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Top 50 Logistics, Warehouse and Inventory Management Conferences and Events to Attend in 2017

Table of Contents

    Warehouse management, logistics management, and inventory management are crucial undertakings for businesses today. Often, these management processes and systems can be the difference between success and failure. Managing products, processes, and people are at the crux of keeping inventory flow running smoothly, handling the logistics of supply chains, and ensuring that you have the right inventory at the right time to keep vendors, clients, customers, and staff happy.
    We have rounded up 50 of the best warehouse management, logistics management, and inventory management events for 2017 in order to help executives, managers, and their companies control their supply chains. By attending the events that are a good fit for your challenges, you’ll be more likely to solve the problems that get in the way of creating dynamic, cost-effective, productive warehouse, logistics, and inventory processes. These events address top issues facing warehouse, logistics, and inventory professionals today and feature the experts, tracks, education, and networking opportunities that you need to make better business decisions and take action as soon as you return to your organization. Please note, we have listed our 50 best warehouse management, logistics management, and inventory management events here, in no particular order.
    1. Warehousing & Inventory Control Conference
    Throughout the Year
    Across the U.S.
    Warehousing and Inventory Control Conference
    National Seminars Training offers their Warehousing & Inventory Control Conference that is offered at various times throughout the year in several cities. Or, you can bring the training to your organization. Designed to be a one-day conference with an optional second-day workshops, Warehousing & Inventory Control Conference focuses on “the nuts and bolts of effective warehouse organizations, inventory control management, and much more.” Break-out sessions include warehouse issues such as maximizing space and forecasting more accurately, plus inventory management with more accurate inventory records and the golden rules of accurate inventory counts.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    2. ProMat 2017
    April 3-6, 2017
    Chicago, IL
    ProMat 2017
    Held every other year, ProMat 2017 is the largest North American expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals. Gain access to the latest material handling and logistics equipment technologies and visit more than 850 exhibitors from industry, commerce, and government on the 350,000 square foot show floor at ProMat 2017. This event features material handling equipment and systems; packaging, containers, and shipping equipment; inventory management and controlling technologies; dock and warehouse equipment and supplies; and much more. Plus attendees enjoy more than 100 sessions and networking at ProMat 2017. Mark your calendars now, so you don’t miss out on this huge warehouse management conference in 2017.
    Cost to Attend: FREE registration for access to the exhibit show floor and educational conference
    3. Operations Summit
    March 27-29
    Pittsburgh, PA
    The sixth annual Operations Summit will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in March 2017. Operations Summit 2017 will focus on direct-to-customer and omnichannel operations. Join more than 800 directors of operations, warehouse managers, distribution center managers, and other warehouse, logistics, and inventory professionals at Operations Summit 2017 and get all of the innovations, strategies, and tactics you need to improve efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and make your operations as innovative as possible.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    4. 3PL Value Creation Summit
    TBD (October 2017)
    Location TBD
    The 3PL Value Creation Summit is a highly successful and popular logistics conference held annually. C-level executives, major customers, and industry experts gathered to evaluate the future of 3PL segments and strategize for value creation to drive competitive advantage. 3PL Value Creation 2016 wrapped in October, so check back for more details about this not-to-be-missed warehouse, logistics strategies, and inventory management event for 2017.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    5. IWLA Convention & Expo
    March 19-21
    Palm Springs, CA
    The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) dedicates itself to being the resource for warehouse logistics providers, suppliers, and 3PL customers. The IWLA Convention & Expo is a logistics event that attracts logistics leaders and warehousing professionals from around the world, as the 2017 event is a dual meeting of members of the International Federation of Warehousing and Logistics Associations (IFWLA) and IWLA. The theme of the event is Leadership that Inspires, and sessions will focus on providing attendees with innovative ideas for motivating employees to ensure continued growth.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    6. 2017 WERC Conference
    April 30-May 3
    Fort Worth, TX
    The Warehousing Education & Research Council, WERC, is an association of logistics and distribution professionals. Their warehouse and logistics management conference will be held in Fort Worth, Texas, and will feature industry education and solutions for warehouse and logistics professionals. The 2017 WERC Conference offers industry-specific continuing education, networking and brainstorming opportunities, and the latest information on products, technology, and equipment for warehouse and logistics management.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    7. IACSC Conference and Expo
    TBD (November 2017)
    Location TBD
    The Global Cold Chain Alliance represents all major industries taking part in temperature-controlled logistics, and includes the International Association for Cold Storage Construction (IACSC). IACSC supports the needs and interests of organizations involved in constructing cold storage facilities, and they offer their annual IACSC Conference & Expo, the only event that is dedicated to cold storage construction, design, and maintenance. IACSC Conference & Expo attracts more than 200 warehouse operators, contractors, and suppliers and offers attendees the chance to discuss and learn about cold storage construction trends, regulations, and technologies, along with the world-class expo. Mark your calendars for November 2017 and stay tuned for more information about the 37th IACSC Conference & Expo.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    8. Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2017
    March 6-8
    Orlando, FL
    Logistics & SCM 2017 is co-located with PLM 2017, Manufacturing 2017, CRM 2017, Procurement 2017, and IoT 2017. “The definitive conference for organizations using SAP solutions to drive operational excellence across the extended supply chain,” this even gives attendees the opportunity to hear from top SAP experts, leading independent consulting firms, and industry peers as they present tips, tricks, best practices, and more that can be implemented immediately. If you’re looking to improve agility, cost allocation, and visibility across the extended supply chain, optimize inventory levels, make warehouse operations more efficient, and achieve greater transportation management and logistics efficiency while optimizing processes, you don’t want to miss Logistics & SCM 2017.
    Cost to Attend: 

    • All Access Pass, March 5-9: $2,899
    • Gold Pass, March 6-9: $2,499
    • Workshop Pass, March 5: $899

    9. The International Warehouse Logistics Association Convention & Expo
    March 19-21
    Palm Springs, CA
    The International Warehouse Logistics Association Convention & Expo will join together North American warehouse logistics leaders and warehousing professionals from around the world because the 2017 event features a dual meeting with the International Federation of Warehousing and Logistics Associations (IFWLA). Attendees will make connections, learn, network, and collaborate for a stronger industry by engaging in the sessions and events of the 2017 IWLA Convention & Expo. With the theme “Leadership that Inspires,” this conference will help logistics and warehousing professionals motivate employees with innovative ideas to ensure continued growth.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    10. IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference
    Throughout the Year
    Throughout the U.S.
    The IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference is held in various locations around the U.S. throughout the year. This conference from the International Warehouse Logistics Association focuses on warehouse-based 3PL technology and operations solutions and joints warehouse technology and operations professionals together with warehouse suppliers for top-notch education and networking opportunities. Build business relationships and reach your goals of making your operations more efficient and profitable through your experiences at the IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    11. National Leadership Development Conference
    April 17-19
    Atlanta, GA
    The National Leadership Development Conference (NLDC), an annual invitation only event, is an educational and networking forum for 100 senior supply chain and logistics executives from various industries. This exclusive summit centers on best practices, candid discussions, and networking with peers, with the purpose of supporting “global commerce through executive level, supply chain, servant leadership development.” If you are a senior supply chain executive or VP of distribution, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, procurement, or transportation, consider requesting an invitation to NLDC and benefiting from the strategic and traction real-world case studies that are shared by other leaders.
    Cost to Attend: $200 Registration Commitment Fee – Fee will be reimbursed for individuals who register for and attend the conference as well as for those who register for and cancel their registration by the cancellation deadline
    12. IWLA Economics of Warehousing & 3PL Sales
    Throughout the Year
    Throughout the U.S.
    IWLA Economics of Warehousing and 3PL Sales
    A three-day, member-driven educational event, IWLA Economics of Warehousing & 3PL Sales focuses on cost assessment and sales specific to the warehouse logistics industry. Designed as an interactive course for mid-level or experienced warehouse managers, operators, and owners who have estimating, budgeting, marketing, sales, accounting, or finance responsibilities, IWLA Economics of Warehousing & 3PL Sales is offered at various times throughout the year, and in various cities around the U.S. This warehouse and logistics management event features case studies, rating exercises ,and roundtables for applying practical knowledge from the experts to the learning experience.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    13. SCOPE Spring
    March 19-21
    Atlanta, GA
    Co-located with the SCOPE Procurement Summit, SCOPE Spring is scheduled for March 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. SCOPE Spring is event best suited to executives with buying influence and authority who are looking for supply chain, logistics, warehousing, operations, distribution, procurement, and IT solutions. Attendees take advantage of the educational and networking opportunities available at SCOPE Spring, which also offers strategic presentations and panels from industry thought leaders, real-world, customer-led case studies, and targeted research meetings with leading solution providers.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    14. IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference
    TBD (October 2017)
    Location TBD
    The International Foodservice Distributors Association provides leadership and action on industry issues that are most important to their members’ success. Delivering resources and insights to strengthen foodservice operations at every level, IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference is geared toward warehouse and transportation operations managers. This warehouse and logistics management conference offers resources, insights, technologies, and best pracftices for improving operations. The goal of the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference is to “help operations people work smarter, better, and faster.”
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    15. 4th Annual Warehouse Optimisation and Performance Management
    February 13-14
    Melbourne, Australia
    Marcus Evans addresses cutting-edge issues with cutting-edge speakers at conferences, forums, and summits around the world. In February 2017, they offer the 4th Annual Warehouse Optimisation and Performance Management conference, which offers a strategic focus on warehouse operations efficiency. The Warehouse Optimisation and Performance Management conference considers a holistic approach to warehouse workflow and processes and offers solutions for streamlining and removing inefficiencies in the use of warehouse resources. Key topics of this warehouse management include warehouse management systems, using lean and agile processes in the warehouse, and more.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    16. RLA Conference & Expo
    February 21-23
    Las Vegas, NV
    Reverse Logistics Association (RLA) was founded in 2002 when research showed a wide gap existed between third party service providers offering reverse logistics services and the OEMs, retailers, and brand marketers requiring their services. The RLA Conference & Expo features 3PSPs exhibiting their reverse logistics services and solutions and gives OEMs and branded companies the opportunity to identify future service partners. Workshops will take place Tuesday, February 21, and the conference and expo takes place Tuesday through Thursday, February 21-23.
    Cost to Attend: $1,249
    17. JDA FOCUS 2017
    April 25-28
    Las Vegas, NV
    The must-attend event for leaders in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, transportation and logistics, retail, and service industries, FOCUS 2017 will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. JDA’s annual conference will join together more than 2,000 retail and manufacturing professionals for networking, sharing best practices, and learning how industry leaders deliver real results with JDA’s innovative solutions. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain hands-on training with JDA solution experts, network with industry peers, and influence product direction and exchange ideas through JDA Special Interest Groups. Best of all, you’ll get to experience a performance by Flo Rida at FOCUS 2017.
    Cost to Attend: 

    • Early Bird Registration: $1,395 by January 31
    • Single Day Registration $1,095

    18. Warehouse Operations Management Bootcamp
    Throughout the Year
    Location TBD
    Warehouse Operatons Management Bootcamps are offered by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) throughout the year and at various locations. These warehouse workshops feature two-day, hands-on events to give participants the experience and networking opportunities they need to efficiently operate their warehouses and drive profitability while managing their assets and teams. Operations and warehouse managers especially will benefit from learning led by Jason Bader, managing partner of the distribution team.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    19. Smart Supply Chain & Logistics Conference
    March 29-30
    Sydney, Australia
    The Smart Supply Chain & Logistics Conference provides vision, strategy, networking, and education opportunities for supply chain and logistics managers and professionals who want to thrive in the era of digital transformation. Attendees will learn how to handle the challenges of shifting procurement practices and identify and analyze new technologies to drive efficiency, reduce cost, and spur growth. This logistics conference is presented by apicsAU, a nonprofit organization driving professionalism in supply chain and manufacturing activities.
    Cost to Attend:

    • Member, Full Conference Early Bird: $1,597 by February 26
    • Non-Member, Full Conference Early Bird: $1,730 by February 26

    20. 2017 Distribution Management Conference and Expo
    March 5-8
    Palm Desert, CA
    Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) co-hosts its 2017 Distribution Management Conference and Expo with the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW) and the Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management (CAPDM). This conference is attended by more than 500 manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and third parties who drive the pharmaceutical distribution industry. Attendees explore topics relating to the healthcare supply chain and encourages operational and strategic discussions. Learn new tools and meet strategic partners that can improve your business operations at this logistics management conference.
    Cost to Attend: 

    • Full Conference, Early Bird: $1,295 by December 15
    • Member Daily Pass, Early Bird, $800/day by December 15

    21. Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations: Gemba Based Workshop
    Throughout the Year
    Throughout the U.S.
    Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations
    Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations: Gemba-Based Workshop is a two-day course that is offered in various locations throughout the United States during the course of the year.This interactive workshop is intended for people who are responsible for implementing lean principles in a distribution center operation. Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations: Gemba-Based Workshop covers the key steps for implementing lean principles and converting a traditional warehouse operation.
    Cost to Attend: $1,600 or $1,400 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location
    22. CSCMP’s Annual Conference 2017
    September 24-27
    Atlanta, GA
    The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) educates and connects the world’s supply chain professionals. CSCMP’s Annual Conference 2017 is a logistics and inventory management event that offers attendees the opportunity to learn from experts, hear noted speakers, and network with influential industry leaders. Learn from colleagues all over the world and connect to the latest research, industry developments, and supply chain management knowledge.
    Cost to Attend:

    • Member: $1,895
    • Educator or Young Professional Member: $995
    • Student Member: $450
    • Active Military: $995

    23. Managing Inventories and Cycle Counts
    Throughout the Year
    On-Site Training, 1 Day Seminar
    Managing Inventories and Cycle Counts
    National Seminars Training offers Managing Inventories and Cycle Counts, a one-day inventory management seminar that is offered on-site at any time throughout the year. Managing Inventories and Cycle Counts is a seminar designed to help attendees meet tough inventory challenges with methods for streamlining processes and keeping warehouses running smoothly. Customized exercises provide the opportunity to apply the principles learned at the seminar to fit participants’ needs. “Get a better strategy for planning, organizing, and managing your inventory and cycle counts” with Managing Inventories and Cycle Counts.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    24. Lean Warehousing
    Throughout the Year
    On-Site Training, 2-Day Seminar
    Lean Warehousing
    Ken Ackerman’s Warehousing Forum offers Lean Warehousing, a two-day seminar for warehouse managers, supervisors, and team leaders. This warehouse management seminar features a case study method and speakers Ken Ackerman and W. Sheehan, experienced warehousing professionals. Attendees will learn new approaches and ideas for improving performance, managing people, and utilizing creativity in materials handling.
    Cost to Attend: $1,190/person
    25. Effective Inventory Management Workshop
    February 27-28
    Grapevine, TX
    Effective Inventory Management, Inc., is on a mission to provide the highest quality inventory management consulting services. They also offer the Effective Inventory Management Workshop, an intermediate-level, two-day group session geared toward inventory managers who are ready to adopt an aggressive, hands-on approach to their inventory challenges. The workshop guides attendees through using their own data while learning the concepts, tools, and best practices to learn how to make small adjustments to get big improvements.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    26. Inventory Management Techniques: Planning, Replenishment and Activities Control
    April 10-12
    Atlanta, GA
    From American Management Association, the world leader in management development, Inventory Management Techniques: Planning, Replenishment and Activities Control is a three-day inventory management seminar that is offered throughout the year in various cities. The first session of 2017 takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, in April with others to follow in New York in May and Arlington/Washington, DC in June. Inventory Management Techniques: Planning Replenishment and Activities Control offers inventory management techniques to improve attendees’ inventory turnover ratio and transform frozen assets into cash. Learn the latest inventory management methods and learn how to cut days out of the manufacturing and distribution cycle.
    Cost to Attend: 

    • Non Members: $2,345
    • AMA Members: $2,095
    • GSA: $1,984

    27. APICS 2017
    October 15-17
    San Antonio, TX
    A leading source for supply chain and operations management certification, education, and research for supply chain professionals and corporations, APICS holds a top end-to-end supply chain conference annually. The 2017 installment of the APICS conference will take place in October in San Antonio, Texas. More than 2,000 professionals from over 50 countries are slated to attend APICS 2017 to gain knowledge, build relationships, explore trends, tackle challenges, and increase efficiency.
    Cost to Attend: Advance Registration: $1,129
    28. Consumer Returns
    October 3-5
    Nashville, TN
    Consumer Returns is “the premier event for reverse logistics and returns management professionals who are looking to trim costs through return reduction strategies and optimization of the reverse supply chain.” This logistics event will focus on manufacturer-retailer partnerships, omni-channel retail challenges, maintaining brand integrity while utilizing secondary market alternatives and channel partners, identifying and preventing fraud, and much more.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    29. Cargo Logistics Canada
    February 8-9
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Cargo Logistics Expo + Conference will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in February 2017. This logistics event is billed as “North America’s only multimodal expo and conference” and connects diverse stakeholders in supply chains over the course of two days. With the entire supply chain under one roof, Cargo Logistics Canada joins freight owners with freight movers, features a large-scale exhibition, and offers an à la carte menu to make the conference affordable.
    Cost to Attend:

    • Exposition: FREE before Early Bird Deadline
    • Seminars: $35+ each before Early Bird Deadline
    • CLC-VIP Pass: $325 before Early Bird Deadline

    30. 2017 Supply Chain Management Directors’ Conference
    March 1-3
    Los Angeles, CA

    The Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business host the 6th Annual SCM Directors’ Conference in March 2017. This colloquium is for program directors, assistant/associate deans, and center managers who are involved in developing and managing different aspects of supply chain management programs and curriculum. The premier supply chain/logistics event for designing, developing, and reinventing SCM programs, the 6th Annual SCM Directors’ Conference features thought-provoking conversations, debates on industry issues, and discussions of emerging ideas that will promote program success.
    Cost to Attend: FREE registration
    31. TPA Supply Chain Conference
    April 30-May 2
    San Diego, CA
    The Trading Partner Alliance (TPA) is a joint industry affairs/industry relations leadership group that develops a shared retailer-manufacturer agenda on supply chain efficiency issues, the application of information technology, the adoption of environmentally-friendly business practices, and more. Their annual Supply Chain Conference brings together more than 500 retailers, manufacturers, and solution providers for educational sessions, interactive exhibits, and relationship-building networking opportunities.
    Cost to Attend:

    • FMI/GMA Member Early Bird: $895 by January 31
    • Non-Member Early Bird: $2,245 by January 31
    • Technology Service Provider Early Bird: $1,575 by January 31
    • Non-Profit & CG Forum Early Bird: $895 by January 31

    32. Best Practices in Inventory Management
    Throughout the Year
    On-Site Training, 1-Day Seminar
    Best Pratices in Inventory Management
    National Seminars Training offers Best Practices in Inventory Management, a one-day interactive forum for inventory professionals that centers on the hottest trends and best practices in inventory and supply chain management. Get real-world best practices from inventory peers, gain tighter control of your inventory, and learn how to optimize your inventory processes at this inventory management seminar.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    33. The Logistics & Supply Chain Forum
    June 4-6
    Miami, FL
    The Logistics & Supply Chain Forum takes place twice a year, with the 2017 event occurring at the Trump Doral in Miami, Florida. Attendees will learn from industry experts and from one another via an outstanding conference experience. Network with peers to solve challenges, discuss new technologies and money-saving strategies, and meet innovative suppliers; choose from pre-scheduled meetings and agreed-upon one-to-one meetings at this logistics conference.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    34. Logistics & Supply Chain Conference
    March 21-22
    Central London, UK
    Supply Chain Standard Events offer tailored networking events and leadership summits for Europe’s supply chain industry. Their Logistics & Supply Chain Conference is slated for March in Central London, United Kingdom. Learn “how to empower your operations at the game changers’ meeting place” and gain insight into better channel management, the different standards and agreements needed to improve collaborative performance, how to improve the customer experience and maximize growth in sales with award-winning supply chains, and more.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    35. 2017 Healthcare Supply Chain Summit
    April 24-26
    Austin, TX
    Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) works to enable better patient care and billions in savings for the healthcare community. They also offer the Healthcare Supply Chain Summit, a logistics/supply chain management event for providers, suppliers, distributors, and GPOs from every level of the organization. Attendees learn process efficiency and effectiveness, network with trading partners and peers, collaborate for best-in-class processes, understand the power of supply chain tools, and more. Topics include contracting and price alignment, EDI and automation, procurement, and others of interest to logistics and supply chain professionals. Attendees of the 2017 Healthcare Supply Chain Summit will have the pleasure of attending the keynote address by Archie Manning, NFL legend, College Football Hall of Famer, father of two star NFL quarterbacks, and humanitarian.
    Cost to Attend: Early Registration: $795 through January 20
    36. IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium
    Throughout the Year
    Throughout the U.S.
    IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium
    The IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium addresses changes in warehouse, transportation, and human resources law, warehouse security and insurance, legal documents, and regulations. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences, and participate in discussions at this symposium that brings together the third-party logistics industry’s leading legal and insurance experts. Warehouse logistics executives and their legal counsel, warehousing clients, and warehouse managers will get inside knowledge and guidance on how to protect their businesses, along with information about transportation law, contract negotiation strategies, government regulations updates, and more at the IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    37. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
    January 4-7, 2017
    Kohala Coast, HI
    Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
    The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) is one of the longest-standing continually running scientific conferences. The Intelligent Decision for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Minitrack is a logistics management event that involves two sessions dealing with decision technologies that contribute to intelligent decision support in logistics and all categories of supply chain management. Please note that this logistics conference is scheduled for very early 2017, so be sure to register as soon as possible if you plan to attend.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    38. ISM INSIDE Indirect
    TBD (December 2017)
    Location TBD
    The Institute for Supply Management (ISM), the largest global organization dedicated to advancing procurement and supply management, presents INSIDE Indirect. The 2016 event is slated to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 30-December 2, so if you cannot attend the current event, be sure to check back for details about INSIDE Indirect 2017. Attendees of this logistics conference learn how to develop overall strategies for proactively managing indirect spend, which typically accounts for 26-50% of an organization’s entire procurement costs. With more than a dozen keynotes, general sessions, and breakouts, INSIDE Indirect is an informative procurement and supply management conference that is not to be missed.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    39. Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Procurement
    TBD (December 2017)
    Location TBD
    Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Procurement is a two-day event that joins together supply chain management, procurement, and IT teams from E&P operator and oilfield service providers and provides a forum for discussing current opportunities and challenges. The interactive format of this supply chain and logistics conference includes industry updates, best practice case studies, interactive round tables, panel discussions, networking opportunities, a daily summary with key take-aways, and a key findings post-event report. Attendees gain a practical approach for transforming company performance and spend in order to gain a competitive edge.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    40. LogiPharma
    September 18-21
    Location TBD
    LogiPharma invites supply chain and logistics management professionals to work together to evolve the supply chain and drive best-in-class performance. The forum delivers five-start content that is carefully selected by industry leaders. LogiPharma is a supply chain/logistics management event that gives attendees the opportunity to hear from customers about the rapidly changing healthcare environment so they can adapt and better manage the complexities involved in global expansion, temperature-controlled distribution, and increased reliance on suppliers. Supply chain and logistics leaders enjoy building their network and strengthening relationships in the fun, interactive environment that LogiPharma has to offer.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    41. The Health and Personal Care Logistics Conference
    TBD (September 2017)
    Philadelphia, PA
    The Health and Personal Care Logistics Conference is one of the premier forums for logistics education that gives attendees the opportunity to remain up to date with the latest industry research and logistics trends. Compelling case studies and technology updates take center stage at this logistics management event, but there also is plenty of time for networking opportunities and socializing while enjoying all that Philadelphia has to offer. The 2017 Health and Personal Care Logistics Conference will center on strategic logistics themes that are most pressing in the health and personal care industries.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    42. LogiMed
    March 7-9
    Austin, TX
    World Business Research (WBR) is a leading executive-level conference company and research organization. A WBR event for medical device supply chain innovators, LogiMed is “the largest gathering of medical device and diagnostics supply chain heads in North America” and offers best practices and relationship building. Over the course of the three days, the event will provide several opportunities for heads of supply chain on the manufacturing and provider sides to dive deeper into inventory management and visibility, customer centricity, cold chain, demand planning, and more.
    Cost to Attend:

    • Medical Device Manufacturers, Three Day Pass (March 7-9): $2,199 by January 31
    • Solution Providers, Two Day Pass (March 7-8): $2,999

    43. Federation of American Hospitals 2017 Public Policy Conference & Business Exposition
    March 5-7
    Washington, DC
    After the conclusion of the 2015 Healthcare Supply Chain Expo, the Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) and the Healthcare Industry Supply Chain Institute (HISCI) teamed up with the Federation of American Hospitals (FAH) to hold the 2016 Public Policy Conference and Business Exposition. With a focus on health policy, this forum hosts more than 1,300 attendees representing hospital management companies and health systems, group purchasing organizations (GPOs), integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and health care supplier companies. High-quality educational sessions cover current trends in capital equipment, supply chain, and more.
    Cost to Attend:

    • Supplier Company Registration
      • FAH Associate Member: $3,975; additional company representatives: $725 each
      • Non-Associate Member: $3,975; additional company representatives: $800 each
    • Attendee (Non-Supplier) Registration
      • FAH Member: $725
      • Non-Member: $800

    44. AWESOME Symposium
    May 3-4
    Location TBD
    The fifth annual AWESOME Symposium (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education) will be held in May 2017. This supply chain and logistics management event is “the supply chain’s most active and prominent organization focused on advancing women’s supply chain leadership.” This unique supply chain event offers opportunities for networking, collaboration, and development and is in industry-wide symposium that features panel discussions, up-close conversations, buzz sessions, a networking reception, and much more.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    45. 8th Annual North American Supply Chain Summit: Chicago
    June 14-16
    Chicago, IL
    The 8th Annual North American Supply Chain Summit: Chicago is one of the largest gatherings of logistics and supply chain executives; it also draws more high-level executives than other events of its kind. Join more than 650 senior supply chain and logistics executives in June in Chicago, Illinois, and explore topics such as supply chain excellence in the digital age, change management, supplier risk management, intelligent analytics, and more. Supply chain leaders, 3PL executives, and industry experts flock to the Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum to hear from noted keynote speakers and gain an in-depth, comprehensive view into how to approach supply chain challenges.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    46. IARW-WFLO Convention
    TBD (April 2017)
    Location TBD
    IARW WFLO Convention
    The IARW-WFLO Convention is an annual warehousing and logistics management conference dedicated to the temperature-controlled industry. More than 400 senior level executives representing cold storage warehousing and the suppliers who provide their products and services to the industry attend the IARW-WFLO Convention for the high-quality educational content and world-class networking opportunities. The educational program features focus sessions, keynote presentations, Scientists Speak, and the WFLO Learning Lounge, while the networking events include the Welcome Café, Business Lounge, receptions, Happy Hour, and the IARW Golf Tournament.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
    47. 2017 Lean Transformation Summit
    March 7-8
    Carlsbad, CA
    The 2017 Lean Transformation Summit is an annual event that draws thinkers and problem solvers from a wide range of industries to learn, share, and network. In 2017, the summit will include even more networking opportunities and will focus on managing and creating a culture of problem solvers, featuring a few of the best and most innovative management systems. Special Sessions, available for an additional fee, also have been added to the 2017 installment of the Lean Transformation Summit to deliver one-of-a-kind learning and networking opportunities on March 5. Pre-Summit Workshops also are available March 6 for an additional fee.
    Cost to Attend: Standard Early Registration: $2,200
    48. Lean Warehousing Course
    Atlanta, GA
    September 26-28
    The Lean Warehousing course from Georgia Tech Professional Education is designed for supply chain professionals, logistics professionals, material managers, production control managers, transportation managers, warehousing managers, and purchasing managers. Students will gain an understanding of the ways in which warehouse operations are key to a successful supply chain implementation and serve as a starting point for transformation. The course focuses on lean principles in warehouses and distribution centers.
    Cost to Attend: $3,000 with discounts available for alumni, member organizations, and certificate participants
    49. Warehouse and Distribution Center Layout Seminar
    April 18-20
    Overland Park, KS
    The Warehouse and Distribution Center Layout Seminar is offered at the University of Kansas Edwards Campus in April 2017. Sponsored by the UK Professional & Continuing Education and Engineering Management Programs, this warehouse and DC seminar addresses solutions for reducing costs without reducing service by implementing a well-planned warehouse layout. This seminar is geared toward logistics and supply chain planners, warehouse and distribution center managers, supply chain and lean initiative leaders, and others who are involved in improving warehouse processes and inventory control.
    Cost to Attend: $1,895
    50. SCTECH 2017
    June 27-29
    Mexico City, Mexico
    SCTECH 2017 is a supply chain and technology event that joins together decision makers with first-hand knowledge of innovative and successful supply chain trends that is necessary for making informed technology selection decisions. Held in Mexico City in June 2017, SCTECH 2017 features an expansive exhibit floor to help attendees learn about new technology alternatives; in fact, this supply chain event features the largest exhibit floor in Latin America. SCTECH 2017 also features six international certification workshops and more than 20 inspirational supply chain technology speakers.
    Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost
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