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Retroreflectivity Deadline Looms in June 2014: Be Prepared

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Traffic Sign Asset Tags from Camcode

Traffic Sign Asset Tags from Camcode

By June 14, 2014, traffic signs must be complaint with the new sign retroreflectivity standard per the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  Agencies have until this date to determine their inventory needs and outline a plan to put sign inventory tracking and maintenance programs in place.

MUTCD Sets Forth Retroreflectivity Requirements
In the 2009 edition of the MUTCD, the guidelines state that signs must be legible and highly visible during both the day and night. Section 2A.07 specifically addresses retroreflectivity and illumination requirements, which are in place to ensure minimum levels of visibility for drivers. Simply meeting compliance by the deadline isn’t enough; the guidelines specify that continued use of an ongoing maintenance and management method is necessary for maintaining retroreflectivity at or above minimum required levels over time.
Retroreflectivity requirements differ depending on the type of sign and colors used and must meet minimum maintained retroreflectivity levels for consistent driver visibility and comprehension whether it’s day or night.
Using Asset Tags for RRF Compliance
The major problem most municipalities are facing is that their street signs aren’t adequately tracked, making it difficult to determine their total inventory and monitor which signs are meeting compliance in order to devise a plan for modifying the remaining signs.
Using a bar code asset tag, it’s possible to monitor current inventory as well as maintain thorough records of upgrades and modifications. The use of asset tags for tracking continued compliance with minimum retroreflectivity requirements not only eases the task of updating signs to meet compliance standards, but eases ongoing maintenance monitoring.
Ongoing Maintenance is Critical for Maintaining Compliance
Metalphoto bar code asset tags not only enable the more efficient monitoring of compliance updates in terms of retroreflectivity, but enable the consistent monitoring of signs requiring replacement, maintenance or removal. Nighttime visibility is one of the biggest roadway hazards in the United States. The FHWA reports that half of traffic fatalities occur at night, despite just one-fourth of driving occurring after dark. Sign elements can deteriorate over time due to exposure to harsh weather conditions. Keeping tabs on signs’ maintenance history, location and current condition will enable consistent upkeep, making roads safer for drivers at night.
The Federal Highway Administration has required sufficient monitoring systems for assets as of 2008. This mandate has required municipalities to have adequate tracking of both street sign locations and condition.
Camcode Asset Tag Solutions for Retroreflectivity Monitoring
Camcode offers two solutions ideal for monitoring retroreflectivity compliance of street and regulatory signs, and other municipal assets. Our Metalphoto labels are proven to withstand harsh weather conditions, including UV rays, extreme temperatures, moisture and even chemicals and solvents.
Rigid Metalphoto Traffic Sign Asset Tags are ideal for use on flat surfaces and can be attached using high-performance adhesive or with mechanical attachments. Foil Traffic Sign Asset Tags provide the same level of durability in a flexible label which can attach easily to contoured or textured surfaces.
Are you prepared for the June 2014 retroreflectivity deadline? Contact Camcode to get a quote on traffic sign asset tags. We’ll get you prepared for continuous monitoring and ongoing compliance with the new retroflectivity standards.
For more information on the FHWA’s Sign Retroreflectivity standards and regulations, click here.

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