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Security Label Barcodes – Tamper-Evident, Destructible Tags

Barcode Security Labels

Barcoded Security Labels are not required in small scale uses within many small businesses, but large scale enterprises often require scannable barcodes for the following reasons:


  • Close review of sequential numbers is not always advisable for equipment identification without barcode scans.
  • While security labels can be very quickly identified by color to prevent removal from facilities, barcodes allow inventory scanning to identify owned property or portable equipment



Security label barcodes on owned assets may be scanned easily with portable readers upon removal from the premises and prior to departure for routine uses off-site.

Three Elements of Security Label Identification


  • Color coded security labels allow quick visual identification
  • Sequential numbering facilitates unique visual identification
  • Barcodes allow fast and full asset inventory.



Data from portable barcode scanners is easily uploaded to a central computer system for tracking inventory, reducing the time taken to collect required annual tallies.

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