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Top 50 Site Reliability Online Training Resources

Maintenance Management / CMMS

Maintenance and reliability training are critical pieces of a site reliability training program. For professionals dealing with millions of dollars in equipment and the responsibility of keeping that equipment running effectively and efficiently, training is necessary to enhance their competency and eliminate equipment downtime. The most effective plant managers know that the return of investment for training programs is well worth the time and money spent, because training results in product quality, cost, and profitability remaining at optimum levels for the organization.
When industry professionals have the ability to gain and hone existing skills, plus enhance their knowledge and competencies, organizations achieve improved levels of sustainability and reliability. That’s why we have scoured the internet for the most valuable and effective site reliability online training resources available. To make the cut, the resources have to be offered by reputable organizations and authors, instructors, and presenters who are knowledgeable experts in their field. We offer our top 50 site reliability online training resources, from blogs and journals, to online courses and programs listed here, in no particular order.
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Articles, Blogs, eBooks and Online Journals

1. Control Global
Control Global
Control Global provides information for engineering, operations, and management personnel who are responsible for maintaining and optimizing the process automation industry. Their articles on site reliability are some of the most informative and reliable available, and they make appropriate site reliability training resources, especially because they are available from any device with a web browser at any time.
Key Topics:

  • Best practices
  • Reliability as a business strategy
  • Wireless safety applications
  • Predictive maintenance

Cost: FREE
2. CMMS City
CMMSCity.com supports a more effective use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Asset Performance Management (APM) Systems as an information resource. The articles available online from CMMS City cover a broad range of topics related to site reliability and CMMS, and they are written by leaders in the industry. As such, CMMS City’s articles are a smart choice for a site reliability training resource.
Key Topics:

  • Enterprise reliability
  • Asset management with mobile computing
  • Plant maintenance
  • Improving reliability with SAP

Cost: FREE
3. Maintenance World
Maintenance World
A blog dedicated to site reliability, Maintenance World is a great choice as an online training resource. Posts are written by practicing engineers and workers in the field, and they offer their tips, strategies, and solutions for best practices in site reliability.
Key Topics:

  • Preventing failures
  • Business processes
  • Extending equipment life
  • Preventing downtime

Cost: FREE
4. Plant Engineering
Plant Engineering
Plant Engineering offers strategics manufacturing information and knowledge geared toward plant managers to help them operate their plans more efficiently, effectively, and safely. Provided by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals as the Maintenance and Reliability Professionals Blog, Plant Engineering posts are written by industry experts in a variety of industries. Plant Engineering writers “offer insight into the latest development in maintenance and reliability,” making the blog a perfect training resource for site reliability.
Key Topics:

  • Issues and misunderstandings about wrench time
  • Basic principles of equipment and process reliability
  • Employee behaviors that impact plant reliability
  • Centralized maintenance organization

Cost: FREE
5. Managing Risk and Reliability of Process Plants
Managing Risk and Reliability of Process Plants
A eBook available for download by paid chapters, Mark Tweeddale’s “Managing Risk and Reliability of Process Plants” is a robust resource for those seeking training in site reliability. The eBook is suitable for those new site reliability or those who have been working in the field but are looking to stay up to date with their knowledge.
Key Topics:

  • Risk assessments
  • Real-life scenarios and approaches
  • Hazard identification, risk analysis, and risk management
  • Application of rapid ranking to improve the reliability of supply to the market

Cost: $31.50/chapter
6. Reliable Plant and Lean Manufacturing Journal
Reliable Plant and Lean Manufacturing Journal
From Noria Corporation, a leading machine training, consulting, and publishing company that promotes lubrication excellence for machine reliability, Reliable Plant is an online journal dedicated to site reliability and lean manufacturing. Articles are written by industry leaders and cover a multitude of topics related to site reliability, making Reliable Plant a useful training resource.
Key Topics:

  • Key tools for predictive maintenance
  • Important benefits of CMMS
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Increasing machine reliability with vibration monitoring

Cost: FREE
7. Maintenance Technology
Maintenance Technology
A premier source of best practices and solutions for manufacturing, process, and service operations, Maintenance Technology magazine seeks to provide information critical for “plant management teams responsible for the optimum performance of plant physical assets.” The articles and contents of Maintenance Technology magazine are appropriate training resources for managers, technicians, and engineers involved in site reliability.
Key Topics:

  • Sustainability
  • Lubrication technology
  • Infrared and ultrasound analysis
  • Condition-based maintenance

Cost: FREE
8. Plant Engineering & Maintenance
Plant Engineering & Maintenance
Plant Engineering & Maintenance (PEM) magazine is full of news intended for plant engineers and maintenance technicians who want to “achieve best-in-class asset management and reliability.” Articles are written by industry leaders and experts, and they are a powerful training resource for site reliability.
Key Topics:

  • Ultrasound to improve asset reliability
  • Reliability management consulting services
  • Energy management software for improving power system reliability
  • Reliability and maintenance solutions

Cost: FREE
9. How to Smash Maintenance
How to Smash Maintenance
As part of its Maintenance and Reliability training products, Perspective CMMS offers its “How to Smash Maintenance” eBook. Available for download, the eBook is described as “a great resource for people who want their workers to rapidly learn, understand and appreciate the critical maintenance and reliability issues.” “How to Smash Maintenance” explains 48 issues in maintenance and reliability, and it would make a great training resource for anyone looking to train in site reliability.
Key Topics:

  • Vibration
  • World-class maintenance
  • Production department concepts

Cost: $20

Multi-Purpose Resources

10. Plant Maintenance Resource Center
Plant Maintenance Resource Center
Established by Alexander Dunn, a maintenance professional and consultant, Plant Maintenance Resource Center shares Dunn’s expertise and experience with maintaining plants and equipment. With links to maintenance consultants, CMMS and maintenance software, articles on maintenance, and many other resources, Plant Maintenance Resource Center is a comprehensive site that would fit into any site reliability training resource list.
Key Features:

  • Hundreds of maintenance and technical articles
  • Webstore includes training materials, a book store, and a tool store
  • Dozens of software solutions
  • Links to publications, training materials, and more

Cost: FREE registration for site, materials, and newsletter
11. UE Systems
UE Systems
UE Systems is regarded as one of the leading sources of ultrasonic plant reliability and energy conservation, so it isn’t any surprise that their site actually is a terrific site reliability resource. The best part is, UE Systems’ site is not just about ultrasonic reliability; it includes news and materials that are valuable training resources for the entire site reliability field.
Key Features:

  • Articles
  • White papers
  • Industry resources
  • Ultrasound blog
  • Loss Prevention calculator download

Cost: FREE
12. The Association for Maintenance Professionals (AMP)
The Association for Maintenance Professionals
The Association for Maintenance Professionals exists for professionals in maintenance, reliability, and asset management. While AMP’s mission is to “support the evolution of improved Asset Management practices through information sharing and professional networking,” AMP’s site, which is free to join, is one of the most robust resources for maintenance and site reliability.
Key Features:

  • Links to existing and featured maintenance and site reliability blogs, plus a link to create your own blog
  • Dozens of videos related to maintenance and site reliability
  • Certification information
  • Links to site reliability and maintenance forums and blogs

Cost: FREE
13. Sustainable Plant
Sustainable Plant
Described as a “digital resource and community dedicated to advancing the sustainability of manufacturing on a global basis,” Sustainable Plant strives to share best practices and innovative solutions “for mitigating the environmental impact of manufacturing operations over the long term and on a global basis.” With the concerns over the environmental impact of manufacturing, it becomes even more important for engineers, plant managers, and technicians to ensure efficient operations, which includes decreased downtime and site reliability. Their articles, news, and videos are valuable site reliability training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Software for tracking, managing, and improving efficiency and reliability
  • The relationship between maintenance and reliability and sustainability
  • Culture of improvement

Cost: FREE
14. Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing is intended for engineers who design and operate plants in the chemical industry. Site reliability is especially important to the chemicals industry, and the Chemical Processing site features a wide range of resources dedicated to site reliability across the manufacturing industry. Managers and technicians are sure to find the resources from Chemical Processing invaluable to their site reliability training resource catalog.
Key Features:

  • Chemical Processing issue archive
  • Whitepapers and articles dedicated to site reliability
  • eSource Library
  • Links to products and blogs relating to site reliability

Cost: FREE
15. Weibull.com
Weibull.com is described as the “reliability engineering resource website,” and it is a terrific multi-resource for site reliability. Boasting more than 6,000 pages, it truly is a comprehensive website for reliability engineering, reliability theory, and reliability data analysis and modeling. Subjects cover reliability life data analysis, accelerated life testing, system reliability and maintainability modeling and analysis, and reliability growth analysis, among others. That’s why Weibull.com has to be included in your site reliability online training resource list.
Key Features:

  • Reliability subject guides
  • eTextbooks
  • Free analysis tools
  • Links to reliability publications and references

Cost: Free and paid resources
16. Association for Facilities Engineering
Association for Facilities Engineering
The Association for Facilities Engineering is for facilities professionals who are responsible for maintenance and site reliability. With the experience and expertise of the Association and its members, their resources are some of the most valuable and useful for site reliability training.
Key Features:

  • Education resources include webinars, participating institutions, and more
  • The AFE Journal
  • Links to news and events, including conferences
  • Certification and training link includes review courses, review materials, and other resources

Cost: FREE and paid resources
17. Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada
Plant Engineering And Maintenance Association of Canada
A national and not-for-profit association, Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC) provides “global leadership, education and certification in maintenance, reliability and physical asset management practices.” PEMAC offers plant managers, engineers, and technicians all over the globe with resources to help them achieve efficiency and site reliability.
Key Features:

  • Links to information about certification
  • PEMACTION newsletter
  • Links to conferences and other events for more learning and training opportunities in site reliability

Cost: FREE

Online Communities & Forums

18.  MaintenanceForums.com
MaintenanceForums.com is an online forum space for engineers, managers, and technicians who deal with site reliability. As the place “where reliability and maintenance meet,” MaintenanceForums.com does require registration to eliminate spammers. With hundreds of people registered, the forums are a continually updated and useful resource for those looking for site reliability resource training.
Key Features:

  • Content suitable for beginners and veterans of site reliability
  • Track discussions via email
  • Links to Reliability Summit event websites

Cost: FREE
19. Plant Reliability & Maintenance Professionals
Plant Reliability & Maintenance Professionals - LinkedIn Group
A private group on LinkedIn, Plant Reliability & Maintenance Professionals (PRMP) is professionally managed and dedicated to maintenance and reliability professionals and engineers. With more than 25,000 members and owned by Upendra Nath, of Construction Development Company LLC, PRMP is sure to be a site reliability resource full of expertise.
Key Features:

  • Private group to eliminate spammers and members without expertise
  • Discussion suited for mechanical, electrical, chemical, and other industry professionals
  • Topics include instrumentation, asset management, management activities, maintenance and reliability systems improvement, and more

Cost: FREE

Online Videos, Webcasts and Webinars

20. QuICKER: An Online Reliability Awareness Series
QuICKER, Quanterion Internet Connection to Knowledge for Enhancing Reliability, from Quanterion Solutions, Incorporated, is a series of short informative video presentations focusing on topics related to site reliability. Quanterion seeks to help organizations improve reliability with its QuICKER series, and the videos contain useful and informative tips and discussions as reliability training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Reliability of lead-free solder
  • Corrosion prevention and control
  • Current approaches to reliability prediction
  • Lean-Six Sigma

Cost: FREE
21. Fundamentals of Reliability Centered Maintenance Course Introduction
Fundamentals of Reliability Centred Maintenance Course Introduction
Developed as part of an Asset Integrity Management online training series by Oil and Gas Fundamentals, this introductory video presents Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) as a “key process used by oil and gas operators to ensure that the assets they are responsible for are able to operate in the way that their users intend for an extended period of time.” Viewers will appreciate the thoroughness of the explanations in the video and are sure to consider it a valuable site reliability training resource.
Key Topics:

  • The essentials of RCM
  • Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Basic principles of organizational integrity
  • Asset integrity management

Cost: FREE
22. Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine is considered a technical authority for electrical design, construction, and maintenance professionals. Their webcasts are useful pieces of information for industrial professionals responsible for maintenance and reliability tasks, and viewers looking for site reliability online training resources can rest easy knowing these webcasts come from Electrical Construction & Maintenance.
Key Topics:

Cost: FREE
23. A Reliable Plant is a Safe Plant is a Cost-Effective Plant
A Reliable Plant is a Safe Plant is a Cost-Effective Plant
From Life Cycle Engineering and hosted by Ron Moore, “A Reliable Plant is a Safe Plant is a Cost-Effective Plant” is a webinar that includes data and statistics from operating plants to demonstrate the relationship between reliability and safety. The visually-appealing slides and expertise provided in the video make it a valuable site reliability online resource.
Key Topics:

  • The importance of policies linking reliability and safety
  • Process models for assuring reliability
  • Models for leadership, alignment, and managing cultural change to assure reliability and safety

Cost: FREE
24. Allied Reliability Group
Allied Reliability Group
Allied Reliability Group provides reliability service solutions for the industrial and manufacturing sector. The webinars offered on Allied Reliability Group’s website are one more way that they provide reliability solutions for industry professionals, and they are a great addition to anyone’s list of site reliability online training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Seven causes of root cause failure
  • What maintenance managers need to know about reliability engineering
  • Failure-based approaches
  • Seven steps of Reliability Centered Maintenance

Cost: FREE
25. Hobbs Engineering
Hobbs Engineering
Hobbs Engineering provides seminars and training for site reliability engineers, but the company knows that people cannot always travel to seminars. As a solution, they provide access to their webinars so that industry professionals can learn when and where it is convenient for them. Individuals can contact Hobbs Engineering quickly and easily for immediate access to any of their prerecorded webinars to begin using the reliability online training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Advancing HALT & HASS: Moving to comparative limit analysis
  • Analyzing censored failure time data
  • Applying accelerated testing in lean product development
  • Basic reliability statistics

Cost: Webinars range from $150-$400
26. Root Cause Analysis Webinar & Training Series
Root Cause Analysis Webinar & Training Series
ThinkReliability offers several free live webinars that run approximately 45 minutes and are “packed full of useful information and tips for facilitating better investigations.” From time to time, ThinkReliability also offers special training webinars for a fee that have a longer presentation time. Webinars include listening options by phone or PC and may be projected in meeting rooms with projectors or organization personnel may connect at their own PC. With all of the options and expertise provided by ThinkReliability, their webinars make for a great site reliability online training resource.
Key Topics:

  • Using cause mapping tools in Excel
  • Risk, reliability, and root cause analysis
  • Creating and using cumulative cause maps

Cost: Free and paid webinars are available – Contact for more information
27. iLearnReliability Videos
iLearnReliability Videos
The iLearnReliability videos from Mobius Institute, “a premier provider of vibration analysis and machine reliability training courses, products, and ISO accredited certification,” are conducted by Jason Tranter, founder and managing director of Mobius Institute. The videos boil down essential reliability topics into short presentations that are informative and valuable site reliability training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Reasons for improving reliability
  • Why reliability programs fail
  • Condition monitoring shortcomings

Cost: FREE
28. Free Root Cause Analysis Webinars
Free Root Cause Analysis Webinars
From Reliability Center, Inc., the Free Root Cause Analysis Webinars offer tips for streamlining and managing your root cause analysis (RCA) process. Reliability Center, Inc. is known for its training and consulting programs, and the free webinars are of the same quality as their paid services. The free RCA webinars would make a great addition to any list of site reliability online training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Introduction to using problem-solving skills and techniques
  • RCA templates and software formats
  • Streamlining and managing the RCA process

Cost: FREE
29. Predictive Maintenance ensures reliability
Predictive Maintenance ensures reliability
A video produced by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), “Predictive Maintenance ensures reliability” demonstrates a working crew’s process for inspecting and maintaining an irrigation pumping plant. What better way to learn about predictive maintenance and its relationship to reliability than to watch industry professionals in action? This video is a great online training resource, especially for those individuals just beginning to learn about predictive maintenance and site reliability.
Key Topics:

  • Heat-sensing camera and vibration detectors
  • Modern technology applications for reliability
  • Predictive maintenance and reliability

Cost: FREE
30. The Maintenance Phoenix
The Maintenance Phoenix
The Maintenance Phoenix is a unique blog run by Mike Gehloff, of the Allied Reliability Group. While his blog posts are informative and offer great tips and strategies for site reliability and maintenance, Mike’s videos really are the crown jewel of his blog. Anyone wishing to learn more about maintenance and site reliability should browse the catalog of videos available on The Maintenance Phoenix and bookmark it as a valuable online training resource.
Key Topics:

  • Best practices in maintenance planning and scheduling
  • How to impact reliability right now
  • Using technology for reliability and maintenance engineering
  • Preventive maintenance

Cost: FREE

Online Courses and Training Programs

31. Reliability Centered Maintenance Fundamentals
Reliability Centered Maintenance Fundamentals
Podclass is a first-of-its-kind website, as it is a “marketplace for buying, selling, and sharing of expertise in the form of online classes and video podcasts.” The course designed for site reliability is Reliability Centered Maintenance Fundamentals: Online Training Course Certificate and CEUs from learnnow. View the syllabus and course outcomes of the course, which is an introductory course presenting “the principles of maintenance and reliability engineering, and maintenance management.”
Key Topics:

  • Assessing and managing risk
  • Relationship between maintenance and equipment function
  • Functional failures and failure types
  • Planned maintenance
  • Maintenance analysis tools

Cost: $295
32. Maintenance and Reliability Online Training Courses
Maintenance and Reliability Online Training Courses
DuPont Sustainable Solutions strives to create training solutions that help companies in all facets of their organizations. One of DuPont’s solutions is their collection of online Maintenance and Reliability training courses, which is reviewed by DuPont subject matter experts to ensure compliance with industry standards. Maintenance and Reliability training course topics cover maintenance principles, predictive maintenance training, and sustainability, among others.
Key Features:

  • Engaging content that facilitates learning and improves performance
  • Interactive, rich-media delivery
  • On-demand customization
  • Sound instructional design
  • Available in 20 languages

Cost: Contact for a quote
33. Emerson Process Management- eLearning Courses
Emerson Process Experts
Emerson Process Management offers a few eLearning courses related to site reliability, including Fundamentals of Vibration Analysis, Fundamentals of the CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer, Fundamentals of the CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer, Vibration Analysis Module for AMS Machinery Manager, and Oil Analysis module (OilView) for AMS Machinery Manager. The courses are offered for a 3-month unlimited access period per purchase. From the introductory courses to those based on specific processes involved in working with machinery and software, these courses belong in your site reliability online training resource arsenal.
Key Topics:

  • Fundamentals of vibration
  • Analysis parameters
  • Job data collection and setup
  • Analyzer/computer communication
  • Data analysis and reporting

Cost: Contact for a quote
34. Meridium e-Learning Quick Courses
Meridium e-Learning Quick Courses
Meridium Asset Performance Management software is known for helping companies predict and prevent asset failures, and their e-Learning Quick Courses from the Meridium Institute are known for being easy to use, valuable tools for continued education for plant managers, technicians, and engineers who are responsible for site reliability. These courses are wonderful resources for site reliability online training.
Key Topics:

  • Asset health indicators
  • Asset strategy management and implementation
  • Calibration management
  • Reliability centered maintenance (RCM)
  • Thickness monitoring

Cost: Courses range from $10-$100
35. Quality-One Online Training
Quality-One is a name people in the manufacturing industry associate with quality and reliability, and their process development training is no exception. Whether used as a follow-up to instructor-led workshops or as introduction or refresher courses, Quality-One’s online technical training overviews are interactive with audio, video, animation, and downloadable reference materials. Participants who successfully complete the Q-1 Online Technical Training Overview will receive a Certificate of Completion. Quality-One Online Training courses are focused on the topics most important to site reliability and are sure to be a great addition to your site reliability online training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Advanced product quality planning
  • Design failure mode and effects analysis
  • Failure ode and effect analysis
  • Process failure mode and effects analysis

Cost: Courses range from $29-$299
36. TPC Training Systems
Implementing Preventive Maintenance
TPC Training Systems has been providing “industrial facilities with technical skills and safety training programs across all trades” for more than 40 years. Their online courses are perfect for self-paced training, just as two of their course offerings, Implementing Preventive Maintenance and Controlling Maintenance Resources, are perfect for site reliability online training.
Key Topics:

  • Using maintenance resources for efficiency
  • Effective implementation of techniques
  • Procedures for setting up practical preventive maintenance
  • Relationship between PM and production and quality control

Cost: Online Course & Test – $85
37. ASQ Certification – Certified Reliability Engineer
ASQ Certifiation - Certified Reliability Engineer
Innovations for Quality, LLC provides certification exam preparation training, including those administered by the ASQ. To fit the schedules of busy engineers and technicians, Innovations for Quality courses are presented in active, engaging online learning formats. The Virtual Classroom Technology (VCT) allows for flexible class times, the ability to review recorded classes at any time, and recorded quiz reviews and problem reviews. All of the features make Innovations for Quality, LLC’s Certified Reliability Engineer training program a perfect choice as your site reliability online training resource.
Key Topics:

  • Basic and advanced statistics
  • Reliability design and development
  • Reliability modeling and predictions
  • Reliability testing
  • Maintainability and availability
  • Data collection and use/reliability management


  • $450 – unlimited access to recorded classes but does not include materials
  • $750 – includes all materials, access to the live, online classes, and unlimited access to the recorded classes

38. Marshall Institute
Marshall Institute
A consulting and training company dedicated to helping clients improve maintenance for organizational performance, Marshall Institute offers Maintenance Training as “an integral part of reliability improvement.” Marshall Institute offers several choices for site reliability online training resources, including webinars, blog posts, an e-Newsletter, and E-Learning Labs, and all of the content is of the utmost quality.
Key Topics:

  • Materials management for maintenance
  • Maximizing asset reliability through preventive maintenance
  • Achieving total process reliability through TPM

Cost: Free and paid resources, contact for quotes on training courses
39. Reliability Centered Maintenance
Reliability Centered Maintenance
Carver PA is an industrial training, consulting, and staffing company for a wide range of industries, and their site reliability course, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), is offered in various formats, including as a correspondence course through PDF and as a general correspondence course so that busy industry professionals can learn on their schedules.
Key Topics:

  • Benefits of the RCM philosophy
  • Basic RCM components, principles, and implementation steps
  • Pros and cons of implementing traditional versus applied RCM
  • Cost-effective maintenance programs

Cost: Contact for a quote
40. Online Institute of America
Online Institute Of America
“Powered by 360 training, a leading provider of accredited online pre-licensing, continuing education and certification courses,” Online Institute of America offers a robust catalog of courses related to site reliability. The eBook/online courses format makes it possible for industry professionals to learn at their own pace, when it works for them. Online Institute of America is a one-stop-shop for site reliability online training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Reliability Operator certification exam prep
  • NERC reliability standards compliance awareness
  • Review of fundamentals
  • Protection for system stability
  • Efficient, reliable and environmentally sensitive operations

Cost: Courses range from $32.50 to $149
41. Reliabilityweb.com’s iPresentation Tutorials
Reliabilityweb.com's iPresentation Tutorials
Reliabilityweb.com is a leading online resource for all things reliability, so it’s no surprise that they offer online tutorials to teach technicians, engineers, and managers practical applications for site reliability. “Provided by leading subject matter experts,” the iPresentation Tutorials are available for anyone wishing to learn more about site reliability, simply by completing an online session registration form.
Key Topics:

  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Understanding maintenance related losses
  • 10% rule of predictive maintenance
  • Identifying energy efficiency opportunities and improving asset reliability

Cost: FREE
42. Reliability University
Reliability University
LAI Reliability Systems offers certified e-Learning and OnDemand Training solutions for industrial professionals who are looking to achieve skills mastery. The program is accredited and interactive, making it a great choice as a site reliability online training resource.
Key Features:

  • Interactive courseware built to the highest standards by educational specialists using a SCORM and AICC certified training platform
  • Standards-compliant software platform with full management team reports on individual participation and testing results
  • Named the Best Training Platform for 6 years in a row by Elearning! Magazine
  • Recognized by SMRP as eligible for continuing education credits for people to maintain CMRP certification

Cost: Contact for a quote
43. Maintenance Training Material via E-Learning
Maintenance Training Material via E-Learning
From IDCON, a reliability and maintenance consulting and training company, Maintenance Training Material via E-Learning is available in conjunction with HumEng International, a training content provider. The E-learning format provides IDCON’s Condition Monitoring Standards (CMS) for professional training purposes and focuses on the reasons and methods behind equipment inspections in reliability engineering. From two trusted sources, the Maintenance Training Material via E-Learning is a sure bet in site reliability online training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Equipment inspections on AC motors, centrifugal pumps, valves, and more
  • Condition monitoring inspections
  • Predictive maintenance and operator essential care

Cost: Contact for a quote
44. Reliability Online
Reliability Online
The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland has several online degree programs available, including Reliability Online, an “interdisciplinary option offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.” It is possible to complete the program in 20 months on a part-time basis, and the program was named one of the best online programs by U.S. News & World Report for Grad Engineering in 2014. Both a Masters program and certification program are available completely online for those looking to become more qualified in site reliability.
Key Topics:

  • Reliability program plan
  • Reliability potential of alternative designs
  • Formulate and run tests on components, subsystems, and the reliability system itself
  • Improving the life of a system and its ease of maintenance

Cost: Contact for tuition and fee information
45. Maintenance Management Professional Certification Program
Maintenance Management Professional Certification
Offered by Northern Lakes College in Northern Alberta, Canada, the Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) Certification Program was developed and authorized by the Plant and Engineering Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC) and consists of 8 modules. All classes are live online with the instructor and other students and may be accessed by participants from any browser. Anyone looking to learn more about maintenance and its relationship with site reliability should consider registering for the courses as a site reliability online training resource.
Key Topics:

  • Integrated strategy for maintenance management
  • Developing and implementing maintenance tactics
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Cost: Receive a 5% discount when you register 3 weeks prior to the module start date

  • Module 1: $425/person PLUS materials and shipping costs
  • Modules 2-8: $825/person/module PLUS materials and shipping costs

46. Lifetime Reliability Institute
Lifetime Reliability Institute
The Lifetime Reliability Institute offers tutored online training courses by distance education in reliability and maintenance solutions. Participants learn to handle and solve industrial operations maintenance and reliability challenges successfully. The variety of course titles and ease of use make the Lifetime Reliability Institute’s site reliability courses a great online training resource.
Key Topics:

  • Maintenance and scheduling
  • Applied reliability engineering for operating plants
  • Preventive maintenance program and PM strategy development
  • Problem solving and root cause analysis

Cost: Contact for a quote
47. The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals
Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals On-Demand Education
The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) serves maintenance and reliability professionals in manufacturing, and their on-demand education series provides participants with “immediate access to cutting-edge professional development on topics related to maintenance and reliability.” Certificates of completion are available for individuals who view the entire education session and confirm participation at random checkpoints. Because the sessions are provided by experts in the industry, the SMRP on-demand education series should be included in your site reliability online training resources.
Key Topics:

  • Accelerated life testing of bearings under different lubrication programs
  • Integrity as a reliability performance differentiator
  • Multi-tiered predictive maintenance programs
  • Reliability leadership
  • Improving wrench efficiency


  • FREE for 2013 Conference attendees
  • $30 for SMRP members
  • $30 for non-members

48. Semitracks Online Training
Semitracks Online Training
Semitracks, Inc. provides education on topics relating to semiconductors and electronics. In manufacturing positions, reliability is essential in all aspects of the plant and organization, and semiconductors and electronics are sometimes overlooked in site reliability training. The online semiconductor training courses from Semitracks are customizable for participants’ job functions and should be considered as a supplemental site reliability online training resource.
Key Features:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Train wherever and whenever you have access to the internet
  • Individualized access via web interface with Learning Management features
  • Participation in discussion groups
  • Indexed and searchable content

Cost: $500 – 1-year access to the online training system
49. Reliability Engineering Fundamentals
Reliability Engineering Fundamentals
Reliability Engineering Fundamentals is a course offered by RedVector, which provides online continuing education and professional development to the construction industry. A one-hour course, Reliability Engineering Fundamentals describes reliability engineers’ key tasks and “emphasizes the relationship of phases in the product life cycle to reliability analysis, the computation of reliabilities for simple systems, and methods that can be used to improve system reliability.” The course features a multiple-choice test at the end.
Key Topics:

  • Reliability definitions
  • Mortality “bathtub curve” and its implications for reliability analysis
  • System reliability computations for simple series and parallel systems
  • Six key methods for increasing system reliability

Cost: $29.95
 50. Sustaining Skills Video Series
Sustaining Skills Video Series
Erudition is known for “instruction, knowledge, and learning,” and their Sustaining Skills Video Series is part of its inspired Blended Learning (iBL™) programs that “have identified more than $8 in contribution margin gains since 2012 as maintenance and reliability professionals have applied the associated core skills towards reducing maintenance costs, increasing manufacturing throughput efficiency and engineering out defects that impact product quality within their learning projects.” With such a successful track record, Erudition’s Sustaining Skills Video Series should definitely be a part of your site reliability online training resources.
Key Features:

  • Refreshes infrequently used skills
  • Builds awareness amongst new recruits
  • Kick-starts maintenance and reliability improvement efforts
  • Customize with your company’s logo, branding, and equipment-specific images
  • Integrates with your existing learning and professional development programs

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