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Custom Security Label Elements – Tamper Evident, Destructible Labels

Custom Security Labels: Custom property ID labels and asset tags are those of any size, shape, color or configuration which vary from industry standards. Custom tamper-evident labels are those with elements different from the standard caption, company name or barcode printed on most asset tags. Custom security labels may be customized with your company logo or a very specific size and color.

Create custom Security Seals for your company to include barcodes, serial numbers or customized colors. Security Labels can be designed for lifetime use or for short term special events and promotional use.

Custom names, special widths or lengths, and additional custom variables may be available. Some applications require custom sequential numbers related to existing numbering systems already in use by your company. Special sizes may be required for custom-fit molded or inset shapes in products.

Security Label Captions

  • Registration #
  • Do Not Remove
  • Return To
  • Reward $ if Found
  • If Found Call
  • Warranty Label

Limited space on Security labels makes short headlines a necessity. Security seals usually bear the company or institution name, along with either phone numbers or web address, especially on portable assets and removable items such as laptops, PDA’s, and cell phones, so that if they are lost or misplaced, the company or institution can be contacted.

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