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TracTag™: Improves Engagement & Satisfaction Through Increased Registration


Thank You For Registering with TracTag™

TracTag automates the registration process and unlocks a host of post-sale value, including:

Value For Your Customers From The Tag:

Customer Portal: Gives customer access to information about their product including current SKUs, past purchases, warranty status, etc.

Concierge Services: Subsequent scans of TracTag offer customers a concierge services for returns, purchases, product demonstrations, warranty options/status, etc.

Targeted Customer Communication: Marrying customer data with product data expands options for targeted communication, including engagement campaigns, upsell/cross-sell offers, and product notifications.

Value For Your Organization From The App:

Customer Service Automation: TracTag App allows your service reps to quickly access customer’s product specific information including part number, purchase date, component lot data and warranty status.

Supplier Performance Analysis: Connect BOM component lot information to each individual product shipped to measure vender performance when multiple lots are used on one product line.

In-Line Quality Control: Use TracTag App during manufacturing as a mobile operator/work cell specific quality assurance record.