Metalphoto® - The Superior Bar Code Label

Description: metalphoto anodic layerMetalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum has been the "go-to" option for durable bar code labels, asset tags and nameplates for more than fifty years. The durability for which Metalphoto is known is the result of a unique manufacturing process in which a silver halide image is embedded within the sapphire-hard, anodic layer of the aluminum. The result is a bar code label which will function perfectly for years, maintaining its original appearance and scanning performance under an array of challenging conditions including extreme heat, humidity, long term exposure to weather, UV and other outdoor conditions, salt spray, abrasion, industrial solvents and chemicals and more. The National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers (GPI) Industry Standards and Practices Manual identifies Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum as the most durable printed aluminum substrate available, citing its applicability for extreme environmental conditions and outdoor exposure. Please see our performance properties page for more information.

Metalphoto satisfies wide ranging set of industrial, government and military specifications including MIL-STD-130 for Department of Defense UID data matrix bar code applications.

In fact, Metalphoto is the most specified label material in history for DoD applications (read more about its history with DoD Label Applications). Now it is the most requested product for durable UID labels and data plates requiring UID. That's because the material is durable and the graphics are high contrast with excellent resolution. These are the best characteristics for data matrix bar codes for DoD applications attached with adhesive or mechanical fasteners. Please refer to our Specifications page for additional information.

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