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Asset Tags – Captions On Barcode Stickers – Captioning & Headlines

Asset Tags usually contain a headline, caption or title as the first line of text on security labels. By far the most common captioning simply identifies the owner of the fixed assets identified by those barcode sticker tags. “Property of …” is used to identify the property owner.

Asset Tag Captions
  •  Registration #
  •  Lot Number
  •  Service Date
  •  Maintenance
  •  Do Not Remove
  •  Danger!
  •  Return To
  •  Reward if Found
  •  Inventory Tag
  •  For Service Call
  •  Blank
  •  Leased By
  •  If Found Call
  •  Call in Emergency
  •  Installed By
  •  Warranty Label
  •  For Sales Call

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