/ Metalphoto vs. Extreme Conditions

Metalphoto vs. Extreme Conditions

Because Metalphoto is resistant to many conditions commonly found in outdoor environments that would erode most identification products printed on other materials, Metalphoto is the perfect material for any nameplates, signs, labels or control panels that need to stand up to harsh outdoor environments, or any project where permanent identification that will remain legible for the life of the product is crucial.

Weather UV/Resistance

Testing: A 400 hour Weatherometer Test GG-P-455P, which is the estimated equivalent to 20 years of outdoor exposure, had no affect on Metalphoto.

Abrasion Resistance

Testing: 7000 cycles on a Taber Abraser with a CS17 wheel, a total of 1000 gm. load, only resulted in a slight dulling of Metalphoto’s surface; the image was not affected.

Temperature Resistance

Testing: Standard Metalphoto readable up to 500°F, Image Intensified Metalphoto readable up to 800°F. Both tested for a 24-hour oven exposure. Inquire for heat resistance up to 1,000°F.

Corrosion Resistance

Testing: Exposure to 5% salt spray as 95°F for 700 hours had no effect on Metalphoto.

Chemical Resistance

Testing: Metalphoto was immersed in a full battery of chemicals at different temperatures for different lengths of time, all with little to no effect.
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