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Top 50 Site Reliability Blogs

Maintenance Management / CMMS

In the manufacturing industry, the name of the game is keeping costs low and profits high. Through smart supply chain management and lean asset management systems, businesses can thrive. But, if your production equipment is not sound, your profits will diminish rapidly.
Reliability is not just a buzz word to keep organization leaders happy. In fact, by ensuring that equipment is reliable and works as it should, companies will reduce costs. Through the use of data, tests, and performance indicators, organizations can better maintain quality and efficiency with reliability-focused maintenance in mind.
There are volumes of documentation and information about reliability and maintenance on the web, and we have pored over sites, white papers, and blogs to bring you the best collection of site reliability blogs available. Selected for the most up-to-date, specific, data-driven practices and plans related to engineering from the leading experts, the following blogs are sure to focus your processes toward more reliability. Note: The following 50 blogs are numbered merely for point of reference. They are not ranked in any order of importance or reliability.
The following 50 blogs represent the most comprehensive, current information and expert insights on reliability engineering, some focused solely on reliability engineering while others touch on reliability often through coverage of news and insights related to niche fields such as wind power or chemical processing. In any case, we’re sure you’ll find at least a few compelling reads for staying up-to-date on best practices and other news impacting reliability.

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The 50 Best Site Reliability and Reliability Engineering Blogs

1. RCM Blitz
RCM Blitz
RCM Blitz is the blog of Douglas Plucknette, an RCM Discipline Leader with Allied Reliability Group. The blog features topics and issues related to Reliability Centered Maintenance and equipment reliability as well as health and safety incidents and accidents common in manufacturing.
Three posts we like from RCM Blitz:

2. CRE preparation notes
CRE Prep Notes
CRE Preparation Notes is a blog dedicated to helping people preparing for the four-hour ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer certification.  Authors include Andrew O’Connor, an ASQ-CRE and specialist in MATLAB programming and analyzing CMMS data, Richard Coronado, who held key positions in System Supportability and Integrated Logistics Support in various Armed Forces programs, and Fred Schenkelberg, an international authority on reliability engineering.
Three posts we like from CRE preparation notes:

3. The Maintenance Phoenix
Maintenance Phoenix
Authored by Mike Gehloff of the Allied Reliability Group, the Maintenance Phoenix is a great source for maintenance reliability tips and resources.  The “Ask the Phoenix” tab is especially helpful when looking for information related to Maintenance and Engineering Managers.
Three posts we like from The Maintenance Phoenix:

4. Ops A La Carte Reliability Blog
Ops A La Carte
Ops A La Carte Reliability Blog is a blog dedicated to the reliability field and is one of the blogs of Ops A La Carte, a private California LLC made up of a group of very accomplished Reliability Consultants. Ops A La Carte has a unique reputation for the Reliability Integration process of using multiple reliability elements in conjunction to vastly increase the power and value of any Reliability Program.
Three posts we like from Ops A La Carte Reliability Blog:

5. Reliability Now
Reliability Now
Reliability Now is the blog of Shon Isenhour, formerly of the Allied Reliability Group and a founding partner at Eruditio LLC. A Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional, Shon discusses the significant financial benefits of Reliability and Asset Management Excellence.
Three posts we like from Reliability Now:

6. Reliability Web
Reliability Web
Reliability Web specializes in delivering information for maintenance and reliability professionals. The Reliability Web team works to facilitate learning and networking events at the new Reliability Performance Institute in Florida and through the Association for Maintenance Professionals, as well as through research activities. Because of its focus on information, The Reliability Web blog contains links to articles, tutorials, books, and more.
Three posts we like from Reliability Web:

7. Life Cycle Engineering
Life Cycle Engineering
Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) specializes in Reliability Consulting & Services, Applied Info. Technology, Asset Management Services, among others, and provides consulting, engineering, applied technology and education solutions for private industry, public entities, government organizations and the military. As a trusted resource for reliability and consulting services, LCE offers articles covering its staff’s breadth of knowledge in easy-to-navigate category tabs.
Three posts we like from LCE:

8. Allied Reliability Group Knowledge Center Blog
Allied Reliability
Allied Reliability, founded in 1997 as Allied Services Group, is one of the largest consulting, engineering, training and service firms dedicated to predictive and preventive maintenance. An “industry leader in designing and implementing a customized, integrated approach for identifying defects in assets utilizing predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring (CBM) services,” Allied aids companies in building wealth and gaining a competitive advantage through their innovative method of reliably measuring Return on Capital Investment in Asset Management.
Three posts we like from Allied Reliability:

9. Manufacturing Innovation Blog
Manufacturing Innovation Blog
Manufacturing Innovation Blog is brought to you by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a national network of experts whose mission is to serve as a catalyst to strengthen American manufacturing and promote business growth. MEP’s blog began in March 2011 as a forum to discuss key manufacturing topics for manufacturers, industry experts, and the public and covers topics such as the latest manufacturing strategies and useful information on tools and opportunities for manufacturers.
Three posts we like from Manufacturing Innovation Blog:

10. Industrial Skills Training
Industrial Skills Training

Industrial Skills Training is a blog site of Business Industrial Network, an independent industrial training provider that was founded in 1995. Business Industrial Network primarily delivers world-class onsite engineering and maintenance training and specializes in Allen Bradley equipment. The blog aims to help the manufacturing, engineering and maintenance community with information covering a vast range of topics related to that community.
Three posts we like from Industrial Skills Training:

11. Terry Wireman
Terry Wireman
Terry Wireman is Senior VP of Strategic Development at Vesta Partners, a leading Enterprise Asset Management Partner. Terry’s blog includes articles on topics at the center of reliability and maintenance, including maintenance management, reliability strategies, reliability management, and more.
Three posts we like from Terry Wireman:

12. Musings on Reliability and Maintenance Topics
Musings on Reliability
A branch of Fred Schenkelberg’s Reliability Calendar, Musings on Reliability and Maintenance Topics is Fred’s space for his own thoughts and opinions on reliability and maintenance. He discusses such topics as the reliability culture, cost reduction due to reliability, and various reliability theories.
Three posts we like from Musings on Reliability and Maintenance Topics:

13. ARMS Reliability
ARMS Reliability
ARMS Reliability’s industry leaders provide Asset Reliability improvement solutions that span a wide range of industries. The ARMS team of engineers and trainers helps with reliability consulting services, reliability software, training in reliability methods, and root cause analysis (RCA).
Three posts we like from ARMS Reliability:

14. Balch & Bingham LLP – Electric Reliability Law Blog
@Electric Law
Balch & Bingham
Balch & Bingham LLP, a corporate law firm known for its deep experience and counsel and highly regarded practices in everything from regulated industries such as energy, financial services and healthcare, to business and environmental relations, combines business intelligence and industry leadership with high-quality legal counsel. Balch & Bingham’s Electric Reliability Law Blog contains information that provides important electric reliability documents in a user-friendly manner.
Three posts we like from Balch & Bingham LLP – Electric Reliability Law Blog:

15. Reliability HotWire
Reliability HotWire
Reliability HotWire is a monthly eMagazine that provides information and tips on improving your reliability practices and getting the most out of ReliaSoft’s reliability and life data analysis tools. HotWire’s hints are appropriate for both the novice and seasoned practitioner.
Three posts we like from Reliability HotWire:

16. American Society for Quality (ASQ)
American Society for Quality (ASQ)

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is a “global knowledge network that links the best ideas, tools, and experts.” From news to books and standards, training, conferences and events, and more, ASQ offers a wealth of information related to the advancement of quality across industries and around the world.
Three posts and other resources we like from ASQ: 

17. JMP Blog
JMP Blog
The official blog about JMP software from SAS, the JMP Blog features contributors who are members of the JMP family. After tagging the blog with “reliability,” readers can choose from a plethora of articles and information relevant to the reliability field.
Three posts we like from JMP Blog:

18. Standalone Sysadmin
Standalone Sysadmin
Standalone Sysadmin is the blog of Matt Simons, a system administrator who specializes in small infrastructures. Matt started the blog in 2008 after he realized his Live Journal friends did not understand much about his technical entries. He covers a wealth of topics related to system administration, including reliability, agile development, infrastructure, virtualization and more.
Three posts we like from Standalone Sysadmin:

19. Defense Systems Information Analysis Center
The Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC), currently is being consolidated and transitioned into the Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC). The DSIAC will perform functions of a Department of Defense Information Analysis Center (IAC) in support of weapons systems, survivability/vulnerability, RMQSI, and more. The site contains links to all of the RIAC journals, which are available as PDFs.
Three articles we like from the RIAC/DSIAC Journals:

20. Windpower Engineering & Development
Windpower Engineering & Development features industry experts discussing everything wind-energy related, from turbine design to installation and maintenance, standards, planning and reliability. The blog has a treasure trove of archives that are easily searched, and content is updated and added regularly, making Windpower Engineering & Development an incredibly useful blog.
Three posts we like from Windpower Engineering & Development:

21. Design World
Design World
Design World’s industry experts cover design engineering news, products, tech for design engineers and engineering professionals. The blog focuses on the OEM machine builder, design engineer, and engineering manager and aims to produce the best available online and in-print resources to help them do their jobs more efficiently and under budget. You’ll find information on a number of topics impacting reliability, such as testing and measurement, simulation, networks and much more.
Three posts we like from Design World:

22. Semiconductor Engineering
Semiconductor Engineering
Semiconductor Engineering provides insight into the complex task of designing, testing, verifying, integrating and manufacturing semiconductors. The Semiconductor Engineering team’s goal is to provide useful content that is written and edited by independent journalists and engineers who have vast knowledge of, and experience in, the industry.
Three posts we like from Semiconductor Engineering:

23. Chemical Processing: Field Notes
Chemical Processing
Chemical Processing is geared toward engineers who design and operate plants in the chemical industry. The site offers several categories of blog topics, and the Field Notes section offers operating pointers for professionals working in the chemical field.
Three posts we like from Chemical Processing: Field Notes:

24. Defense Systems
Defense Systems
Defense Systems provides “independent insight, analysis and perspective for decision makers who develop, acquire and manage network-based defense technologies that facilitate situational awareness and enterprise agility.” Specifically, Defense Systems helps those in the defense IT community understand how networked technologies are being used to better enable the warfighter across services, commands, agencies and programs.
Three posts we like from Defense Systems:

25. Sound Advice – UE Systems Blog
Sound Advice
UE Systems has been a trusted source for ultrasonic plant reliability and energy conservation for nearly four decades. Sound Advice is another resource they offer for the maintenance and reliability community in the quest to decrease costs and increase profits.
Three posts we like from Sound Advice – the UE Systems Blog:

26. Enphase
One of the world’s leading microinverter systems providers, Enphase Energy works to advance the performance and intelligence of solar energy systems at the commercial and residential levels. To achieve this goal, Enphase pursues unique, high-quality innovations in the industry with a commitment to continuous improvement and reliability.
Three posts we like from Enphase:

27. Tait Communications
Tait Communications seeks to help utilities and safety organizations “keep the lights on and communities safe” by designing, delivering and managing safe and reliable communications solutions. The Tait blog includes intriguing scenarios such as drone drop tests and other activities used to ensure the ruggedness of portable radios and other communications equipment. You’ll also find information on standards and protocols, networking, design, grid automation and other topics of interest relevant to utilities and other industries requiring reliable in-the-field communications.
Three posts we like from Tait Communications:

28. Eric Palmer Blog
Eric Palmer Blog
Eric Palmer, a former US Air Force photographer now working in Australia and the brain behind the Eric Palmer Blog, offers defense analysis from his “corner of the Internet.” Palmer has deep archives focusing on international defense, delving into deep topics related to defense equipment and machinery, including operability, performance, procurement and reliability.
Three posts we like from Eric Palmer Blog:

29. Machine Design
Machine Design
Penton Design Engineering & Sourcing publishes Machine Design Magazine, which focuses on technical information for the design-engineering community as well as those in the original-equipment market. Specifically, Machine Design’s editors are an experienced team of engineers who provide the information engineers need and trust: news, applications, in-depth technical information, and more. Topics span data, networking, oil and gas, the cloud and its impacts, and of course, an engineering favorite: reliability.
Three posts we like from Machine Design:

30. Electrical engineering Community
Electrical engineering Community
Created in 2009, Electrical engineering Blog has multiple contributors and focuses on engineering topics related to electrical installation and energy management. Dealing mainly with IEC, the site contains technical and practical tips, analysis, field experience, and more.
Three posts we like from Electrical engineering Community:

31. DNV-GL Software Risk Management & Asset Performance
DNV-GL blog discusses current issues, challenges, and market observations related to software for managing risk and improving asset performance. A broad range of topics are included, specifically hinging on the maritime, energy, oil and gas and process related industries. The blog contains two main areas: “Risk and reliability” and “Offshore engineering.” The “Risk and reliability” section focuses on process safety and risk analysis, plus reliability techniques for product optimization.
Three posts we like from DNV-GL Software Risk Management & Asset Performance:

32. Software Engineering Institute Blog
SEI blog
Carnegie Mellon University presents its Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Blog. SEI has been helping government and industry organizations for four decades “to acquire, develop, operate, and sustain software systems that are innovative, affordable, enduring, and trustworthy.” Specifically, SEI is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and serves as a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) based at Carnegie Mellon.
Three posts we like from SEI Blog:

33. Reliability Centered Energy Management
Reliability Centered Energy Management
Chris Colson of Allied Reliability is the man behind the Reliability Centered Energy Management blog. Reliability Centered Energy Management contains content of all things reliability related and is organized in a way that makes it user-friendly and useful to readers.
Three posts we like from Reliability Centered Energy Management:

34. Think Engineering
Think Engineering
Think Engineering focuses on hi-technologies applied to industries involved in all aspects of manufacturing, engineering and research. As part of ThinkWords.net, Think Engineering shares engineering and technology news, tips and rumors from all over the web.
Three posts we like from Think Engineering:

35. CMMS City
CMMS City offers advice and tips about CMMS, EAM and APM. Published by Reliabilityweb.com, a publishing company that specializes in all things maintenance-reliability, CMMS City is directed toward computerized maintenance and asset performance management.
Three posts we like from CMMS City:

36. Reliable Plant and Lean Manufacturing Journal
Reliable Plant
Reliable Plant and Lean Manufacturing Journal is the blog of Noria Corporation, company that is dedicated to “lubrication-enabled reliability.” Focusing on helping industry improve machine reliability through best practice lubrication and oil analysis, Noria Corp is a trusted advisor to the world’s leading organizations, and it strives to bring trustworthy, useful information to readers of its blog.
Three posts we like from Reliable Plant and Lean Manufacturing Journal:

37. Asset Optimization, Maintenance and Reliability
Asset Optimization
Emerson Process Management is a worldwide supplier of process automation services and technologies, which include PlantWeb digital plant architecture. This blog is the official online community site of the Emerson Global Users Exchange, a forum for the free exchange of non-proprietary information among users of Emerson Process Managements’ products and services. Through the blog, the organization hopes to share knowledge, experiences, and application information.
Three posts we like from Asset Optimization, Maintenance and Reliability:

38. FMS Reliability
FMS Reliability
FMS Reliability is the site of Fred Schenkelberg, a reliability engineering and management consultant who focuses on improving product reliability and increasing equipment availability. Fred is known for his engaging style and depth of knowledge, and both of those qualities are apparent in his newsletter, much like a blog, that contains articles written not only by himself but other experts in the field .
Three posts we like from FMS Reliability:

39. Bjarni Ellert Isleifsson, CMRP
Bjarni Ellert Isleifsson
Bjarni Ellert Isleifsson has over 20 years of experience in maintenance and reliability systems, asset, operations, and project management, mechanical engineering and consulting, predictive maintenance methods, and more. His passion for reliability engineering and asset management is evident in his blog posts.
Three posts we like from Bjarni Ellert Isleifsson, CMRP:

40. Plant Services
Plant Services
Plant Services magazine is a maintain, repair, replace, retrofit, overhaul, and operations (MRO) publication that features editorials and articles focused on problem solving. The blog has archives teeming with quality content related to data, maintenance, reliability, and more industry-related topics.
Three posts we like from Plant Services:

41. Ludeca
Ludeca, Inc. is dedicated to machinery alignment, vibration analysis and balancing solutions, and they serve organizations’ maintenance and reliability needs. The blog contains a wealth of articles dating back to April 2010 and covers a variety of industry-related topics.

42. Plant Engineering
Plant Engineering
Plant Engineering provides strategic manufacturing knowledge to assist plant managers in operating efficiently, effectively and safely. Plant Engineering has teamed with the Maintenance and Reliability Coach’s blog from Allied Reliability Group to bring expertly written content to its readers.
Three posts we like from Plant Engineering:

43. Emerson Process Experts
Emerson Process Experts
Jim Cahill, the chief blogger at Emerson Process Experts, hopes to highlight the experts within Emerson Process Management and more closely connect automation professionals with the experts. Jim’s ultimate goal is for those connections to help automation professionals in their daily work and for future Emerson bloggers to begin having direct conversations with the professionals in order to facilitate continuous process improvement, safety and reliability. Judging from the comments and replies on the blog site, that process is well underway.
Three posts we like from Emerson Process Experts

44. Smart Brief Engineering
@Smart Brief
Smart Brief
SmartBrief works to bring tailor-made information to professionals by selecting the most pertinent information and editorializing it into a must-read briefing. The engineering blog contains those briefs but also allows you to click on the original content and articles, so you can get the full picture of up-to-date industry information related to regulations, risk management, supply chain management, policy, manufacturing and methods for improving efficiency and reliability.
Three posts we like from Smart Brief Engineering:

45. Higher Maintenance Blog
LAI Reliability Systems, Inc. brings you its Higher Maintenance Blog, which is dedicated to elevating the maintenance process. And, because LAI Reliability Systems, Inc. specializes in asset management and reliability solutions driven by results, the blog posts are informative and expertly written.
Three posts we like from Higher Maintenance Blog:

46. The Reliability Calendar: Reading
Reliability Calendar
The Reliability Calendar: Reading blog is a one-stop shop for blogs written by and intended for reliability and maintainability professionals. The Reliability Calendar itself is another reliability-related resource from Frank Schenkelberg of FMS Reliability; Frank is an international authority on reliability engineering.
Three posts we like from The Reliability Calendar: Reading:

47. The Daniel Penn Blog
Daniel Penn Assoc
Daniel Penn Associates, LLC, is a management consulting firm that helps clients get lean, reduce costs, and optimize the supply chain. The Daniel Penn Blog follows suit, with articles directed toward lean transformation and manufacturing systems improvement, maintenance and asset management, and supply chain management, among others.
Three posts we like from The Daniel Penn Blog:

48. Drilling Contractor
Drilling Contractor
Drilling Contractor is the official magazine of the International Association of Drilling Contractors. As such, it is the land and offshore global drilling and completion industry’s official source of information. The site covers essential topics encompassing safety, efficiency, reliability and maintenance, offering both global and regional perspectives.
Three posts we like from Drilling Contractor:

49. Process Puzzler
Process Puzzler
Process Puzzler is a unique blog, brought to you by Chemical Processing. Process Puzzler is a place for readers to offer suggestions to possible chemical processing scenarios. With various scenarios being updated frequently, readers can test their skills and see what others are suggesting to improve process efficiency, safety and reliability.
Three posts we like from Process Puzzler:

50. Snell Community
Snell Community
The Snell Community is an online community offered by the Snell Group, a leading expert on using Infrared Thermography (IR) and Electrical Motor (EMT) to reduce risk, increase uptime, save money, conserve energy, and improve safety. The Snell Community is a collection of blogs and forums intended for maintenance technicians, reliability engineers, and others who are focused on reliability and maintenance.
Three posts we like from Snell Community:

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