/ Durability of Security Labels, Tamper Evident Tags & Destructible Asset Labels

Security Labels, Tamper Evident & Destructible Label Durability

Camcode “Security Labels” are tamper-evident to prevent unauthorized removal and durable for most routine uses of movable assets.

Destructible labels break into tiny pieces if removed. When the adhesive cures, the labels cannot be removed and re-affixed to alternate property. These labels are waterproof and resist cleaning solutions and chemicals and have a low to moderate resistance to heat and scuffing. Face stock is a 2.0 mil vinyl laminated to a 1.0 mil pressure sensitive adhesive.

Tamper evident Security Seals when removed, separate and leave a “void” pattern on the surface. The label cannot be reapplied. Storage stability is up to two years stored at +70°F, and becomes permanently nonfunctional after exposure to +104°F. Face stock is 1.4 mil void polyester, overlaminated with a 1.0 polyester film, and a 1.0 mil pressure sensitive adhesive.

Camcode Movable Asset Security Seals are rarely exposed to harsh environments with extremes of temperature, weather, abrasion, sunlight, water, salt, dirt, chemicals and solvents. For assets which require durable asset tags, Camcode also offers Fixed Asset Tags and barcode stickers which resist all of the above, from Teflon coated Aluminum asset tags offer resistance to cleaning, pickling, painting, to our extra high temperature (XHT) tags which can withstand temperatures to 1200° F.

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