industry, we’ll register both your physical and virtual IUIDs … quickly, efficiently and hassle-free.

You’ll save money. Developing the internal capability to handle IUID registration requires an investment in software, technical resources, and training. Using Camcode’s IUID registration service can save both money and manpower as compared to handling it in-house.

Peace of mind that it’s done right. Our years of expertise in UID labeling ensure that your registration will be completed error-free. You’ll get a complete UID registration report by email confirming your items have been properly registered.

Greatest benefits for lower-volume contractors. Camcode’s service makes especially good sense for businesses that may not be producing large quantities of end-item deliverables, or entities that have only limited quantities of GFP or legacy equipment in their custody. You’ll stand to benefit the most – saving time, money and hassles.

Supplying a Prime Contractor?

Have you noticed a flow down requirement to supply IUID data? Camcode can make that easy too. Using the same software that 8 of the top 10 prime defense contractors use, we will help you develop your child data file with all of the correct data elements required for your environment (by your prime customer for their submission to the IUID Registry).

Simplify UID Compliance with Camcode’s IUID Registration Service. Managing UID data, label production, validation and verification, and registration are all interrelated processes. Having all these functions performed by Camcode simplifies the UID process.

How Does it Work?

  1. Contact Camcode.
  2. We will email you an easy-to-complete form.
  3. We will review your data, address any issues with you and register your item information with the UID registry.
  4. You will receive an acknowledgment and a copy of the registration data.

For more information on UID register services or UID label installation, contact us today!

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