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Length of Symbol: The number of characters contained in a barcode. Barcode lengths on asset tags can vary with differing aspects and symbologies including CODE-128, CODE-39, Interleaved 2 of 5.

Margin Size: Barcodes have minimum areas of white space on both sides, called the quiet zone. Scanners use that space to synchronize barcodes.

Movable assets: Considered as furniture and equipment that are not part of a building. Also includes commonly moved business items such as computers.

Narrow Bar: The thinnest of two varying width black bars in Binary Level Codes. Thicker bars are called Wide Bar.

Pole Tags: Barcode pole tags are used in conjunction with GIS mapping initiatives, and automated utility pole maintenance programs using Metalphoto® asset labels.

Polyester Asset Labels: Polyester asset labels have a protective overlaminate to shield against chemicals and abrasion. Also available in Tamper Evident Polyester Asset Tags, also known as Security Labels, where removal from any surface leaves a permanent void pattern on the label.

Quiet Zone: Barcodes have minimum areas of white space on both sides, called the quiet zone or Margin. Scanners use that space to synchronize barcodes.

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Rack Labels: Used in warehouse applications, rack labels are available in Polyester and Magnetic options. Multi-level systems can eliminate the need for long range scanning and are designed to eliminate the confusion of which racks to scan.

Security Seals: Security Labels are available in Tamper-Evident Polyester Labels where removal from any surface leaves a permanent void pattern on the label - and Destructible Vinyl Labels, which break into tiny pieces upon removal, discouraging unauthorized asset transfers.

Teflon® on Aluminum Asset Tags: For applications requiring resistance to cleaning, pickling or painting, e-coat or powder coating processes. Teflon Fused or Laminated Aluminum Asset Labels also resist contact with caustics and strong acids, and resist temperatures up to 500° F. Often used for work-in-process (WIP) applications.

Utility Meter Badges: Utility meter badges have been used for decades to track rework/refurbish history, improve meter tractability, reduce meter to ERT calibration time, eliminate transposition errors caused by manual processes, and improve meter and ERT inventory control and traceability for the utility industry.

Unique ID SPEC 2000 labels: This asset tag complies with MIL-STD-130, the Department of Defense standard for identification and marking of U.S. military property.

Voiding Asset Tags: Also known as "Security Labels," these are available in Tamper-Evident Polyester Labels, where removal from any surface leaves a permanent "Void" pattern on the label.

Work-In-Process or WIP Asset Tags: Work-In-Process Metal Labels will survive harsh chemicals and temperatures up to 1200° F, as well as withstand paints, solvents, chemicals, caustic liquid, acids, abrasion and abuse in harsh environments.

Warehouse Labels: A variety of labels for any Warehouse Mangement System (WMS) This includes Warehouse Floor Bar Codes, Rack Labels, Long-Range Retro-Reflective Bar Code Labels, Returnable Container, Tote and Tray Bar Code Labels, Pallet Bar Code Labels, and Custom Warehouse Signs.

XHT Asset Tags: Extra High Temperature (XHT) tags for product identification in conditions with temperatures up to 1200° F.

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