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UID Labels and Solutions Available Through New On-Site System

Military Asset Tracking / UID

Camcode specializes in preprinted UID labels, though we also recognize there are situations that require the benefits of on-site marking. When lead times are short or customers need access to real time production of labels, on-site printing is the solution. On-site marking also gives users more control, allowing them to make changes at a moment’s notice, and produce as many or as few labels as needed. That’s why we’ve developed a new turnkey solution for users looking to produce UID labels and nameplates on-site that will conform to MIL-STD-130 or STANAG 2290 requirements.

DuraBlack Laser Markable UID Label Material

DuraBlack® Laser-Markable UID Labels

To provide users with a complete turnkey solution to produce labels on-site easily and efficiently, our new on-demand solution includes laser equipment, label design software, UID verification equipment, and laser markable material, such as our DuraBlack®, tesa® or 3M laser engraveable materials. In addition, this on-demand solution features professional on-site installation and training to guide users every step of the way. Users receive assistance with laser equipment, software programming, label design and printing, barcode reading and verification, and UID compliance and verification. Our solution supplies users with everything they need to ensure their labels and nameplates are easy to create and meet the requirements of MIL-STD-130 or STANAG 2290.
“Our turnkey solution allows users to create durable metal ‘life of the asset’ UID labels and nameplates on-site, whenever and wherever they are needed,” says Randy Uveges, our UID Product Manager. “Our customers get the assurance that the label format and quality they create meet the requirements of MIL-STD-130 or STANAG 2290, all while receiving the tools and training to help them better understand these requirements.”
We also offer durable laser-markable materials for users who currently operate on-site lasers. These materials are available in stainless steel and three kinds of aluminum, including DuraBlack, which is a CO2 laser-markable aluminum that is outdoor durable, resistant to chemicals, and easy to mark. All of our laser-markable products are precisely fabricated in our facility, and support all types and powers of lasers from a 15 watt CO2 to ND YAG and Fiber lasers.

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