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Positioning Security Labels – Tamper Evident, Destructible Tags

Positioning of security labels on movable assets is important to effective theft deterrence and inventory tracking programs. A major consideration is consistency of placement for routine verification inspections. Tags should not be positioned where they are difficult to find when doing inventory scanning or, so they fail to deter theft.

Here are recommended locations for positioning asset identification tags:

  • Computers and peripheral equipment are usually labeled on the side near the front or lower right near the base of each item.
  • Office equipment such as fax machines, photocopiers and typewriters should also have security labels in front on the right side near the base.
  • Movable chairs are often tagged on an upright near the middle support of the chair.
  • Kitchen Appliances often bear labels on the top right corner on either the front or side depending on reach of scanning equipment.
  • Engineering and scientific equipment asset identification tags or security labels can be placed near the manufacturer identification plate.
  • Audiovisual Equipment can be tagged with barcode stickers on the right side near the base of AV equipment.

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