/ Sequential Numbering for Asset Tags & Asset Labels

Sequential Numbering for Asset Tags & Labels

Sequential numbering of asset tags typically uses numerical sequences beginning with any starting number. For example, an asset numbering sequence could begin with 01001 and would progress to 01002, 01003, etc. Sequential numbers allow for unique identification of fixed assets.

Prefixes can be used to reference departments, subsidiaries or divisions of an enterprise. Assets purchased in a specific year can be encoded using a prefix as well. Letter prefixes or suffixes would make a barcode read C-01001 or 01001-C. Sequentially numbered asset tags can also be created without barcodes. Color coded asset labels can be added to the mix if extra levels of complexity are required.

If you need help determining the sequential number pattern for your project, or your sequence is complex, contact Camcode. We can manage your data to ensure your assets are properly tracked.

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