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Efficient Equipment Tracking and Maintenance Management Begins with Camcode Equipment ID Tags and Asset Tags for Equipment

Optimizing performance and maximizing the longevity of your equipment is faster and more accurate with bar code data collection than antiquated, inefficient manual data collection methods. From foil labels and foil equipment tags for durability and security to Rigid Metalphoto® Aluminum Asset Tags for equipment with extreme durability capable of withstanding harsh environments, Camcode offers a robust line of equipment identification tags and stainless steel tags for equipment and any equipment-tracking application.

Equipment inventory, tracking, maintenance, and ongoing monitoring to optimize service delivery can be expensive and labor-intensive. Equipment ID tags streamline these processes, automating data collection and increasing accuracy. With Camcode, you receive asset tags for equipment that remain readable throughout the life of your equipment, reducing costly equipment tag replacements and workflow interruptions at an affordable cost.

Your Metal Equipment Tags and Asset Tags for Equipment Include:

Foil Equipment Tags: These 100% aluminum equipment identification tags are one of our most popular asset labels. With graphics sealed in an anodized layer for long-term durability coupled with super-strong adhesive, these foil equipment tags will remain readable for the full life of your equipment. Read more about our Foil Asset Tags for Equipment.

Rigid Metalphoto® Aluminum Equipment Tags: Our most durable equipment tags, Rigid Metalphoto® Aluminum Equipment Tags are made with anodized aluminum and can be supplied with pressure-sensitive adhesive or holes for mechanical attachment. With a variety of thicknesses for improved impact resistance and graphics sealed within an anodized layer for superior abrasion, UV, and chemical resistance, these metal equipment tags are an ideal solution when your application requires enhanced durability. Read more about our Rigid Metalphoto® Aluminum Equipment Tags.

Premium Polyester Equipment Tags: Camcode’s Premium Polyester Equipment Tags have a protective over-laminate to shield against chemicals and abrasion. Our polyester equipment ID tags feature permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive offering lifetime adherence to your equipment. Read more about Premium Polyester Equipment Tags.

Stainless Steel Equipment Tags: Camcode’s stainless steel tags for equipment are designed to offer robust performance in highly caustic environments. These metal equipment tags are made of 304 or 316 Alloy Stainless Steel, offering excellent resistance to frequent cleaning and strong caustics often found in food processing, medical, chemical, and similar environments, as well as resistance to chemicals, solvents, salt, and intermittent heat. Read more about Stainless Steel Tags for Equipment.

How Much Do Equipment ID Tags and Asset Tags for Equipment Cost?

A minimum order of equipment ID tags and asset tags for equipment typically costs between $300 and $399. High-volume orders reduce the per-unit cost, as low as $0.25 to $0.50 per unit for orders of several thousand equipment ID tags. Exact prices depend on the size, material construction, and quantity. Send us a request for a price list and samples.

Why Do You Need Asset Tags for Equipment?

Nearly every organization makes use of high-value equipment to perform work and deliver services. Maximizing the usable life of expensive equipment requires ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. Equipment ID tags not only save you time by eliminating manual data collection practices, which are often rife with errors, but enable you to optimize the use of your equipment to streamline service delivery and speed processes throughout your organization.

  • Optimize the use and performance of your equipment. Asset tags for equipment enable organizations to monitor the use and performance of equipment, achieving the ideal balance between demand and use to maximize the lifespan of your high-value equipment.
  • Improve equipment reliability through regular maintenance and repairs. Most equipment will experience an unexpected failure at some point. By monitoring your expensive equipment with equipment ID tags, you can track maintenance and repairs to eliminate the likelihood of unanticipated failures and speed time-to-repair should failures occur.
  • Prevent inventory loss due to theft or unauthorized transfer. Your company’s most valuable equipment is not necessarily fixed in place, leaving expensive assets susceptible to theft and unauthorized transfer. Equipment ID tags reduce the likelihood of both theft and unauthorized transfer and make it easier to track down equipment that’s shared between departments or work sites.

Durability of Metal Equipment Tags

Metal equipment tags, such as Rigid Metalphoto® Aluminum Equipment Tags, provide added durability and rigidity to accommodate the needs of harsh applications. For instance, equipment used in the field may be exposed to rain, wind, UV, and other environmental elements that lead to wear and tear not only on your equipment, but the equipment ID tags you rely on to track and monitor your equipment. Metal equipment tags provide added durability to withstand the elements and other harsh environments, so they remain readable throughout the usable life of your equipment.

Common Uses for Equipment ID Tags

Equipment ID tags and metal equipment tags are used across an array of industries and applications. Even industries with highly specific requirements find equipment tags from Camcode that adequately meet their application specifications.

  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry relies on a wide range of equipment and devices to provide patient care in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Equipment ID tags enable healthcare providers to adequately track and monitor life-saving equipment, as well as implement regular maintenance and calibration schedules to ensure equipment is working at peak performance.
  • Education: Educational settings make use of audio-visual equipment, computers, and other technology equipment to deliver presentations and lectures to students and other professionals. Equipment ID tags prove useful for educational institutions that need to track equipment as it’s shared among departments and locations, avoiding issues such as double-booking and unnecessary duplication of equipment.
  • Government: Government entities rely on a wide variety of equipment, ranging from office equipment to field-servicing equipment used to ensure public safety and streamline the delivery of public services. Equipment ID tags enable government agencies to maximize the use of existing equipment and implement ongoing maintenance programs to maximize the useable life of equipment.
  • Warehouse: Inventory isn’t the only thing a modern warehouse needs to track. A variety of equipment is used to manage and move inventory, most of which can benefit from equipment ID tags to streamline data collection and improve workflows throughout the warehouse.
  • Oil and Gas: The oil and gas industry is a 24/7 operation, relying on machinery and equipment every moment of the day. Tracking and monitoring the use of this equipment and scheduling regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly.
  • Utility: The utility industry, like many other modern industries, makes use of equipment to deliver services to constituents. Much of this equipment is exposed to harsh weather conditions, requiring durable equipment ID tags for continued readability throughout the useable life of equipment.
  • Telecom and Cable: Without working equipment, the telecom and cable industry is faced with many unhappy customers. Equipment tags enable telecom and cable industries to maintain equipment with ongoing maintenance and repairs, ensuring consistency of service delivery to the customers these companies serve, in addition to keeping track of the high-value equipment used for field services and throughout the organization.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing means heavy-duty equipment that’s susceptible to failure over time. To keep these expensive assets in optimal working condition, equipment ID tags are used to keep track of ongoing maintenance initiatives, maintain stock replacement parts, easily procure out-of-stock parts, and other initiatives that enable manufacturing companies to keep pace with modern demands.

What to Look for When Buying Metal Equipment Tags

Metal labels for equipment are some of the most durable labels that you can purchase for your asset management needs. Before placing an order for new equipment identification tags, it is important to consider some of the unique qualities of these metal tags. These are a couple of the most important points to keep in mind when you are comparing your options:

  • Compatibility. Always compare the demands of your work environment with the specifications of each metal substrate. Most metals are durable, but some may provide unique protections against extreme temperatures, moisture, and other contaminants. For example, Metalphoto® Extra High Temperature (XHT) bar code labels offer temperature resistance up to 1200°F and are an excellent choice for commercial ovens and equipment operating under extreme conditions. If the equipment tag substrate is not compatible with expected environmental hazards, there is a risk of degradation and damage to the label surface.
  • Attachment Method. Most metal equipment identification tags are rigid and must be attached to a flat surface using an adhesive, bolts, or another mechanical method. Some labels, such as foil equipment tags, are more flexible and can often be placed on textured or curved surfaces. Before making a purchase, it is helpful to consider the points of attachment for any equipment you will be tagging. This will ensure that the metal equipment tags you buy can be installed without any issue.

Typical Metal Equipment Tag Applications

Metal equipment tags are a popular choice for many applications due to their wide compatibility and variety of customization options. When using metal labels for equipment monitoring and inventory management, barcodes are often added to automate asset identification and streamline service activities. Here are a few common applications for equipment identification tags:

  • Equipment Monitoring. Adding metal equipment tags to your assets is a reliable way to track the movement of items between departments, facilities, and other locations. With barcode scanning, it is also easy to check assets in and out of a centralized asset management system. Many businesses implement equipment identification tags to help them streamline their processes and modernize their overall enterprise asset management system.
  • Validating Service Activity. When equipment is clearly marked and properly tracked, there is a reduced risk of damage and loss. Especially when operating expensive assets, companies utilize metal asset tags as a permanent way to standardize their equipment monitoring methods. These tags can also be used by personnel to easily coordinate and document maintenance work and other important activities so there are fewer disruptions. Many industries have large, distributed fleets and other assets that can be difficult to manage without a standardized system. Equipment tags also help streamline compliance activities and audits by having a unique and permanent identifier for each asset.
  • Inventory Control. The typical warehouse, factory, or other organization will have hundreds or even thousands of assets that must be managed every day. Maintaining accurate equipment inventory is much easier when your items are tagged in a systematic way using labels that have been optimized for use with equipment. Proper metal equipment labels will be difficult to remove and give your team confidence that the tags will remain in place and remain readable throughout the lifespan of your equipment.

Contact us today to learn more about how Camcode’s equipment tag solutions can streamline your company’s workflow and optimize performance while maximizing the useable lifespan of your most expensive equipment.

Last Updated: 8/1/2017

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