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On-Demand Laser System for UID Labels

On-Demand Laser System for UID Labels

Camcode’s On-Demand Laser System provides you with everything you need to ensure your labels and nameplates are easy to create and meet the requirements of MIL-STD-130 or STANAG 2290. The system includes laser equipment, label design software, UID verification equipment, and laser-markable material, such as Camcode’s DuraBlack®, tesa® or 3M laser engraveable materials. This On-Demand Laser System also features professional on-site installation and training to guide you every step of the way. You will receive assistance with laser equipment, software programming, label design and printing, bar code reading and verification, and UID compliance and verification.

System Features

  • On-site UID labels created whenever, wherever you need them.
  • Durable metal “life of the asset” label and nameplate materials, prefabricated to simplify your manufacturing requirements.
  • Easy-to-use label design software with templates and style sheets matching your prefabricated labels.
  • Assurance that the format and quality meet the requirements of MIL-STD-130 or STANAG 2290.
  • Tools and training required to help you better understand UID requirements.
  • A two-year warranty on the laser system and a three-year warranty on the verifier.

System Components

  • 40 Watt Epilog Mini 24 x 12 CO₂ Laser Marking system with a 40 Watt CO₂ air cooled laser with safe CDRH Class III work enclosure (HeNe alignment laser in system), 23.5” x 11.75” x 6” engraving area, (8” with table removed). Overall size of laser system is 34.5” W x 22.5” D x 16” H. Includes stand with castors.
  • Air filtration system with hose and connector to connect to the laser.
  • BarTender automation label creation software and three printer license.
  • Style sheet add-on for use with standard Camcode Blank Label Sheets, plus a UID Template Library, including Sikorsky SS9141 and Boeing BACN13 Templates.
  • Microscan UID Compliance Verifier – LDP (for labels and data plates) consists of a standalone desktop unit that is connected to a host PC. The unit contains the appropriate fixed lighting and lens necessary to complete the required data syntax string checking and Data Matrix print quality grading. The UID Compliance Verifier – LDP is for labels and data plates up to 3.17 mm (1/8”) in thickness.
  • Two days of installation and training on-site at your facility, which includes laser software programming and maintenance, label design and printing, programming and optimization of Data Matrix codes, bar code reading and verification training, and UID compliance and verification system training.
  • DuraBlack .005” and .020” label blanks starter kit.