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Warehouse Label Options from Camcode Include Innovative New Products

Warehouse Outdoor Retroreflective Labels

Outdoor Warehouse Retro-Reflective Signs

We’ve added new warehouse label options to our line of warehouse management products used in asset tracking and automation of inventory systems. Developed in response to unique customer needs, these new offerings make it even easier to mark bulk storage areas or track inventory in outdoor and cold storage locations. They include:
A Cold Storage Rack Placard for mechanical attachment in sub-zero environments as cold as -40°F. Constructed of 3.0 mil Premium Polyester Plus overlaminated with a 1.0 mil clear polyester face stock, this label is placed on a .016″ thick aluminum backer with holes for mechanical attachment. With the aluminum backer, the label will not freeze and crack, and will stay in place in frozen environments.
An Outdoor Warehouse Retro-Reflective Sign that is easily mounted on fences and poles, and can be scanned from 30 feet away with long-range scanners. For challenging outdoor applications, where products are frequently exposed to extreme cold and heat, rain, UV and snow, we developed this reflective label mounted on PVC, covered with a UV-resistant Lexan® and sealed with an adhesive gasket.
Outdoor Warehouse Chock Labels were designed with an oversized .063″ thick label that is mounted on rubber wheel chocks. The thick label is durable enough to withstand frequent contact from hi-los, while the chocks are moveable and tall enough to avoid being covered by snow.
“Durability and functionality are critical when warehousing outdoors or in sub-zero environments,” says Jon Keserich, Vice President of Sales. “We developed unique and innovative solutions for these environments to meet our customers’ needs. Whether the need is for interior warehouse rack labels or outdoor bulk storage areas, we work with our customers to design the best bar code label solutions for their warehouses.
These new warehouse label options join our existing line of bar code labels for warehouse management, which includes Warehouse Floor Labels; Warehouse Rack Labels; Warehouse Retro-Reflective Signs and Labels; Pallet Labels; Container, Tote and Tray Labels; and Custom Warehouse Signs.

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