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Camcode’s Warehouse Solutions Help Define Storage Locations

Warehouse Barcode Labels

Adhesive Warehouse Floor Labels at the Foundation Supportworks Facility

When the structural integrity of a home or building is compromised, Foundation Supportworks, Inc. finds experienced and knowledgeable contractors to help property owners fix their failing foundations. So where does Foundation Supportworks go when it needs to find a company with experience and knowledge in warehouse barcode labels and management solutions? The answer is Camcode.
In addition to its structural repair contractor network, Foundation Supportworks also manufactures and distributes foundation stabilization systems to its network of certified dealers. The company’s main dealer support center, located in Omaha, Nebraska, warehouses a wide variety of stabilization products and equipment, such as steel foundation supports and hardware for installation. With no automated warehouse management system in place and no sections or designated storage areas assigned, the Omaha warehouse became more of a collection area for all products and equipment.
Foundation Supportworks looked to implement a warehouse management system that would allow individual locations within the warehouse. More specifically, they were looking for durable warehouse floor labels to mark each section. During their search, the one name that kept coming up was Camcode.
“We considered other products and other companies,” said Bing Behrens, Manager of Logistics and Process Improvement at Foundation Supportworks. “The other vendors didn’t have an answer for our floor application, and didn’t have specific industry experience. Camcode had both.”
Foundation Supportworks chose Camcode to supply bar code labels for its new warehouse management system. They wanted labels that were scannable at various distances, professional in appearance, and would last while resisting warehouse damage. The company selected Camcode’s Multi-Level Rack Labels, Retroreflective Warehouse Signs, and Adhesive Floor Labels.
“We went from virtually one location to 506 locations thanks to Camcode labels,” Behrens says.  “We can delineate where items are stored, and have better management and control by location.”
All of Camcode’s labels have made an impact on Foundation Supporworks’ warehousing, especially the adhesive floor labels. “The labels fully met our expectations, and the floor labels exceeded my expectations,” says Behrens. “They are easy to apply and meet the exact dimensions for our needs.”
Should Foundation Supportworks need additional warehouse management solutions for other dealer support centers, they will call on Camcode. “Everything went exceptionally well. The labels were perfect, the count was perfect, and delivery was within our expectations,” says Behrens. “I am extremely pleased with my decision to go with Camcode. Their service and quality is exceptional.”

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