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Security Labels, Tamper Evident & Destructible Security Seal Uses

Security Labels – Protect against theft in any institutional setting where it may be necessary to identify label tampering. Any label removed from its mating surface leaves a “Void” pattern on the mating surface. Service temperature range is 40°F to +302°F (but, the void pattern is nonfunctional after +104°F or higher temperature exposure). Security labels can be stored for up to two years at room temperature. Tamper-evident & destructible labels are available with custom text, bar codes or serialized numbers for easy identification and tracking of valued movable assets.

Polyester Security Labels perform well on furniture, fixtures, office equipment, computers and other movable assets in office environments. Security labels stand up to scuffing and mild cleaning. Permanent pressure sensitive adhesive provides lifetime adhesion. Protective overlaminate resists chemicals and abrasion. Pressure-sensitive adhesive provides durable lifetime adherence of security seal asset tags.

Additional Security Label uses could be as diverse as the following:

  • anti counterfeit labels, warranty protection & genuine product seals
  • DVD and CD seals, cartons, boxes and packaging
  • Asset protection and security labels for tracking data
  • Customs seals freight and cargo container security labels
  • fire extinguishers and fire prevention equipment seals
  • police evidence & forensic sample security seals
  • government security seals, defense & military weapons and munitions tracking for special forces, army, navy, air force, marines

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