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Interoperability: Clear Trend Emerges from DistribuTECH


DistribuTECH is an annual conference on power transmission for the utility industry, produced by Pennwell Publishing. Approximately 53 countries were represented at this year’s conference, held in January 2013. Reports indicate a clear theme emerged from this year’s conference: Interoperability, or the need to better integrate technology for improved data mining, monitoring and analysis. Directions Magazine points out, “C-level executives need to see real-time data; they want to visualize it, understand the status on the ground and make decisions based on reliable feedback from sensors as well as the public.”
Interoperability Made Possible with Utility Asset Tags
One of the keys to turning the goal of interoperability into reality is utility asset tags, such as utility meter tags, utility pole tags and pole markers. While maintaining low operating costs is also a key priority for the utility industry in the coming years, Camcode’s utility meter tags and utility pole tags are guaranteed to last the life of the asset. That means no costly replacements during the useable life of your assets.
Utility meter tags and utility pole tags can provide fast, reliable and accurate data to both field and line workers and C-level executives, supplying a comprehensive overview and the ability to drill-down to the asset level for in-depth data analysis.
Utility Asset Tags Reduce Manpower Needs

Utility Barcode Meter Badges

Utility Asset Tags Make Interoperability Possible

This entire integrated technology process enables utility entities to operate at maximum efficiency and implement energy-savings tests within a small portion of the service area. The success or failure of a cost-saving strategy can be quickly evaluated without the need to devote thousands of hours of manpower into the monitoring and reporting of consumption and other key metrics.
With proper asset tracking, events such as outages can be detected, reported and tracked more efficiently, and thus are more easily remedied. This can lead to a dramatic reduction in labor costs. In addition, utility asset tags collect data faster, cheaper and more accurately than manual data collection.
Find out more about how utility asset tags can reduce costs and improve data analysis. Read our case study on why one utility giant chose Camcode’s utility asset tags and learn more about our utility asset tag solutions.

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